Baby quilt by Sara

 Sara and 3 other friends brought me the original of this quilt after making the blocks for their friends who were recently married.  These 4 blocks didn't make it into the first quilt, so Sara put them together as a baby quilt for her co-worker.  All flannel, so soft and cuddly and perfect for a baby!

For Sandy's daughter

I haven't seen Sandy for some time, she usually mails me her quilt tops, and then her daughter will pick them up.  This one is for that daughter, so we're actually going to meet in person for pick up. 

Another soft and lovely colored quilt, quilted with a leafy vine design in wool batting.

Two from Sue

This is a "Scrabble" quilt for Sue's daughter.  Sue told me that she and a friend found the scrabble letters in a quilt shop, and each bought two panels.  The letters in the quilt are things that are important to her daughter.  So the grandkids and spouse's names, hobbies, etc.  What a fun idea!

I can't wait to see how Sue finishes this quilt.  She has machine appliqued all of these darling little sea creatures onto the white, and then will add additional embellishments to it.  I SID around each one, and quilted a wavy design in the background and outer border.


2 more for Christmas from Mary Beth


Last year, Mary Beth made quilts for all the grandkids.  This year, her children will get their own.  This one I'm calling "Spring Dreams" the name of the panto that she chose for it.   The colors are so soft, and the fabric has a lovely hand as well.

And a Rail Fence for her son.  Quilted with the "Double Diamond Cat design that she chose  Clearly, I'm going to need to use this one again.

2 from Betty

Here we have Paintbox.  A kit from years ago.  Love the rainbow design of the colors across the top of the quilt. Quilted with "Asti" design, which someone had to point out to me is like Asti Spumante.  Oh!

And "Windmill".  I don't usually do this, but I changed thread colors for Betty without her permission.  Thankfully, she was thrilled.  Impossible to tell in this photo, but the background fabric has a lot of gold in it.  So, instead of the white thread she had chosen, I went for a gold, and it's is stunning!


Police quilt time

I am having so much fun with my Lenni quilting machine and his computer, because this has freed up my big girl, Pearly.  Since I didn't have any customer quilts that were3n't needing the computer, I whipped out the quilting on several police quilts that needed to be quilted.  Quilted, bound, in the car, and now waiting for an officer to be available to give them to.  Above, is Brown Strings.  Take all those bits of fabric that are too large to keep, too small to toss, and sew them into a rail fence-ish design.
Leftovers will have to be the name of this.   I had a bunch of extra blocks from an officer quilt, so threw them all together, or cut them down if needed to get to a consistent size.

Jelly roll.  Years ago, I bought a jelly roll because it was so cute!  Now I realize that you need to add other fabrics  to jelly rolls to get more contrast. Not thrilled with this, but it will keep someone warmer.


And 2 from Pat

This one is for Ash, a young man who likes ships, and paleontology.  The body of the quilt has various sailing ships on it, lots of blue and nautical themed fabrics in the border.  The backing has dinosaurs, but I didn't get a photo of that. 

And, "Hearts for Robin" a friend of Pat's.  Quilted with Sitara Seashells, and the perfect design on this quilt.


BOM by Gerry H.

This is a quilt top the Gerry's daughter found in a closet.  I have forgotten the year that Gerry pieced it, but it was several years ago.

This one took some time. Each block has a slightly different design quilted in it, plus ruler work and background fills.  I'm quite pleased with the results and Gerry says "You do good work." so I will take that as a compliment.


Fussy Cut Paisley by Sue

I think Sue isn't very happy with the designer of this pattern.  She told me that she "Got it for free, and it was about worth what I paid for it."  However, it made a lovely quilt!


Halloween Gnomes by Gerry T.

Oh my, but these guys are cute!  Quilted with orange thread, and "Twinkling Pumpkins"


Koala baby quilt by Roberta`

Roberta has a grand-daughter who will turn 1 year old in Nov. 2022.  She hand appliqued and then pieced this darling Koala quilt for her.
Feathers everywhere in the quilting!  in the setting squares, and in the star blocks and borders.  The trees got a little quilting design in the tree canopy and trunk as shown on the pattern.  The bears just got little tufts in their ears, and it is all so cute!


Photo dump of my quilts

This one is "Cat's in Space" with help from Michael, he loaned me the pattern.  This will go to the Cat Adoption Team fundraiser (I think.  I remember that the theme of the fundraiser is "Cats in Space", so how perfect is this pattern?  The cat faces are all made with my hand dyed fabrics, so they are all slightly mottled.

My neighbors down the street run the "Do Good" foundation and came to our block party over the summer.  They are having a fund raiser on Nov. 11, and I had all this patriotic fabric, so made them this quilt with Propeller and Friendship Star blocks.

 Finally, grab a panel out of the stash, don't even both to add borders.  Seems my friend and biking buddy Ted has a new grandson.  His son has adopted 2 girls, and recently found out that their birth mother had delivered an infant boy.  Since every baby needs a quilt, this quick panel went to them.

2 more from MIchael

Of his current (that I have with me) quilts, this one is my favorite.  Not much of a fan of aboriginal fabric, but I love the colors, and the quilting in this one!
Bright orange thread and "African Storm" quilting design.  Also love the hand dyes and wondering how they got the purple and brown/orange in the same batch?

I struggled with this one, not knowing which way the wreaths should go.  Michael didn't help, the trees are going in opposite directions too!  It worked out, I chose a quilting design of ornaments that is not directional!  Quilted with shiny gold thread too, so a nice festive touch.


Memory quilt for Diana B

This will be a Christmas gift for Diana's sister.  A memory quilt made from shirts of their father.
Diana had cut all the shirts apart, and then left a few embellishments to add as well.  Like a couple of pockets, a front snap strip, and a cuff.  I hope that this will bring both of them some comfort in the future.


Baby quilt for Diana's grandson

Diana's first grand baby is about to be born, and this is stitched with much love for him.

 Quilted with a "Nautical" design, so lighthouses, ships wheels and a few shells.  Very cute.