"Bee" wall hanging by Susan

 A "new to me" customer!  Susan brought this lovely wall hanging for me to quilt.  Appliqued lettering, and then borders added.  Much back and forth between the two of us about whether or not the lettering needed additional quilting.  I'm pleased with this amount of extra.  Just a simple echo inside the larger bits.  Tight background fill all over to really allow the lettering to pop.

A panel for the "O" in home.

Buttons and flowers applique by Leigh

 She's done it again.  Another amazing hand appliqued, hand embroidered quilt.  Holy cow.  Where does she even get the ideas?
 Echo quilting around all of the larger applique blocks, then arrowhead meander background fill.

And a "frame" around each of the little blocks.  Notice all of the different stitching designs around each button.  I don't think that she repeated any.  Wow.

Batiks by Kathy

Another graduation quilt, this one for a friend/relative of Kathy's.  Pretty batiks throughout, and I love the thread color.  Perfectly matches with the colors in the quilt top, and really pops on the black background  Nice job Kathy!

Grad quilt for Linda's nephew

How fun is this?  Linda used to work for Columbia Sportswear, so many of these fabrics are from there. 

Linda's nephew is into computers, so she chose the "Jacob's Other Ladder" panto since we both think it looks like computer code.  Congratulations to this new grad as well

T-shirt quilt for Thanya's daugher

It is graduation time, and here's a new quilt for a grad.  Always wondering where these kids find the time.  All the sports that she is involved with, and yet is also one of 26 valedictorians for her class.  Wow.