"Farmhouse" by Leigh

I never seem to have a name for Leigh's quilts, so it was nice that she clearly named this one for me.
When ever I get a new quilt from Leigh, there's a brief moment of panic about how to quilt it, but this time it didn't happen.  Having grown up on an old farm with lots of old outbuildings, this reminded me of the barn of my childhood.  All of the background is quilted with free hand straight line quilting randomly spaced apart.  Much like the siding boards on the barn.
Continuous curves in those fund little blocks
And all of the individual blocks are SID.


"Animals" by Kim

Kim picked up her quilt today for her new nephew.  When she dropped this off, the baby was known as "CP2", the family initials, and 2 for the 2nd baby. He is now here and named Caleb.
I love this print, and it's perfect for this quilt.  Quilted with "Monstera" design of leaves.


"One Yard quilt for Kim" by me

My friend and coworker has been given a pretty negative diagnosis, so of course you make a quilt in times that need support.  This is a free pattern I found when looking for "one yard quilts".  They are made up of 1 yard cuts of fabrics, and since I had these in the basement, it was perfect.

 My friend Pat came over and saw this on my machine.  Asked what was the significance of the quilting design of dog paws, bones and hearts.  Kim is the one who always has dog treats in her pockets.  Never had a dog of her own, but has "adopted" many, and loves them all.  So this way she will always haver her pups.

Michael's most recent collection

    In reverse order of how I quilted them, here is "Bigfoot".  This is a pane. that Michael added borders to and will go to his brother who lives in Florida.  For some reason, I think his brother is a Bigfoot fan.  I think there have been other quilts with a Bigfoot theme for him
    Quilted with the "Night Forest" design with glow in the dark green thread.  I'm not sure how well the thread will show, it's not dark enough yet for me to see.

    "Cats with goldfish.  So of course it is quilted with the "Fish Fry" panto.  I tried to get a photo of the quilting, but the thread matches very well and just didn't show. I love these kitties and want to pet their bellies!

  "Kitties with Yarn"  Each cat has his/her own ball of red yarn to play with, so of course I had to quilt it with the "Cat with Ball" quilting design.  Again, tried to get a photo of the quilting, but it just was a blur.

 Michael drew on all the kitty faces.

"Embroidered Stars" by Vickie

    Wow, the patience to hand embroidered all of these blocks, then stitch them together into a queen sized quilt.  Vickie says that this one went fairly quickly, but still...

 All of center stars are made with alternating blue and yellow thread, and then the outer knot has several colors.  Red, blue, orange etc.

"There's No Place Like Home", or "Oz" by Michael

I"m sure I won't have to give anyone a reference to this quilt pattern.  Michael says that he started is a year ago, as the blocks were only released a few at a time.  This would defeat me right there.  
Quilted with an edge to edge design of Deco Clam Glam in a pale green thread.  Perfect!

The flying monkeys scared me as a child, so I never saw the whole thing then. 
After Michael dropped this off, I then had to ask a friend why there was a balloon.  She reminded me that the Wizard leaves in a balloon at the end.

I really think that the Cowardly Lion is my favorite block.  I LOVE his topnot!
The crows on the shoulders of the scare crow are too cute.  Then using plaid fabrics as "patches" on his clothes.
Gosh I'm slow.  Been quilting this much of the day, and it has taken me until now to realize that the wicked witch is "Melting!"
Emerald City and the Yellow Brick road
Should require no explaination.
The Tin Man made out of metallic fabric!
Poppies, tornadoes, hearts and emeralds around the border.
 This is the back of the quilt. A block that Michael designed himself.  He said that there were "stickers" that you can collect, and had hoped that this would be a block, but no so.  I love that he used his own creativity to design this one.

"T shirt quilt for Judd, made by Mom"

This quilt clearly has a story, and I only know a portion of it.  Paige contacted me about quilting a 2 sided t-shirt quilt in April 2023, and sent me photos.  Just by seeing the backing I could tell that this was not something I was willing to take on and offered other places to check with.  Sadly, no one was willing to take on the 2 sided t-shirts, so Paige reached out again to ask about completing the shirt with a traditional fabric backing, and that I was willing to take on.
The following show portions of the quilt while it was loaded on my machine as I had told Paige I'd send her some.  Usually, when making a t-shirt quilt, you fuse them shirts with interfacing to make them stable, and then stitch them like traditional quilt blocks.  Judd's mom seems to have started by cutting parts of the shirts and then hand appliqueing them to pieces of batik fabrics.  In addition, there were numerous souvenir patches from travels.  These are very thick. to thick for my machine to go over, so I just had to avoid those parts of the quilt. 
  The finished "blocks" were then appliqued to a piece of muslin, and batik fabrics were added as borders.

Since the shirts weren't interfaced, there was a lot of "wiggle room" in the shirts, and a few folds and wrinkles had to be incorporated, or flat out left in the final quilt.
It seems that someone spilled their drink when they were piecing.  There's a large brown stain on the muslin underlay.

You can see above that many of the fabrics were left intake, not trimmed to size.  Oh well!
There was interfacing, but I'm not sure it was fused to the shirts, or if it is a sew in interfacing.

 Some how, this phrase reminds me so much of my brothers and our friends from college