Golf by Jane

Jane is certainly one of those people.  First off, she contacts me from well out of state.  All I can think of is that surely there are other quilters near her, but you chose me?  Wow!
Then she brings this quilt for her boyfriend.  Really cool to look at, but even more so when you get closer to it.  First off, all of that amazing applique is done by hand.  I enjoy handwork, but applique is not my thing.  Then she tells me that she didn't have a pattern for these!  She created all the applique designs by herself!!  Holy cow!

 I'd also like you to notice all the embroidery.  Again, done by hand.  Wow again!

All quilted with an edge to edge design of "Windy Sky"  Perfect to represent the breezes that you might encounter on the golf course.  Hard to make the wind all go in one direction, but like bike riding, quilting is probably the only other thing where the wind seems to come at you from all directions at the same time.

Did you notice the little heart at the top right corner?  So sweet.

African Animals by Claire

 Friends are so important.  Especially friends who get you into wonderful hobbies like quilting.  Claire is a friend of Sara's, and Sara got her into quilting.  This lovely is for a new grand baby to be, so I'm pretty sure that more quilts will be coming from Claire.
 It's difficult to see the quilting design, but trust me, it's there.  The shot above is from the back.  Quilted with a Windy Sky meander in the borders of the quilt, but Claire chose one of the African Pull Toys singles to go in the body of the quilt.  Can you see the Zebra?  This was a new technique for me, combining freehand with a panto, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.  Also planning more charity quilts that would just have the 4 different pull toys and do them as a whole cloth.  Oh the ideas!

Lone Star by Sonni

I am forever amazed by the people that you meet in the world.  I'm probably violating HIPPA regs here ,but Sonni and I initially met at our Weight Watchers meeting so many years ago.  She told me that when she was looking online for someone to quilt her quilt top, she found my website and thought "This woman looks familiar."  
I believe that this quilt is for her son and new daughter in law, so a lovely bed quilt for them.
 Since it's a wedding quilt, it needed to have hearts quilted in the large open squares.  Then so that they would really show, I did a tight meander background fill.  Too bad I didn't get the photo turned.  Trust me, the hearts all point towards the top and/or bottom of the quilt, so they are going the correct direction.
 A feather in the red border to fill the entire space. Molar feathers in the white print border, but difficult to see on the print fabric.
 Continuous curves in the diamonds, and then rays that repeat the seam line from the diamonds into the borders.
I love these rays!  This was Sonni's suggestion, and it's perfect.  These are in the top, bottom and two side setting triangles.

Big girl bed quit for Dylan

Jessie contacted me via e-mail to inquire about making a quilt for her not yet born baby girl. It seems that she had one a of a similar design when she was little, and wants to continue the tradition.  When Jessie first told me her timeline, I told her that it couldn't be done before the baby's arrival.  Then she sent me a drawing of how simple the design, and I changed my mind.  This we could get done.
Jessie and her husband chose the fabrics, and with a basic design of rectangles and sashing, off I went to make this quilt.

Once the top was done, I contacted her again about bringing me backing and binding fabrics, and then choosing a quilting design and thread.  I had suggested an edge to edge design to compliment the simplicity of the piecing, and she chose the "Double Plume" panto.  Glide thread, pale yellow to match the walls of the nursery.

The quilt is actually extra long twin sized, so it will be some time before the baby is ready to have it on her big girl bed, but it can get lots of use cuddling on the couch, going to the park, play time on the floor before she's ready to have it on her bed.
For the backing, Jessie chose the white print from the front, and then an accent fabric from the same line for the binding.  Quilted with cotton batting, so very traditional, and ready for lots of use and love.

Congratulations to the new parents on their growing family.

Justin's T's for Elaine

 Quilt #2 of 3 for Elaine.  3 sons, so they each need a quilt.In the center of this quilt is a small wall hanging that he made for Elaine.  Too special to not include in this!  The purple yarn hanging off it was attached to the hanging when I received it, so of course it had to be attached to the quilt too!
Thanks to watching John Wayne movies, I know that the term "Seabee" comes from "Construction Brigade".  I just liked this shirt the best.

Panda Bear by Sara

 I love Panda bears. I think they just look so soft and cuddly  Probably not, but it's fun to think about petting them.  Here's one you can pet as often as you like, and he even has his own bamboo branch to munch on.
Quilted with an edge to edge design of vines and leaves, but not over his eyes.  Sara appliqued those on in wool, and they are so pretty!

Hexagons by Jewelie

I love to English Paper Piece hexagons, and when Jewelie contacted me about quilting her hexagon quilt, I figured that was the technique she had used.  No, she pieced all these little guys together.    Wow.  If you look carefully, and I mean carefully!  You'll be able to see that there is a seam down the center of each on.  Even those lovely dragon blocks are pieced in the middle. 

 Talk about precision piecing!  I don't know how she managed to get the designs to line up so well on these two blocks.  There are other dragons, but these are my favorites.
Quilted with "Vanilla Cream" panto.  I found a couple of amazing dragon pantos online for her daughter to look at and choose from, but she decided on Vanilla Cream after all.  Drat!  I really wanted an excuse to get those!  Quick!  Someone make another dragon quilt!

Baby quilt by Jewelie

This was a new one for me.  Jewelie made the quilt and quilted it with simple straight lines.  When she brought me her other quilt, she asked if I could re-quilt this one.    Let's try!  Quilted with the Swirls board and King Tut thread.

This is my favorite fabric.  Vegetables!