NY Beauty by Jeannine

Oh my.  Jeannine tells me that she has a quilt that is nearly ready for quilting, and states "The quilt is kind of busy, so the quilting needs to be subtle."  Initially she suggested an edge to edge design, but when the quilt arrived, I suggested that we go a bit over the top and do this heirloom.  With some help from customer Michael, I chose a gold thread, and started in.  When you really look at the quilt, you can see the huge variety of quilting fabrics she used for piecing.  There are Christmas bits, Laurel Burch, Aboriginal, flowers, you name it.  Not to mention that I found several pieces in her quilt that I also have several of them in my own stash. 
What fun to pull out my rulers, idea books and often times, just look at the fabric to see what it needed.

 Sometimes it was a really tight background fill, like in the light blue above where I've got straight lines going up and down, mimicking the design in the fabric.  Or, the one on the right, where I outlined the flowers in the background.

I couldn't resist adding in feathers every once in a while.

 I need to point out that in the right half of the above photo, those red outlines on the blue points finish at 1/4".  Oh my.

 I love how the background is tightly quilted, allowing the pieces triangles to really pop.
 Aboriginal fabric needed a bit of Aboriginal quilting.

 As if all the paper piecing wasn't enough, let's add curved piecing too!

 This is one of my favorites.  Just copied what the print in the fabric already showed.

Again, 1/4" finished pieces on the lighter purple around the darker purple triangles.

Cody's leftovers

This is what happens when you just start cutting fabrics.  And cut more and more.  Pretty soon you've got enough 2.5"x4.5" rectangles to make a twin quilt, and  slightly smaller one to give to the police.

"Raised Beds" made by me

One of my darling nieces (I have two) asked me to make a quilt for her (then) boyfriend's birthday in October.  Well of course I will!   She came to my house and we went through all of my fabrics and she chose the ones that had meaning for the two of them.  Since he has a farm business, we framed the fabrics in "dirt brown".
 Since Katie has started to bike too, we added bikes, then there are the Pirate Frogs, Star Trek, assorted dogs...
 Fairies, flowers and anything else. The fairies are now even more important because he proposed at the Fairy Festival in August 2018.  Congratulations to them both.
 On the back, we've got a piece of a baby romper of his from his mother, and a shirt that he wore when he was very tiny, and was taken to Hawaii.

9 patch blocks from Joanne

 Joanne didn't piece this quilt top, because I don't think that she was living in the 1860's when it is believed to have been hand pieced.  Wow.   Joanne took it the Latimer Quilt Museum in Tillamook and that's where they dated it.
I love how the piecer used whatever they had on hand.  The blue stripe fabric above is obviously cut from a former garment.

Quilted with So Fine! thread  and the Baptist Fans board.

Jeans by Carol

I believe that these jeans belonged to Carol's brother and the finished quilt will go to their cabin.  It's HUGE and heavy.  Thankfully, it's a lightweight bamboo batting.
Yep, even the watch pockets were included

"Milky Way" by Kelli

What a fun quilt.  Start with a Friendship star block, then add 4 patch units to the corners, to make it "Milky Way".  Piece with Monsters vs Robots fabric
Now add this great border, and quilt with the Monsters Pantograph.  Oh, did I mention that not only does the white background fabric glow in the dark, but so does the thread?  Sadly, my camera won't pick up either, but trust me, this is going to be a glorious quilt for some lucky kiddo!

BOM from the FQ shop by Kelli

I love 1930's prints to begin with, so this quilt was a joy to work on.  Large blocks, probably 12" square at least.

Quilted as an edge to edge design with Baptist Fans, and pale yellow King Tut thread.  The background is actually a very pale yellow, not white as it reads in the photos.

"Yukata" fabrics from Carla

I had never heard of Yukata fabrics before, but they are very lightweight cotton, usually used to make summer Kimonos in Japan.

 White backgrounds with indigo blue dye on all, and various Asian motifs.  Very pretty.  Quilted with Gingko leaves panto

Dresden Fans by Pat

I think I want to be related to Pat.  This is for a cousin, that I believe she only recently met!
All of the fans are hand appliqued with thread that matches them  Imagine changing needles to applique these points down every couple of inches.  Outlined in the blades of the fans, then a tight loop background fill.

 Repeat the same background loop in the rest solid blocks, only looser, making the quilt softer.  SID on all the sashing strips and cornerstones.

"Twins!" by Michael

 Okay, so they are really flamingos, but I love how they are identical, only one facing left, and the other right.  They will go to his brother who lives in Florida.

Yellow and White by Rebecca

Rebecca is a new quilter, but she did great on this one for her sister I believe. 
Quilted with the dragonflies panto to mimic the ones in the fabric.  It's the bright yellow one on top of the next photo, but you still can't see it well.

Double Wedding Ring by Susan

Someday, I'll make a double wedding ring.  I'm not ready to tackle that yet, but it's on the bucket list.  Here's Susan's version, done all in batiks.
I'm a traditionalist and would have put feathers in the center blocks and melon shapes, but Susan wanted something else.  She sent me a link which I used as a jumping off place.  I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, especially the echoing . I think it adds a lacy edge to the design.  Good job Susan!

"Delightful Desert" by Michael

 Another quilt by Michael designed by Elizabeth Hartman.  Wow.  Where does he find the time?
 I love the eye lashes on the fawn, and that is a moth underneath the fawn.
 I think this is a Puma.
 Oh!  It's a Racoon!  (I had to look up the pattern)
 A crane. with various cactus flowers around.
And a bunny.  Just have to say, I LOVE the background fill on this.  Wish I could claim it as my own design, but when I saw the pattern in the fabric that Michael used, that's what I pretty much followed.  Hard or impossible to see in the photos, and because I've quilted over it, but there are wavy lines in the print that just looked like wind swirled desert sand.  Too perfect to not use that.