"Sorcerers" by me.

More fun using up fabrics!  The three sorcerer panels are from fabric that I bought on Cycle Oregon 2015.  They were supposed to have gone into the "Dragon Fire" quilt, but got lost in the shuffle.  I know that the shortest apprentice is just petting the frog.

 The pinwheels blocks are made up of stuff from the stash.  The outer border is a coordinate that came with the initial panel from the quilt shop in Weiser, Idaho.

"Postage Stamp Cross" by me.

Another quilt for the police.  This one is made up of squares that were cut at 2", so they end up being 1.5" squares when they are stitched.  Really fun to play with the two different fabrics that make up the cross, then the just random for the background.  Lots and lots of memories in this quilt  As I was quilting it I would try to remember the original project that the fabric was used in, but there are just too many to remember them all.  Most fun was using up to finish this quilt.  Grandma Pearl would be so proud.  Used up a bunch of squares, pulled the borders and backing from my stash, and all of the black binding was already made, just needed to be stitched together to make it long enough.
 Quilted with the swirls board, "Halloween" orange glide thread.  I though the white border would give your eye a place to stop, but then it needed something bright for the outer border.  I love the owls in it.

Molly's baby clothes

Isn't this a sweet idea?  Leigh took her granddaughter's baby clothes, and made a quilt out of them! 
I don't know why but this rainbow striped onsie makes me happy to just to look at it!

"Sea Life" by Veda

I love to make and quilt baby quilts.  So fast, and so fun.   
This one is so perfect for the new parents as mom is a Marine Biologist.   All done with ocean animals, and quilted with the "Ocean View" panto.  Shells, starfish, even a seahorse or two.

Pinks and Purples by Delores

This is a fun quilt that Delores made for herself.  I don't know how many she has made, but FINALLY, one for her.
 All done is shades of pinks and purples, with cottons, satin, and even some corduroy

Also many of the Disney princesses are represented here.

 Delores also foundation pieced all of these fabrics to muslin squares to keep them from fraying, or stretching.  Makes the quilt extra heavy, and cozy.

 It's also fun to find fabrics in other people's quilts that I have in my stash as well.  Gives me a chance to play "remember"
This quilt is

"Mouse and Moon" by Xande

 To begin with I truly admire people who do paper piecing.  I am able to do it, but have other techniques I prefer.  Secondly, Xande designed the whole quit by herself.  Found a design idea that she liked, then figured out how to make it a paper pieced quilt top.  Wow.
 I am pretty certain that the background fabric glows in the dark, as does the thread.  Swirly design in the moon face,
 and 2 new quilting designs "discovered" for this quilt.  "Constellation" in the background, and an as yet unnamed border design.  Suggestions?
Some flames in the belly of the mouse to give him some texture, and continuous curves in the star to emphasize it.

" 'Twas the Night Before Christmas." by Carole

Yes, Carole is at it again with her embroidery machine.  Amazing work!  Quilted primarily with white Glide thread, but she chose "Military Gold" for the red borders.
 A woman after my own heart, Carole says that she "loves feathers."

 As I was quilting this center section, I felt that it really needed more quilting on the roof to hold it down.  However, now that I see it hanging up, I love how the lack of quilting there makes the "snow" on the roof so much more dimensional.
 Carole's exquisite redwork.

 How many times can I include feathers?  Oh lots!
 Even feathered wreaths in the corners to avoid trying to wrap 2 strands of feathers around the corner and then to meet again.  So much easier to start and stop in the middle of each border and work out.

How cool is this!  The white thread glows under black light!  So much easier to see where I've been with this.  Strangely, the white bobbin thread does not glow, only the top.  Same with the white background fabric.

Zig Zag by Selena

Selena's mom, Natalie, is a long time quilter, and has shared her love of this craft with her daughter. 
Selena chose all the fabric and did all the work on this fun Zig Zag quilt, and she chose the quilting design and thread as well.  Did I mention that she did the piecing when she was 10 years old?  Well done!
Quilted with the "Clematis" pantograph.

Corduroy and Flannel by Bev

This is a quilt that Bev made for a relative, and sadly, can't remember who.  All made with flannel and corduroy cut on the bias, making it a little stretchy.  Gonna be a lovely wrap up and cuddle when the weather is cold quilt.

Quilted with the "Heart Attack" panto, and while I still don't care for the name of the panto, I really do like how it turned out.

"More Miles than You" by me

Joe is my middle brother, and biking buddy. I've know for how long that his birthday is in October, and yet still didn't get his quilt to him until November.
 For those of you who may not have had the pleasure of seeing Joe in his full cycling "glory", here's a shot of him in a some of his more tame attire.  So if you see this guy on the street, please just point and laugh.  That's what we do.

Quilted with leaves in the outer red border, and bike fabric for the inner border.
The fabric for the bike applique is something I found specifically for this specifically for Joe.  I call the color "Make Your Eyes Bleed" green.  Then I was having issues with my usual sewing machine.  I stitched the whole applique down with glow in the dark thread, but after quilting it, found out that a good chunk of the applique stitches were coming undone.  Mom, and her sewing machine to the rescue, and I restitched around all of the applique, again with glow in the dark thread.  Actually, it turned out better this way, and now the bike really glows.  Kind of like Joe.

A tight background fill throughout the black.

"Boomerang" by Carol

 Carol is a first time customer, and she trusted me with this lovely!  Boomerang quilt is by Jay Bird quilts, and requires a special ruler.  Pretty intricate piecing as well.

Each "L" shape is quilted with a feather design, and each "diamond" with continuous curves.  Nicely done Carol!

"Dragon Fire" by me.

 In 2015, we, brother Joe, friends Xande, and I rode on Cycle Oregon.  I had an intuition as we went through Weiser,  Idaho that there was a quilt shop nearby, and I was right!  Due to a forest fire, our route was changed, and we got to back through Weiser, when the shop was open!  I found a coordinating print that goes with this panel, and had to have it.  Then found the panel!  What fun!
 The sorcerer is directing his dragons to "go outside and play!"  I had so much fun quilting the panel!  Lots of quilting in the "grout" of the castle between the stones, and around the fields in the background.
 Although you can't tell in these photos, I used a really fun thread that glows in the dark!  It's kind of greenish blue on the cone, but glows green in the dark.  And, the stars in the border and binding fabrics also glow! 
 I even quilted some of the scales on the blue dragon's belly, so they look really cool in the dark!
 This quilt went to Officer Tori for the police.  I only wish I could see the look on the kiddo's face that gets this when they realize that the quilt glows.  So much fun!
Okay, so my photography skills are limited.  I really tried to get a shot of the thread glowing, but it just didn't work out. You'll have to take my word for it. 

"Cats" by Xande

The baby is now about 7 weeks old, but who's counting?  It's not like she's going to outgrow this that quickly.

 Xande's first attempt at paper piecing.  I'm impressed!
 The idea was to include things that cats might chase in the quilt. So lizards, butterflies, fish, you name it.  Also, one of her daughters lives in Paris, so of course she had to include the Eiffel Tower cat.