Nebraska football shirts

Here's a fun one the Becky made for a clear fan of the Nebraska Huskers football team.  She even found "Husker" sashing fabric.  Well done.

Cathedral Window by Quinn

Oh my, this quilt is a stunner.  What makes it even more amazing is that this is Quinn's second quilt.  Wow.  He's going to go places.

When I think Cathedral Window, I think of small blocks of folded fabric, so this was a new twist for me.  There are a couple of parts where he had to topstitch down curves, and it is impeccable. (Wish mine was that good)

Roses by Gerry

I believe that Gerry said this quilt was for her daughter.  Lost of diff
erent rose fabrics, and then quilted with a rose pattern.

Shelly's daughter's cheer shirts

I've never been able to meet Shelly in person, but she seems to be a lovely person.  She is related to a recent t-shirt quilt customer, and that's how Shelly got my name.She mailed me these shirts with the layout.  I offered her some suggestions for sashing fabric, made the quilt and mailed it back to her.

"Kaffee Fasset" prints by Elaine

"Coffee Cups" by Anne

Turns out the Anne lives in my neighborhood.  She was out walking and saw the sign on the front porch.  She contacted me about quilting these darling paper pieced coffee cups.
Each part of the cup was SID with clear thread, then "steam" swirls were added in the background.  Finally, and most difficult to see are the "coffee beans" in the outer border.  Fun to quilt!

"Birds Applique" by Bridgit

 This is such a cute quilt!  A simple branch for the birds to sit on. and add some strips to the top and bottom.  Quilted with pale green thread and the "Birds of a Feather" digital design.  Darling!

Digital designs

Diamond back

Birds of a Feather

Fleur De Swirl

Ginger Flower

"Sunshine Garden" by Sue

Here's another Sue quilt!  Sunshine Garden, and what a perfect name for it as well.  Soft and cuddly and sunny yellow.  Quilted with the Damask Roses panto, but difficult to find.  Trust me, those are roses.

Cats and Dog by Jean

The Oregon Humane Society will have some darling quilts to auction/raffle off donated by Jean!  Who couldn't love the kitties with all their fun colors?  Quilted with Hearts and Bubbles, so lots of love already in the quilt.

 And a wiener dog in a sweater1  (Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman)  I love how the dog is so long that he wraps around the quilt repeatedly.  The dog is quiltied with the "woof" panto, more hearts and dog paws this time.

Keyhole Mission Star by Avis

I don't see the "Star" part, but I do see a keyhole in this lovely quilt top by Avis.  Quilted with a simple edge to edge design called "Tiramisu".  Pretty!

Quilt for the future Hazel Mae from Pat G

 Isn't Hazel Mae a lucky girl?  She's not even born yet, and here is her quilt from great aunt Pat to wrap her up in.   Hand appliqued hearts, and then quilted with a back ground fill of hearts.  Just in case there was any concern that she not know how much she is loved.

Lucas' baseball jerseys

Lucas graduated from high school this year, but didn't get to have the traditional celebrations.  I hope that this quilt that his mom and dad surprised him with will help to ease that.  He played a lot of baseball, so many jerseys and t-shirts from those years.  The jerseys were a bit of a  challenge, I couldn't get my machine to quilt over the front placket.  So, those were left open, and he can still unbutton them.

Two "Yellow Brick Road" quilts by Kathy

 I've never made this quilt pattern, but now I see why it's so popular.  Take a collection of fat quarters and voila!  A fun twin sized quilt.  Or in this case, 2 of them.  Slightly different, but in the same color scheme.
This is the backing of one quilt.  Nothing like using up your scraps to create a backing.

"Floral Parade" by Pat R

This is an amazing piece of art work by Pat.  I had never quilted for her before, and during our quarantine, there were several emails with photos back and forth.  Now I realized that I didn't get a full on photo of the completed quilt and am very annoyed with myself.  12 flower blocks, each appliqued beautifully, some shaded with ink.  Then hot fix ribbons were used to outline each piece, and some got little crystals.  Oh my!  This quilt is a stunner!

McKenna Ryan's "Back on the Farm" by Shauna

I don't know if this will hold true for Shauna or not, but it seems that most people make one McKenna Ryan quilt, and that's enough for them.  Her detail is amazing!  However, cutting out all those little tiny pieces is not only time consuming, but can get tedious after a while. 
But Shauna persevered!  She finished the entire quilt, and then stitched down the raw edges with clear thread to hold them in place.
I did SID around the pieces, to give them definition  and dtail.
Gotta love the little pig butt in the middle

 Almost missed the little bird on the pigs head!