T-shirt quilt for Brad

After her friend Jennifer saw the quilt that I made for her son, Jaime wanted one made for her son Brad who will graduate in June 2010. My biggest question, is when do these kids sleep? They are involved in baseball, basketball and who knows what other activities, and yet still manage to be great human beings.

Congratulations to Brad, class of 2010


Why is it that ginko leaves are so pretty and relaxing? There's a quilt coming up that's going to need this design, but I haven't encountered it yet.

Log cabin

I think I'm going to use this on my North American mystery quilt. It's got a log cabin, fir trees, and a bear. Makes me think of the great north.


Isn't this fun? Being a dog lover, this is really special to me. This went on the second of Alice's 2 dog quilts. I've also got 2 dogs sitting on my feet right now.

Puzzle pieces

I used this on one of Alice's quilts. I also learned that this is a panto that must be started at the beginning and then followed until it's off the edge of the quilt. I missed a few pieces when I quilted Alice's quilt, but caught them before she picked it up.


I haven't yet had a chance to use this one, but I love the calm water meander with the water lilies thrown in here and there.

Asian Dragon

Here's the Asian Dragon panto that I used on Lisa and Rachel's Japan mystery quilt. Difficult to see on a busy print, but still a really fun design

Ida's Maple leaves

Here's a scrappy quilt of maple leaves made by Ida. She's got a variety of blue sky prints in the background and some really fun fall prints to make up all the leaves. Makes you want to cuddle underneath it on a rainy day.

French Braid

Here is Lisa's French braid. For 2 women who didn't know how to sew when I first met them, they have come a long way! Lisa recently taught this class at Heart to Hand, and this is the one that she made in the class session. It's quilted with a silver/grey thread in a freehand design I call "Mimbari". We didn't have enough backing initially, so they also purchased these fun monsters for extra bit of backing fabric.

Japan mystery

Here's a Japanese mystery quilt made by Lisa and Rachel. Sorry, I don't know who was the piecer. The front of the quilt is made up of Asian prints that were part of the kit from Heart to Hand. For the backing they chose a cream and green Poinsettia print. If you look carefully, and know what you are looking for, the top left photo shows the Asian Dragon panto design in the quilting. You really have to know what you are looking for though.

More of Sara's Thimbleberries

It It seems that the silly computer will only let me put a certain number of posts in one area. So, here are the rest of the pictures of Sara's lovely quilt. Feathers over 3 borders, a pretty tight meander behind all of the wool applique, as well as using it behind other blocks. Top left photo shows the piano key design in the outer border, and top right shows a cable pattern that I've never used before. Way fun.

Sara's Thimbleberries 3's Company

Here are a series of photos of Sara's quilt. The original design called for "Fake applique" as she put it. In that the kits included pre-printed panels of the applique designs. Not very attractive in my opinion. However, Sara made it wonderful by hand appliqueing wool over the patterns shown on the quilt top. In addition, she changed her border to be more interesting by adding the braid in the second border as well as the small pieced blocks. For a quilt that I didn't personally think much of when I first saw it, this is a knockout!
For the quilting designs, Sara gave me the suggestions from the patterns, but then gave me free rein to do with them what I wanted. There are piano keys in the outer border, and the blocks are treated differently. Several of the block patterns repeat in the quilt, so I chose to quilt those blocks the same way. I.e. all of the Bow Tie blocks are quilted the same.