Two from Jean

I love the versatility of a 1/2 square triangle.  Both of these quilts were made from the same basic shape, but laid out differently to create 2 really different designs.  Well done Jean!


Baby sized 54/40 or Fight by Ann

Ann made this same quilt design for her son and daughter in law when they were married.  Now they are having a baby, and this is for that baby.
Quilted with Feathers and Swirls design


Pinwheels by Erika

This is Erika's first quilt. I'm impressed with her skills.  Lovely design, great color choices.
 Quilted with "ginger flower" design

"Links" by Sue

This is the first flannel quilt that Sue has brought to me.  Sue told me that she makes quilts as inspired, then saves them to give away as gifts for various occasions.  Each recipient gets to choose the quilt that they want.  The pattern for this quilt is called "Links", and I chose a "link" pattern for quilting it.

ASU quilt for her daughter


Jennie's daughter will start at ASU in the fall, and here is the quilt that she will get to take with her.  ASU colors, and quilted with Sunbusrt design.  Appropriate for an Arizona student.

MIchael's birds and dinosaurs

 Here are his two latest quilts.  Both patterns from Elizabeth Hartman.  We've got birds.  Notice that the eyes of this little guy measure at 1/4" square finished.  Wow.  That's little!

 Quilted with SID around the birds, and then a tight swirly design in the background.

And Dinosaurs!  Aren't they adorable?  I realize that "Barney" the dino was purple, but the blue turquoise one in about the middle is the one that makes me most think of "Barney"
Who says that you can't have a dino who is plaid, or polka dotted? Quilted with "kukui nut" thread in the top, and rust in the bobbin, and then the Dinosaur panto.  Love how the bobbin thread just melts into the backing.
This is the backing fabric.  Wonderful!  Totally different from the front, and I think it was chosen first.