Space by Sandy

Retro stars by Sandy

Stars by Leslie

Leslie and Gordon also chose wool batting for their quilt, and I love how the fans show off with this batt.

Wedding Ring Variation for Elizabeth and Jon

Family wedding #1 for the summer was between Elizabeth and Jon.  Elizabeth was the flower girl at our wedding and she made a beautiful bride.

This quilt caused me a little grief initially.  I was having a really good time suing my Accucut system to cut the pieces for the blocks and then sewing them together.  I had purchased what I thought would be plenty of fabric for the quilt, but ran short.  Dang!  Back to the store, but they don't have any more.  I was able to find it online, and finished the quilt top.  

The next problem was that I didn't know how to quilt it, so I posted some photos online for friends to offer suggestions.  I got some great ideas, but the most helpful comment was to point out that one o the blocks was turned the wrong direction!  Oh no!  Thankfully, Mrs. Sharp Eyes found it before I started to quilt it.  

Here are a couple of shots of the back of the quilt.

Log Cabins by Meredith

You just never know where you are going to meet a new friend.  I was out on a bike ride with friends, in the absolutely pouring down rain.  I'm talking about wringing out your gloves when you stop!  Meredith said "Beth, I hear you are a quilter too." and that was pretty much the end of that bike ride.  We gave up on riding in the rain, turned around and went back and had coffee and talked for an hour or so. 

This lovely Log Cabin quilt is destined for a baby of a co-worker of Meredith.  Lucky baby!  I surely enjoyed quilting this quilt, but I think it may have been my one and only to do for Meredith.  She says already that she knows that there is a longarm quilting machine in her future.

Christmas Star by Pat

I love stars and I think that this Christmas colors and themed quilt is a great example. Well done Pat.

Quilt for Karin's daughter

I think this might be an international quilt.  When Karin contacted me about quilting it for her, she was living in Europe, and her daughter will be taking  it with her to some other country.  (How embarrassing!  Karin told me where she was going, and I've forgotten!)  It's going to be hot there though, so we chose a cotton batting.  Karin actually mailed me the quilt top, backing and fabric for the backing, and my instructions were to do and edge to edge design, and I would also choose the thread color.  Karin seemed to like it, although she states that this was out of her usual comfort zone.  She prefers to use brights, so earth tones was hard for her.  Very pretty though!

Ocean Waves

 Another wedding quilt, and this one spans 4 generations.  Patty's daughter Lauren is soon to marry Jerry.  This quilt top was pieced by her great-grandmother Cora Riggins. The triangles are all about 2" wide at the side, and it's all stitched together by hand.  Patty says that she remembers Cora stitching, and has several of her quilt tops to be quilted.  We chose a very traditional Baptist Fan design and a cream thread to blend with the background.

Paper Pieced Starburst by (guess who!) Michael

I don't think that Michael sleeps.  How else could he possibly make all these glorious quilt tops?  Someday, I'm going to try my hand at paper piecing again, but I'm not quite there yet.  I also won't start with something this complicated.

When Michael left the quilt with me he chose a very fine turquoise thread and told me to "Have fun" for the quilting design.  So I did!  Flames and fathers and what  I call "Mimbari"  Such fun to play with.

Quilted with my favorite type of thread, King Tut, in a swirl design to give it lots of movement.

Flags by Michael

a specific area in his home. They are all seasonal and can be easily changed out.  

Michael chose a variegated  red, white and blue thread for quilting, and then I quilted freehand fireworks and stars.  I love the setting triangle fabric of flags.  I think that really makes the blocks stand out.

Journey Home for Joe and Heather

Wishing them both many years of happiness together.

This is the back of the quilt, showing some of the quilting.

Wedding quilt by Barb

I love quilts and I love weddings, so this was a great combination of the two.  Barb was referred to me by the prolific Michael.  I believe that they work together.  Barb made this quilt to celebrate her daughter's wedding.  Quilted with a fine beige thread that would blend into the background, in a leafy vine design.  There is no quilting over the appliques, kind of a quilting "no-no".  Barb also says that she intends to embroider the names of the happy couple and their wedding date into the center of the wreath.  Kind of makes me want to get married again so that I could receive a gift as precious as this.

T-shirts by Ally

Gotta love cows on skis!

Brandon's t-shirts by Dianna

Dianna doesn't sew or quilt, but she's not one to let that stand in her way.  We'd meet up every once in a while at my house, and I'd show her the next step in the process.  Dianna chose all of the fabrics for the borders of the shirts, and pieced those.  I took on the task of sashing strips, cornerstones, borders and quilting.  Sorry Dianna.  I'm willing to let you play on my baby sewing machine, but you're not taking Esther Pearl for a test drive for a while.  Since Brandon is a swimmer, we chose blue wave fabric for the borders, and quilted the quilt with a wave pattern
This is my favorite shirt.  The bear is holing a sign that reads "I am not a bear."

This is from "Blue Blankee".  Dianna tells me that even before he was born, this quilt was on his bed, and was carried around by Brandon for some time.  The family even joked that "Blue Blankee" would be going to college with him.  Well, now it really is.  I took the center panel out, and appliqued it to the back of the quilt.  Isn't that just so sweet?

Scotland by Glend

Another mystery quilt from Heart to Hand.  This is the Scottish mystery, and if memory serves correctly, this would be the Scotch Thistle colorway.  Glenda chose a variegated thread with a sheen, but it's hard to see in these photos. 

Black and White by Lavernqa

Laverna does it again with her black and white quilt. 

I see that I'm going to have to do some more figuring with this new upgrade to the program, and learn how to rotate the photos.  For now, just twist your head to the left to see these in their correction orientation.