Dearly beloved #3 by Chris

 Here is the last of the "Dearly beloved" memory quilts from Chris.  After 3 of them, I think she's had enough.  What a lovely thing to do though.

pink baby quilt for Kristin

 It's really more of a soft coral color than pink, but that's what my records call it.

Quilted with hearts.  Gotta love those.

T-shirts for Monica

 Okay, it's actually Monica's daughter that is the owner of the shirts, and the recipient of the quilt.  Still wondering where these kids get the time to do all the sports, and all of the music etc.  

The New Year's mystery quilt from Mystery quilts anonymous.  Really practicing my placement of different designs with Lenni. 
 While I'm happy with how it all turned out, I think I'll probably stick to edge to edge design on Lenni, and do the fun stuff freehand.

Turtle panel from Feather Your Nest

Here's a fun panel quilt idea.  Quilted on my Lenni machine, trying to practice some recent lessons.

The same turtle design throughout, but different sizes, and going in different directions.

Flannel stars by Michael

Here's a sweet baby quilt done in flannel for a friend of Michael's new baby.
 Quilted with loopy hearts

Two from Stephanie

 This is the second time Stephanie has used this quilt pattern, only in grey and yellow this time.  So pretty.
The quilting design on this quilt is called "Retro Wavy Dots"  Wow.  It was fun to watch my Lenni machine stitch this out and how perfectly "he" can backtrack stitching.
 This quilt is called the "Ocean Quilt" or "The Horse Quilt" by Stephanie due to what was going on her life when she was working on it. 
Quilted with oh so pale green thread and a design called "Seashells".