"pineapple blocks" by Beverly

Having recently completed a paper pieced quilt top, I can't imagine taking this project on.  Every single seam was stitched to paper individually, then the paper was torn away after the quilt was finished.  Wow.  Precision piecing, but not for me.

This quilt will go to Beverly's 11yo great grand-daughter.  I hope she realizes the work that went into this and appreciates it.

Several from Sue

Sue's grandmother must have been a quilter as well because here is a block that Sue and I are calling her "postage stamp" quilt.  Quilted with Baptist Fans.

"Loralie panel"  These are all sewing themed/named ladies, then dressed in sewing notions.  Quilted with a loopy meander so that none of their faces were quilted over.

And embroidery completed by Sue's mother.  Seems to have been a tea towel initially, but Sue added blocks.


Two from Pat

A baby quilt for a "future baby".  Don't know who that will be, but someone will get this cute quilt.


"Scraps of My Life" by Leigh

I'm sure I've asked this before, but how does she do it?  All this amazing hand applique and embroidery.  I don't recall the name of the designer, but Leigh states that this is her new favorite  designer.


"Regatta" by Tilda with help from Emily

Emily is a new to me customer, but I surely had fun with this quilt.  I love all the little boats, but even more fun are Emily's additions to it.

Like the sea monster!
Only "issue" with the quilt was my "thread emergency".  I didn't have enough to finish the last row.  Contacted my supplier, finally ordered directly from the manufacturer, and Amazon to get the thread.  I'm done with this pandemic and shipping issues.  The quilt had to sit for a week while I anxiously waited for thread.


"Bats and Pumpkins" and "Walpurgis Nights" by Sharyle

I think that Sharyle is a fan of Halloween.  Here are the first 2 of three quilts from her this year.   Can you see the bats quilted in the quilt?

This is "Walpurgis Nights", but I'm not sure if that's the name of the pattern, or the fabric.


"The Pokey Little Puppy" by Sandy

I distinctly remember that my grandmother had the book the Pokey Little Puppy at her house.  I can still feel the scratchy wool carpet there as well.

Quilted with the paw prints panel

Emily's boyfriend's t-shirts

Thank you for your service to our unnamed firefighter.  Emily reached out to me about making a quilt for her boyfriend from his old T-shirts and uniforms.
All of these patches are stitched to the front of his uniform shirt, and came from the sleeves of other shirts.


"North Stars" by me

This quilt has a story.  Michael brought me his version of this quilt to quilt and I loved the pattern.  Never seen an Elizabeth Hartman quilt that I wanted to do before, but this one called me.  So, this quilt is "Michael's fault"
Narwhal.  I had to research how to quilt his tusk, and learned a few other things.  Great fun to quilt his tusk though.  I think that's my favorite block.

Polar bear. Lot's of fur quilting in this quilt.

Owl.  If you've seen this quilt, you'll notice my mistake in his feathers.  If you're not familiar with the pattern, this is how it is supposed to be.

Musk Ox.  Maybe this is my favorite block?  Doing "curly hair" was great fun to quilt,  as well as his horns.

Seal.  I still think he needs something at the top of his head so it's not so square.

Sea Otters.  They have little pebbeled bits on the pads of their paws.

Foxes which is certainly my favorite to have pieced.  I also love the whiskers that I quilted on them.


"Feathers and Bars" by Mary Beth

Another lovely creation
by Mary Beth.  This quilt has a variety of feather prints in it, and it is quilted with the "Buzz Saw" pattern.