"Northwoods" by Michael.

Oh my, Michael is at it again. He says that he thinks this pattern is from Art East.  They are all so cute!  Whatever animal I'm looking at right then is my favorite!

The tiny, tiny eye in the goose!

How could you not love the checkerboard tail!

 His little grin!

"Tribal Castle" by me.

I love the pattern, but my color choices are "Interesting".  My usual scrappy quilts, and when you look closely, some of the fabrics are probably not the greatest choices.  Oh well, cop quilt.

Frankly, I'm more excited about the quilting.  All done on my computerized machine,  I've been doing only edge to edge, but why waste the tools that I've got at my fingertips?  So, this was a practice one.
The thread is pink, so hard to see, but each different block is quilted slightly differently.

 The quilting shows up much better on the back.  Now if I'd only gone for a 12' table for Lenni, I could do larger quilts!  Oh well, live and learn.

"Trellis" by Deanna

This is another of those quilts that when you're quilting it you think "Hey this is fun."  Then after it's hung up and you step back you realize just how stunning it is!  I imagine that these are all Kaffee Fassett fabrics
Lots and lots of templates, and some strangely shaped triangles.  I had to ask if it was paper pieced or templates.  It's templates, and impeccably pieced!  I almost laughed when Deanna asked "What kind of rookie mistakes did I make?"    I really hope we'll get to work together again.


"Footbag" banner for Robert

Those of us "not in the know", would refer to this as "hacky sack"
This banner celebrates the group's 10th-20th years.  Sadly, they didn't get to gather during 2020 due to Covid
The two quilts below also include a portion of the back of the shirts that commemorates the loss of a member during that year.


Dresden Plate/Irish Chain by Pat

Here is another stunning quilt for a niece in Texas.  Pat's directions on the check in sheet say "Make it pretty.", so I hope we've done that.

Continuous curves in the chain blocks, lots of feathers that grow up from the bottom of the quilt along the chains and plates.

I love the continuous curves in the plates!  Curved crosshatching in the centers of the plates

 And a large loopy feather on the borders to frame it all.

Irish Mystery by Sharyle

Here's an old favorite from Heart to Hand.  Way back in the day when we had the mystery quilt club. 
Sharyle added the the shamrocks in the corners
I'm quite pleased with the quilting design.  It's called "Celtic Knot", and I love the secondary pattern that it creates where the two rows meet.


T-shirts and dress shirts for Bridget's mom

This is a T-shirt quilt.  Seriously.  Nothing like I've ever worked with before, but boy did I have fun, and learned a LOT.  Bridget took shirts from her mom's late husband's closet and made this stunning quilt for her mom.
Most of the knit shirts were fused with interfacing after having been pieced, but surprisingly, it still worked to stabilize them.  There were a couple that were missed, but thanks to my wonderful APQS machine, it quilted beautifully.

Bridget had asked for a wave design in the predominately blue blocks, and a "topographical" design in the brown ones to represent their time at the beach, camping and hiking.

 She had further requested a feather in the blue portions of the pinwheels, and then a stone/pebble design in the grey/black portions.  Try as I might, I couldn't find a decent pebble design for such a small space, so I ended up finishing the pinwheels and the borders on my Millie machine.  The rest of the quilt was completed on my computerized Lenni.

"Sara's Sampler" by Sharyle

 If you have not yet read the "Elm Creek" books by Jennifer Chiaverini, I highly recommend them.  Boy howdy, do I want to go to quilt camp at Elm Creek Manor!  But, I digress.  In the first book, "The Quilter's Apprentice", the character Sara wants to learn to quilt, and this is a copy of the quilt that teh character makes.
Each block is quilted slightly differently, there's a consistent background fill in the white of each block.
Also feathers in all of the white sashing strips.
There is applique, Y seams,and simple piecing. 
I thought the school house needed some "siding", so just straight lines on the walls and the roof.

Hard to see from where I am sitting, but the outer borders are filled with feathers.  I had such a good time watching them grow and fill the space.  Sharyle has made a stunner here.

"Skateboards" and "Bigfoot #2" by Michael.

Michael is at it again, making more fun quilts.  I love the movement in the skatebaord quilt, and wish I could get a better shot of the quilting.  It's called "Lost my Marbles", and the orange is actually a deep red.

Digital Quilting Design Lost My Marbles by Mike FountainHey!  Here's the panto I used on Michael's skateboards.  I wanted lots of movement, and this reminded me of people in the skate park going back and forth, and spinning in circles.


Look closely, and you can see Sasquatch coming out of the tree.