"Sleepy Acres" by Michael

 OMG how cute is this?!!  Start with the barn, then add all the animals tucked into bed for the night.  Plus the hay in the hayloft.  Wonder if there is a needle?  Quilted with the chicken wire panto of course. 

 The goat
 and the lamb.
The horse has a hairbrush and curlers in his mane!
 Dog has a bone to gnaw on for a midnight snack
 I don't know why the duck is wearing earmuffs and seems to be holding a camera.
 Flies for the frog,
 a mouse for the cat
 and a bunny to sleep with for the bunny
 The donkey is like me.  Staying up late to read.
 A glass of milk for the cow.
 What does the pig have?
My favorite.  The rooster has 2 alarm clocks to be sure that he wakes up in time!

Dad's shirts for Carol's (grown) children

Carol's husband has passed away, but she saved many of his shirts, and now has Christmas gifts for her kids.  The one above is for her son, the one below for her daughter.

This is a vintage Terry Porter Trailblazer shirt.  complete with holes that developed from Dad wearing it for so long.  A bit of a challenge, you can't fuse white interfacing to a black shirt with holes, and not have the white show through.  Spray basted to black fabric for a stabilizer, and then quilted to death to hold it steady.
By far, my favorite shirt.

"Ghana batiks" by Isabelle

If I am remembering correctly, Isabelle did a mission trip to Ghana, and made this gorgeous batik fabric while there.  Lovely to work with.  Quilted with free hand leaves on the green background, avoiding the white designs.  Finished the binding as well, but the photo was taken before the binding was attached.

1/2 square triangles by Betsy

 Betsy tells me that she is a garment sewer, but still made this really cool quilt.  I'm very impressed with her matching points, she says "I was kind of anal about it.".  Nice work!
Straight lines for quilting, which is quite effective.

"Unicorn" by Xande

 Okay, so the pink animal in the center of the quilt is a zebra, but since it's pink, my mind thinks it's a unicorn.  This quilt is for her niece who loves pink, hence the pink zebra.
It's a Zebra.

and of course Giraffe.  Love the paper piecing, glad I don't have to do it!  Quilted with hearts in hot pink for the niece's favorite color.

"Blue for Niece" by Pat

Here's the 2nd one for Pat's niece.

Sorry, can't recall the name of the design on Lenni, but it is very pretty!

"pink for neice" by Pat

Here's the first of 2 quilts for Pat's nieces who are going to be moving to a new home.  So of course you need new quilts!
Quilted with "Heart Links" on Lenni

"Belgium" by Sharyle

 Here's the Belgian mystery from Heart to Hand.  Fun memories from a fun time.
The quilting design is of daisies

"9 Patch Puppies"

 I hadn't seen one of my WW members for a while, just figured that she had decided to take a break.  Yes, one that was 9 months long.  Wait!  You had a baby?  Did I know that?' 
Quick!  Whip out a baby quilt, 9 patches are easy.  She's a dog person, so the theme was also easy. Although from the top photo, it seems that photography isn't easy for me.

I wanted a dog theme computerized design for quilting, and this is called "Woof".  Perfect!

"Popcorn for Cops" by me

I still needed some more practice on Lenni, before starting customer quilts, so grab a large piece of fabric for the top and a backing and just stitch it out.  The design is called "Popcorn".

"Oops!" on Joanne's

Nothing like having your customer/fiend/coworker show up to pick up her quilt, and be showing it to her with great pride of accomplishment, and then to find a fist sized section that didn't get quilted.  Oops!  So embarrassing, but she was so gracious and let me keep it o get it fixed.  Needless to say, there was much looking over of the rest of the quilt to be sure that nothing else was missed!

Applique houses and flowers by Joanne

 This is a truly stunning quilt.  All hand applique, which blows my mind to begin with, but well executed also.
 The appliques were all SID, then the same tight background fill of peacock feather meander in the larger backgrounds.

 Continuous Curves in the pieced blocks

 That's a LOT of little circles to applique.

"Shimmer Fabrics" by Rhonda

Drat.  The first photo isn't great, but the close up worked well.  Lots of lovely leaves in rich fall colors.  Quilted with "Honey" thread that also has a sheen, and oak leaves.