The House wedding quilt by Pat

I'm never going to get all the relationships correct, but here is a synopsis.  Pat made this quilt top for her niece and  her new husband.  They chose the fabrics from Pat's stash, and Pat designed the quilt.  The appliqued leaves and flowers go around 3 sides of the quilt since the top of the quilt will be tucked under the pillows and not show. Instead, I quilted a similar design in that area to complete the look, but still a little different.
 Here's the back, showing the quilting.  The house represents their house, and the 3 panels on the roof are actually solar panels.  Great idea Pat!

I went off the grid on the quilting of this quilt.  Pat and I had discussed how to quilt this, but knowing that she trusts me, I changed the idea.  There was supposed to be quilting in the pieced triangles, but when I got to quilting the quilt, I decided that they didn't need anything, and adding quilting would be distracting.  I also found the "plaid" design in the blue border in a magazine and knew that it was the right thing for Pat's quilt.

Today, I received the sweetest note from Pat thanking me for helping with her quilt top.  She referred to as a "so so quilt top", but I think I had a great design to work with.  I just got to enhance it.  Check back here in the not too distant future, I've got another one of Pat's to do next and I'll be going "off grid" again. 

Tom's dragons for the police

 I need to spend more time piecing quilt tops for the police because the last several quilts have been whole cloths where you take two pieces of fabric and quilt them together and "poof" it's a quilt.  The front of this one is some patriotic fabric that's been kicking around for a time, and this was a good use for it.  The backing is actually a chocolate brown solid, but made the perfect place to show off my new "dragons" panto!  Love how they turned out.  Too bad I'm not a better photographer as this is a little blurry, but it went to Officer Gallagher yesterday.  Bless his heart, he said "I still remember that night" in reference to the night Tom was killed.  It was an awful time,  but I'm glad that I'm able to make something positive out of it.  Also, it's just so much fun to "stalk" cops!

Irish Chain by Marni

The color is a much better representation in the closeup to the actual color, but I love the design that you see in the photo of the entire quilt.  A lovely watercolor design using 3 fabrics to create an Irish Chain.  Well done, Marni.  Quilted with the hydrangea panto and thread called "Mauna Loa."

"Rim Ride and "Hell on Wheels"

Xande, my biking buddy, and I took some "artsy" photos to send on to Cycle Oregon in the hope that they'll agree to raffle these quilts off.  Mostly seems to show how sad my front grass looks in early August.

"Nativity" by Michael

Michael and his amazing paper piecing is at it again.  All I can say is "Wow."
this is a shot of the back of the quit top as it's loaded onto my machine.

Simple quilting, just rays from the star, and a little background fill.

Patriotic by Sharyle

This is one that Sharyle made for her niece.  Lucky girl.  This quilt is huge!  King sized is a lot bigger than I realized.

 Start with a lovely center block to focus on, and then frame it with borders and more borders. 

Stars, spools, triangles and 1/2 square triangles, plus a plan border in between.  All quilted with a panto call "Where Eagles Dare." Perfect for this quilt.