"Horse Convergence" by Pat

Oh how sad. This quilt is for the mother of a young woman who died.  This lady loved horses, so horses in the print, and quilted with the design "Ponies".  I'm sorry for your loss.

Several from Nancy

 How fun are these?  Nancy is in town staying with her daughter and helping care for the twin babies.  This wonderful Laurel Burch panel is for a friend.  Quilted with the "Kitty Kat Meow" design and fuchsia thread.  So fun!

 There are actually two growth charts for the twins, charts are identical.  Quilted with Swirling Vine design so that the giraffe has something to "eat".

And this darling panel of assorted animals.  Perfect for a baby.  Quilted with the Hearts and Bubbles design.  Just makes me want to cuddle up in it!

"Panda bears" by Jenn

 Jenn is the daughter of Nancy, and when Nancy picked up her quilts, asked to drop this one off for Jenn.  So cute!  Probably started as either a charm square or a layer cake.  Lots of adorable pandas sprinkled across the quilt, and quilted with tea leaves design.

Leigh's most recent "Collage" and "Big Stitches with a print"

 As always, I have to wonder where Leigh finds the patience, and the creativity.   May she's shopping at a different store than I am.

 Lovely work, and such fun to find new ways to quilt these beauties as well.

"Kaffee Fassett" by Jean

Sadly, I didn't get the name of the pattern for this quilt, but the fabrics are all by Kaffee Fassett.  Jean is a new quilter, I believe she stated she started in January of 2020, so only about 3 months. 
She has further quilted all of her previous quilts on her domestic machine, doing stitch in the ditch.  So no pressure!  It's her first quilt to be longarmed is all!

Lovely graphic design, and the thread that picks up the same colors in the quilt finished it beautifully.  Nice job Jean!

"Love" quilt ffor Mom by Travis

 This is the sweetest thing.  Travis made his first quilt, and is giving it to his mom for mother's day.  Based on his glorious piecing skills, he is obviously skilled with needle and thread, stating he makes clothes. 
Simple, straight line quilting, and what a precious gift.

Apple Harvest by me

 In about early February, 2020, my darling mother asked if I still had this pattern from the Heart to Hand quilt shop.  Seems that the quilt from this pattern that I had made her in about 2006 was finally wearing out.  Mom told me that she would make it, but my response was essentially "I don't think so."    Soon after starting the quilt, I took a road trip to Idaho for a longarm class, and planned ahead on where all the quilt shops were to go shopping.  I was looking for fabrics specifically for this quilt, and several of them came from that trip.
 So we have apples in the cornerstones
 And apples growing on the tree.
 Apples picked and into a bushel basket
And finally made into a yummy pie!  Quilted with the apple blossom design, so if you look, you can see the blossoms of apples in the quilting.
Happy Mother's day to my darling Momalou!

Future quilted bags by Michael

 Michael makes the most amazing bags from quilted fabric!  This Hawaiian print will go into one, and it's quilted with the tea leaves design.
The Portland fabric is quilted with "retro wavy dots"  Sounds like Portland.

New digital designs



chicken wire


Jack in the Box, by me and for me.

 This is a quilt from Debi Montgomery on Facebook as Mystery Quilts Anonymous.  I think we started this one in about spring of 2019, then I got involved in taking a quilting class, and homework got in the way.  Then once together, it had to wait it's turn for quilting.  However, I'm so very pleased with how it turned out!

 3 colors of thread to match the fabrics, wool batting for loft (and warmth)  And how many different ways can I include feathers in this quilt?  It appears, quite a few different ways.  About 10 days on my machine, and I think there were 23 bobbins of thread.  (That's a lot of thread.)

Thanks to Pat for pointing out that the photos had disappeared, but now they are back.

Another collage by Leigh

 Shh!  Don't tell Leigh that this one is done!  I've got 2 others to work on for her, and she'll pick them all up at once.  Knowing Leigh, and the fact that we've all been social distancing, I'm sure that there are numerous quilts waiting for me.  Lucky me!

 I quilted a Maze pattern in the border and the backgrounds of most of the blocks.  Some got a little something different just for fun.

String pieced Log Cabin by Robin

 I love string pieced quilts.  That's where you use those narrow little leftover bits of fabric that are too big to throw away, but too small to keep.  Time consuming to make a quilt out of them, but I think it was well worth the effort.  Nicely done.

A 2nd Bonnie Hunter mystery by Dagmar

I'm impressed.  Dagmar has made at least two Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts.  While I love Bonnie's designs, they are a bit intense for me

This quilt is made from leftovers of the first quilt.  Wow!

"Elvira" by Nela

 Nela and I have yet to meet in person, but she does amazing piecing!  This quilt is for her daughter.  Quilted with Karlee's circles #22 and bright green and yellow thread.  Wish I could be there when she sees it, but to the post office we go.

Dad's shirts and hankies for Colleen

 These are dad's shirts and hankies from Colleen's late father.  The majority of the shirts were about grandpa, and so lovingly worn and occasionally stained. Obviously, this man was proud to be a grandpa.  I'm sorry for your loss Colleen.

Ben's shirts

 This is a college graduation present.  Sadly, there will be no ceremony for Ben due to Covid 19.  I hope that he loves his quilt and that it's a great surprise for him.

A few more digital designs

Faceted Clam

Windblown Leaves

Feathered Hearts

African Safari

Trap Swirl Panto

Trillium Leaf
Scrolling vine
Wind Chimes

Kit Kat Meow