"Rim Ride" by me

Another Cycle Oregon quilt.  I titled this one "Rim Ride" because we'll be riding the rim of Crater Lake this year.  I think that the blue fabric in the settings squares pretty well matches the blue of the water of Crater Lake.

This started with the purchase of a bolt of fabric from the "Cycles of Life" line days after we returned from my first Cycle Oregon Ride.  Then I found a "layer cake" from that line.  (A layer cake is a collection of 10" squares.)  I found a pattern that I thought would work, and here we have the quilt.

The quilting in the yellow borders is to represent the mountains that we'll be climbing to get to the rim of the lake.  As well as all the climbing around the rim.

I wish I had a great reason for choosing the molar feathers wreath quilting design in the setting squares, but "because it looks cool" is the best reason I have..

"Hell on Wheels" by me.

My second Cycle Oregon ride was "Hell on Wheels".  A trip to Hells Canyon in eastern Oregon, and a day trip into Idaho.  90% of the fabric in this quilt was purchased on the ride, and chosen to represent things that we saw on the ride.  Quilted with a nearly edge to edge design of free handed flames.  It's called "Hell on Wheels" after all, what else could I use for quilting?
So we have fabric with black kittens for the kitten that one of the sag drivers adopted.  Cowboy and cowgirl boots.

Barbed wire, cow prints, alfalfa fields, and the fabric that we chose to represent the vicious Goat Head weed that caused more flats that many could count.
We've got coffee to start our rides, and stars at night, but I pulled the fabric with the cows  and map look to it from my stash.  It was too perfect not to include.  In the above photo, right in the bottom right corner it says "Them Thar Hills" (or did until I had to cut the word "hills" off for piecing.)

Right above the cow here is says "Ride off That-A-Way."

Blue and White batiks with an ocean theme by Susan

This is a fun quilt of blue and white batik fabrics with an ocean theme to the fabrics.  Consequently, it needed to be quilted with an ocean themed panto, specifically "Sea Life".  Shells, Seahorses, and water throughout.

While I'm not usually a fan of pieced backings, this one really added to the quilt top.

"Winsome Wreaths" by Torgi

I think this is the sweetest thing.  Torgi hand appliqued all of these blocks, one for each month.  The finished quilt will go to her niece who lives in the Faroe Islands.  I'm international! 


Quilted much like the pattern showed with outline quilting around the pieced blocks, and then wreaths in the setting squares.

Superhero quilt repair for Megan

Drat.  Just realized that the photo is a little fuzzy.  Megan made her very first quilt for a darling nephew, and is (rightfully) so proud of her work!  Sadly, the seams popped when she washed it the first time, and she needed some help to get it back together.

I went around all of the blocks with a freehand "zigzag" stitch on my longarm, doubling over any where the fabric had frayed.  She was thrilled with the results, and I'm sure that the baby will get many years of enjoyment from his Superheros

Two whole cloths for Dad and Tom

My goal is a quilt per month for Tom and Dad, and a couple of them on their birthdays, Father's day, and the day that they both died.  Sorry Dad, no photo of yours, but it looks the same as Toms, only quilted with Baptist Fans instead of Fold.  Both with the same patriotic print, both 45" wide by about 60"  Wholecoths because I just ran out of time and didn't have time to piece two tops, but had this fabric ready to go.

Now the funny bit.  I like to "stalk" the police officers and give them a quilt.  I found 4 of them enjoying their coffee on a lovely sunny day, and figured that this was the perfect time to give them this quilt.  But I was rejected!  By the police!  Okay, so the 4 officers were all on ATV's, no place to store a quilt, and they said "It would get so dirty."  I was able to find another officer to give this one too, in a cruiser so he had a place to put it. 
Thank you officers for your service, even if you did reject my offering.

"Sea Life" by Leigh

Leigh does it again.  All these amazing creatures hand appliqued while she spends time with her husband as he watches television.  Amazing use of your time and talents!


Sea Monster


 Killer Whale
 Sea Otter


Orange Log Cabin by Maria

Here's another lovely from Maria in New York state.  It's variation of a Log Cabin block.
Fun to fill all the background spaces with different feathers

feathers that swirl off in the outer border, piano keys in the pieced border

Hand appliqued flowers.  So impressive!

Feathers that start in the middle of the area and swirl around so that there is no "top" or "bottom" to the quilting. 

New Pantos

Wavy Raindrops Grande - Pantograph
Wavy Raindrops

I went shopping. Here are 4 new pantos.
Tubby Duckies
Lorien's Dragons - PantographLoriens dragons
Diagonal Plaid - Bias Cut - PantographDiagonal Plaid
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