"Granny Cabins" and "Seasons" from Maywood Studios

Coming soon to a quilt shop near you!  (Or they might be there now).  These are two fun designs from Maywood Studios fabric company.  I believe that these were both designed using a charm pack, so extra quick and fun.
 The quilting design above is called "Snow Place Like Home." and in addition to fun swirling snowflakes, it's got a house with a heart in it!   I can't tell you how long I looked at the quilting before I noticed that.
This one is called "Seasons" and you can definitely see the progression through the seasons in the color choices.

This quilting design is called "Tiramisu", and it is something that I personally would never have chosen, but I love it!  Going to have to start planning a quilt to use that on again.

"Churn Dash" by Avis

 At least I think that the pattern is a churn dash.  Lovely patriotic colors, and then quilted with a variegated thread in the same colors.
Also a new computerized design called "Hearts and Bubbles".  What fun.

"Soccer balls" a "Trip Around the World" by Pat

 These are some lucky grandkids!  Pat made each child a new quilt for their new house, even though they haven't moved yet.  The grandson gets soccer balls, and it's got Portland Timbers fabric for the backing.  Quilted with the soccer ball design as well.

And this oh so precious "Trip Around the World" is for her grand-daughter.  Soft pinks, quilted with pink thread and hearts that loop over the quilt top.  A perpetual hug from grandma. 

I hope that Pat will also bring more quilts for quilting.  These were both so very pretty.

1930's Flying geese by Angie

Angie is a new to me customer, but I hope that she'll keep bringing me more quilts.  So pretty!  (Well pieced also).  Although it's hard to see in the photo, it's quilted with a design of 4 cats that make almost a circle.  Very fun!

"Fall Flowers" by Leigh

 I think that Leigh made this one before she discovered the doodle stitching.  I so admire Leigh's handwork.  Someday, when the kitten is a little older, I'll get back to mine.

"Doodle Quilts 1&2" by Leigh

 I'm sorry to say that I don't know which is "Doodle quilt #1 and which is 2, so here they all are.
 Doodle quilts are just doodling stitching.  Right up Leigh's alley since she enjoys handwork so much.  Fun for me to play with in terms of quilting as well.

"Jack has left the box" by me

This is a charity quilt for the police.  The blocks were leftovers from my "Jack in the Box" quilt from the Mystery Quilts Anonymous FB group.  Still waiting to quilt that. 

I had a bunch of 1/2 square triangles left over, so just started sewing them together, and then added some blacks from my stash for background.

Quilted with a Gecko design because I wanted to try it out.  (Even if the gecko does look like Wile E. Coyote from Road Runner cartoons to me.

"Precious Memories of Cycle Oregon" by me

Another amazing design from Debi at Mystery Quilts Anonymous.  Xande and I were on a bike ride to investigate local quilt shops, and found the background fabric.  The remainder is pulled from my stash.
Donated as a fund raiser and raffled off at the Cycle Oregon Kick Off Party.  I took in $119 in cash, but need to count the total number of tickets sold.  The winner bought $50 worth of tickets.  She REALLY wanted it.  She's one one in the past, but was gracious and gave it to her children.  She's keeping this one for herself.

Cross Stiched quilt top

I believe that Peggy's grandmother started the embroidery on this quilt, and it was eventually finished by Peggy.  The above photo show about a 1" square area that didn't get embroidered.  Oh well, finished is better than perfect.

This quilt has been a journey for Peggy and grandmother.  When the top was originally shipped, they sent two of the same side of the quilt top.  So, either two rights, or two left panels, and that really won't work. I'm not sure who finally tracked down the missing panel, but it was found and the quilt finished.

 The cross stitch design was printed on the fabric top, and the same with the quilting designs.  Some were more faded than others, making it difficult to follow, but again, finished is better...
 This quilt was intended to be hand quilted, not machine, so lots of little bits that required stops and starts and moves to the next space.  I think I got most of the jump threads cut, but I'm sure there are more.
 The outer edge just needed a feather to wraparound it, and then the entire background of the quilt was cross hatched.  Just stunning.

French Braid by Lorri

 This quilt is ginormous!  I have a 14' table, and it barely made it on there.  So lovely though.  I've never made a French Braid, but I love the scrappy braids in the quilt.
A sample of the border quilting.

T-shirts for Kristin and her kids

 These are shirts from Kristin's late husband.  She had enough to make a quilt for herself and each of her kids.    Sad reason for making a quilt, but what a lovely memory of dad and husband.

 As always, there's a favorite shirt of mine in each quilt.  I want to be an "Evil Genius"!  Love the monster with the cookies.  Darth Vadar is holding a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar in his left hand.  It's not a smudge on the quilt.  Darth Vadar and Mickey ears ice cream.  Too perfect!

Hand embroidered from Vickie

Oh my stars.  Vickie started this quilt many months ago, and then it got put away.  She had embroidered all of the blocks, and then started to hand quilt a good portion of it. 
I had to add some backing to make it fit the quilt top and my machine, then followed the marked quilting lines that had been stamped on the top.  Sadly, many of them were faded, but we did our best and got it done.

A few from Michael

 First, we have Cat Faces.  Michael will use this for bag linings, so he purchased 108" wide quilt backing, and then I quilted a simple design with just the fabric and then batting on the bottom.  Impossible to see, but it's just some diagonal lines for quilting.

 Same idea here, only the fabric is a solid back (that felt like silk!), so the black thread didn't show.  This is a photo of the quilt batting with the spiral quilting.

 Here is Michael's "Alaskan Holiday" quilt.  Isn't this a stunner?  He bought it as a kit, and then was short one tiny piece of fabric!  Thankfully, he has a stash and was able to pull something from there.
Michael also bought the templates for this quilt, so I imagine that there will be another coming in the future.  This is quilted with "Karlee's Circle #22".  Kind of Christmasy, but also just a fun geometric design.