"Wheel of Mystery" by Pat.

I seem to be a bigger dork than usual when it comes to computers.  I know that I took a full on shot of this quilt but then lost the photos in the computer.  It would appear that that photo was not found again.  Argh. 

This is made of 1930's reproduction prints, as well as a few original prints from the era.  Such fun.  Quilted all over the place with feathers.  I love feathers, and 1930's fabrics,so really fun to quilt this quilt.

Hand appliques with yo yos in the flower centers.  When Pat picked it up today she said "Oh good.  It's going on my bed." Wouldn't this be a cheerful way to get up every morning?


"Mr. Furry Toes" by me.

 Back in September 2015, I got to ride on Cycle Oregon, the "Go for the Gold" route.  I knew at that time that we were going to be losing our sweet Toby dog in the near future, so I purposely started looking for dog prints to include in his quilt.  Much of these came from the "Dog Park" collection that just happened to be at the shop in Gold Beach.  I chose a Bear's Paw block to represent our sweet boy and the tufts between his toes that he really didn't like to have touched..

Some of the other fabrics came from my stash.  Things that I had purchased and collected over the years.  This quilt was pieced long before the 2016 presidential election, and it was a total fluke that I ended up with a "Trump cat" on a surfboard.  Makes me laugh to see it.
This also shows a portion of the quilting design which is called "Flopsy", and features a dog and dog bones in it.  Perfect to represent Toby.  This quilt will be given to the Oregon Humane Society, from where Toby came to live with us.
By the way, Darling Husband Randall asked "Who's this one for" when I showed him the finished quilt. I told him that its for the Humane Society, and he responded "But I miss him too."  Too be continued.

"Hugs and Kisses" by me

Another one of my numerous string quilts.  I got the idea from a customer, so sorry!  I can't remember who it was now! But, if you looks closely, you'll see that the red  blocks form an "O", while the blues make the "X" for hugs and kisses! What I find most amazing is that I had to stop making red blocks because I ran out of red strings.  Then I had to pull a few from my stash of blues to have enough left over to have enough blocks to make the quilt work.

Quilted with the new panto "April In Paris", Eiffel Towers and swirls.  I had just finished binding the quilt in the morning, then went out to run errands. When I returned home, all kinds of first responders were on my street in front of my house.  I don't know what it was about, but we had the Hazmat Truck, 2 fire engines and a couple of police cars.  When they seemed to be finished with their important work, I ran out with this quilt and shoved it at the officer who was still there.  Tried to quickly explain since I couldn't get the computer to print out one of my "dear officer" letters that I include.  She responded "That's okay.  I remember you.  I came to your house before and picked up a quilt."  Gotta love our officers. 

By the way, the current string quilt project won't have any blue or red in it.  Gonna have to collect again for a while before I can add those two colors back to repertoire.

Strip quilt for Grand-daughter Lily by Kelly

So simple, but what a great design.  The design really shows in this photo.
 Quilted with a pantograph called "Sashiko", but in my mind it's called "Waterlilies"  Kelly pointed out that it seemed appropriate to use the water lilies design on a quilt for a girl named "Lily".  Great idea Grandma.

Batiks for Grandson Jace by Kelly

Nice block design Kelly.  I don't think I know that one.  Love the batiks in at as well.

Quilted with Fancy Flames panto and "Butterscotch" thread.

Stars of Hope with rulers

 Another police quilt finished.
   I know that I made these pieced blocks for the previous stars of hope quilt, but they were not included in that quilt because I didn't like the color or something.  So, adding large settings squares gave me a chance to play with rulers.
 It's hard to tell above, but there is a Greek Key ruler in the grey squares, and the center red square.  The rest is done freehand.
And the back side.  Although the backing is really a black marble, it turned out a scary gold color in the photo.  At least you can still see the quilting.
Here's the setting block.  I'm please, but my ruler work still needs work.

Elephant #2 by Sharyle

Isn't this adorable?  I love elephants to being with, but what a great baby quilt.
 Quilted with the African Pull Toy's panto.  Here's a rhino in the corner, and below a zebra in the middle of the elephant.  You've kind of got to know what you're looking for there.

The first of the Heirloom coverlets for Revive Designs

This was the first one, and it was a challenge.  Not because of the quilting designs, but because of the thickness of the fabrics.  Seams were an extra challenge.  However, my wonderful "Pearly" machine from APQS sailed through them with ease.

