Halloween wall hanging by Dagmar

This is what happens when you leave your camera upstairs and try take a photo with your phone.  Guess we learned that lesson. 

 Dagmar has some fun halloween prints, and then it's quilted with spider webs. 

Appliqued flowers and baskets by Pat

Another beauty from Pat.  Several baskets full of flowers for a friend of hers, destined to be a wall hanging. 

 LOTS of background fill of little petals that had "fallen" from the flowers.

"Sweet Blend" by Sue

I admit it, I'm not a fan of applique, but Sue did a great job with this one. The curved pieces are appliqued, and pieced. 
This outer border is made up of of the leftover 1/2 square triangles from the remainder of the quilt.  Impeccable piecing!  Quilted with Ginger Flower design in a pale pale green thread.


T-shirt quilts for the grand kids from Sharon

Two kids who are moving on during a difficult year.  Naomi will be headed to college.  Can you guess where?

Ezra is not headed to college at this time, but I do love his bike shirt.

"Knitted Star" by Julie.

Oh my, what a gorgeous pattern!  I'm a knitter as well, and have made numerous wool sweaters using this same snowflake design on them.  I've never seen a quilt pattern like this, and I just love it!  In addition, Julie's bias edges were a delight to work with.  I imagine that my bias edges in this place would be terribly "friendly" and waving, but hers are flat.  Well done.

 The quilting design is "Caduceus" with several medical implements quilted in it.  There is a stethoscope, the "staff of Hermes" (traditional symbol for a doctor), a syringe, bandaid and even an EKG readout, or QRS wave.  (About the only thing I remember from anatomy class). 

Baby quilt with pocket by Sharyle

Sharyle does it again!  Love this sweet baby quilt, complete with a pocket to hold the "Monster" dolls that she's making as well.  The new baby quilt get the quilt and a doll, while the baby's siblings will get their own dolls too.  (Sorry, the bear is not included in the quilting)
All of the green and blues makes me wonder if someone in the family isn't a fan of the Seahawks.

Wedding quilt by Maya

Maya is a newish quilter I believe, and she made this lovely quilt for her sister and new brother in law to celebebrate their Ocotober 2019 wedding.  Quilted with vines and leaves digital design.
Then I had a problem.  This seam was not fully stitched, and although I'm screaming at my machine to "STOP, STOP,STOP!" from the other side of the room, he didn't.  Now there's a tear in the fabric.  Oh dear.  Reach out to Maya with a few suggestions for how to fix this, and she opted to have me make a label, then hand applique that over the hole.

And since holes usually go all the way through the quilt, I also took a piece off the back to applique a patch there too. Then quilted over both, so they are never coming off.  And the bride and groom will have a quick reminder of the day of their wedding. (in case someone forgets)

Huge picnic quilt by Claire


Sarah's T-shirts by Toril


Giraffe by Veda


"Single Star" by me

I really have no clue what the name of this quilt really is.  I know that I found it either in a magazine, or more likely online in about January.  As I recall they were going to publish a pattern a month for similar quilt.  I made this one, and then seem to have lost interest.  Since you used such large pieces of fabric to begin with, I was rather limited.  These 3 are all patriotic fabrics I had purchased bolts of for a project that didn't happen after all.  At least it's finally a quilt, ready to give to an officer.