Tumbling Hearts

The quilt in it's original colorway. All of the following quilts were made in 2006, as a part of the First Saturday quilt club at Heart to Hand. The original name of the quilt was "Let's Go Dotty". After I changed the layout of the blocks, and quilted the hearts that go in different directions, tumbling hearts seemed a more appropriate title. The background around each heart shape is stippled to make the hearts stand out. The hearts were made with my Circle Lord tool, the remainder of the quilting designs are free hand.

"My favorite color is orange"

I asked him what color he wanted his ski sweater, and the response was "My favorite color is orange, Auntie Beth". The shoe print was leftover from clothes that I had made him for his birthday the previous year, and there was enough orange in there to satisfy his color choice.

Monkey Boy

I had some leftover monkey print fabric from a quilt I'd made for a friend some years ago. It was too good to pass up a chance to use it up in this quilt. Since I didn't have enough of the green to make the first border, I pieced in what was left of the monkey print fabric. The quilting is a swirly type of design intended to look like fur.


The quilt for the youngest nephew in Thailand. All of the blocks have a star theme, and it was quilted in a star design in the blocks.


This one went to Thailand, where it's not cold, but kids still need quilts. I have 3 nephews over there, and they all got the same quilt blocks, but in different fabrics and layouts. This was quilted using my Circle Lord giant clamshell templates. I turned it upside down and it became fish scales.

Halloween Curves

I taught a class at Heart to Hand on using the Crazy Curves templates. Norma used Halloween fabrics to give it a spooky look!

Close up of Pretty Ladies

And a close up shot of the same quilt.

Pretty ladies

This is one that I quilted for a customer. It had been pieced by several friends of her mother's who all signed their blocks. The background is a stipple design, and stitch in the ditch (SID) around the ladies. Also each dress has stitching to show the fullness of the skirts.

First Post

Coming Soon, pictures of past and present projects, both Beth's quilts and customer quilts.