Again, two layers of upholstery weight velvet with wool batting.  This one must weigh at least 20lbs though.  Wow!  Hope it's not for a small child to sleep under, they'll never be able to get out of bed!  Both of these lovelies were brought to be by Leland of Revive Designs.  Here's a link to his website and be warned, serious eye candy!  http://revivepdx.com/index.htm

Heirloom coverlet for Revive Designs

This was a new one for me.  Take 2 pieces of upholstery velvet, and quilt them together with wool batting.   This one was the easier of the two, because the fabric is thinner and lighter.  Just lots and lots of circles looped together.
It's really not orange, but a lovely dusty rose pink.

Blue Pagodas bed runner for Laurie

Laurie brought me 4 fabrics to cut up into squares and make into a pretty table runner.  She had marked the scenes that she wanted fussy cut, so then I got to do the fun part of assembly!

"Frankenquilt #12" by Michael

 First, "Frankenquilt is his title, not mine.  I love how all these random pieces of fabric come together to make a really fun and vibrant quilt.  Michael said that he ran out of yellows in his scrap bin making this.  Guess that means that it's time to go fabric shopping!  Quilted with the sunburst panto and colorburst thread.  Both excellent choices.

"Let's Go Dotty." by Sharyle

Perfect thread choice, matches all the colors in the background fabrics.  Also perfect quilting design because it matches the cute and fluffy owls on the backing.  I keep thinking that they are kittens, but really, they are owls.

"Our Father" by me

You'd think that being a quilter, math would be a strong suit.  Sadly, no.  In fact, the only 8am class I ever took in college I "affectionately" refer to as "Bonehead math".  It was probably math 101, or the equivalent.

Sometimes though, my inability to count turns out in a positive manner, such as this one.  It all started out with the extra 2.5" wide strips in the light blue with leaves.  Crud.  I've got all these leftovers, what to do with them?  Joined them with some leftover strips of yellows, and made them into scrappy 4 patch blocks.  Just the 4 patch blocks was going to be a microscopic quilt, so I'd better add something else.  Add in the pale yellow with dots left over from a friends wedding quilt.  Still pretty small quilt.  Hmm.  Let's cut larger squares of this two left over blue fabrics, and alternate them.  Oh look, just enough of the blue that started it all to make a border out of it, and enough of the yellow for binding.

The name of the quilt comes from the fabric with lettering.  It's "The Lord's Prayer", or the "Our Father" depending on your history.  Both of the blue fabrics came from Officer Tori with the Portland police, so obviously it needed to go to her.  Quilted with the "Dove of Peace" pantograph that she chose for her daughter's school quilt.

Since I'm so lousy at math, I still had more of the original blue strips.  More 4-patch blocks made with yellows  More lager squares made from left over fabrics from Officer Tori.  This one isn't quilted yet, but be on the lookout for "Dove Chocolate."

Update to this quilt.  I carried it around in my car for about 2 weeks looking for an officer to give this to.  Never an officer when you need one, but that turned out well in this situation.  During the 2017 snow storm, I was working extra meetings for others who couldn't get out. Stopped at the coffee shop where I tend to see officers,  but no one there on my way in.  Back in the car, and heading the last 1/4 mile to the center, when there's a patrol vehicle!  Wait for me! I'm shouting in the car, even though they can't hear. Pull up and park really badly next to them, and who should be outside her vehicle but Officer Toni!  Hurray!  I knew that the "right" officer would receive this quilt, and it was her!  So glad to be in the right place at the right time, and that she got to see her extra fabric put into something useful.  Now I'm glad the quilt got to visit so many other locations along with me in the car.

"Aboriginal Animals" by Leigh

 Oh my goodness.  Here's another one that's been in my studio patiently waiting it's turn for quilting.  I think this one was well worth the wait.  I had such a good time working on it!  I went back to the 265 free motion quilting designs book, and went to town.  Each animal is outline quilted at approx. 1/4" from the outside embroidery.  Then each bock got a different background fill around it.  So much fun!  I really hope that Leigh will consider entering this into a show. Let's see how many animals I can name.

I think this might be an Ibis

Sorry, no clue.

 Frilled lizard.  Or as everyone has been telling me "You know, those ones that can poof out their necks."
Duck bill platypus

 Some type of weasel


 I hope you can figure this one out on your own.