Penny Candy

Another of those scrap quilts that you work on as a beginner/ender.  I've been collecting 2" cut squares in a shoe box next to my sewing machine, and start each new seam with one of those.   #2 on Lenni, and still learning.  Once I get 2 quilts done perfectly on Lenni (my computerized machine) we'll be ready for customers.

Neighbor girl version #2 for police

 This is also known as "Cat's for cops".  I started this soon after the first Neighbor Girl quilt, the pattern is the same.  Do you see the one pink star corner that is turned the wrong way?  ARgh!  Didn't find it until I took this photo.  This is the first one done on Lenni, and while we weren't quite getting along here, we learned a lot together and are now playing quite nicely together.
See the kittens playing with balls of yarn?  Too cute!

"Neighbor Girl" by me

I started this quilt months ago to have it ready for my friend's birthday in early October.  Then my sewing machine went to the shop for a month, and I wasn't able to make the usual embroidered label, so it was still late.   Thought that counts?
 This is for my dear friend who has a Corgi, Fiona, and is involved in the Corgi Walk in the Pearl each year.  So of course it had to have Corgis!  (Even if I can't get them right side up.)

A new baby is on the way

I admit it, I'm behind in uploading photos.  This is actually a shot of my "Pearly" machine after she has been moved to accommodate "Lenni" her new little brother.  I'll get a photo of him taken and up soon.  I'm so excited though!

My "Wholecloth"

 I had planned on taking a photo of the entire quilt top before I loaded it, but was half done when I remembered that plan.  So, here's a photo above, of 1/2 of the quilt.  I started with marking 4 hearts in the center, then some borders, and a design for the corners.  The ones below are what I ended up with.

One requirement was that we have feathers in our quilt.
 Here's a full quilt shot, but hard to see.

 I had about a 3" border that needed "something" between the rows of feathers, so that's where the back and forth lines come from.
My cornerstone blocks were inspired by a design I saw on a building when I was coming out of work.  Quite pleased that all of the blue disappearing ink really did disappear!

My "Cats" quilt

 I am taking an online quilting class, and needed to mail in a couple of quilts for samples of my work.  We were given the pattern for a 9 patch quilt to follow, but after that it was up to us how we finished it.  I pulled the cat print from my stash, and that set the theme for the quilt.

Then I found a silhouette of a cat, printed that out and followed it with my laser light in the empty blocks.  All of our class samples will be donated to Project Linus, so they are going to a good cause.

"Squares on point" by Zoe

This quilt is BIG!  I've got a 14' long table, and this quilt was getting close to the edges of it.

 Just simple squares, all set on point, and then quilted with an edge to edge design of free hand leaves with a variegated green thread.  Pretty!

Dagmar has been busy!

Here are several quilts by Dagmar, in no particular order.  First "Fast for Grand-daughter."  Fun bright colors, fun prints and my favorite panto of a dragon
Look carefully, there's his eye in the yellow triangle on the top.

 This one is called "Pink, blue and green for niece."  Pretty! 
I love the border fabric.  It looks like beads on string.
 Quilted with the Clematis Panto, and Pistachio green thread.

It's almost time for Halloween!  Quilted with bright orange thread and the Kitty Kat panto.  I was king of hoping for bright green, but it's Dagmar's quilt, she gets to choose.

And the it's Christmas. 
 with a few Judaic fabrics as well, all done with a 6 pointed star

Quilted with the Christmas Whimsy panto and a bright gold thread.  Very festive.

"Asian Bars" by Carla

Dear Carla for trusting me enough to just drop this off with my husband when I was recovering from a migraine.  I think her notes in Randall's handwriting here 'Gingko leaves again and thread to match."  A few more questions from email, and here is a lovely quilt for her.  The fabrics are a very dark blue, and then a dark blue thread for quilting.

 I think these fabrics may be vintage.  A few were repaired carefully, and a joy to quilt with.