"Skateboards" and "Bigfoot #2" by Michael.

Michael is at it again, making more fun quilts.  I love the movement in the skatebaord quilt, and wish I could get a better shot of the quilting.  It's called "Lost my Marbles", and the orange is actually a deep red.

Digital Quilting Design Lost My Marbles by Mike FountainHey!  Here's the panto I used on Michael's skateboards.  I wanted lots of movement, and this reminded me of people in the skate park going back and forth, and spinning in circles.


Look closely, and you can see Sasquatch coming out of the tree.

"Measure Twice, Cut Once" from Maywood Studios.

Maywood Studios is a local fabric
company, and I would now like to refer to them as well as being "ratfinks".  They design this adorable fabric, and now I can't resist it!  Have already ordered a fat quarter bundle of this line, and then found something else that's too cute to pass up as well. 

Quilted with a new design called "Sewing Notions".  So there are sewing machine, scissors, and spools of thread scattered throughout.  Too fun!


"RailFence" for the police

This is what happens when you start making a baby quilt for a friend, but it gets bigger and bigger, until it's just too big.  Take half of the blocks, and make it into a cop quilt.  Same backing, same batting, same quilting design and thread.  Easy peasy.  Machine bound, so this is done but the original quilt will be handwork for the next week.


"Radiance" by Norma

This is Norma's second quilt of I believe 7 in her "Covid" series.  Will have to get more info on that from her.  As always, I love seeing the full quilt hanging up, even if it is slightly folded due to my machine.

This was quilted with the "Cross Patch" panto in the body of the quilt.  (below is the back of the quilt to show more detail.)

Then wavy lines in the borders.  My Lenni and I have some learning to work on with placing designs in the body, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.


Pat's latest quilts

Little Miss Abigail Rose is due to  arrive in February 2021, so of course she needs a quilt from Aunt Pat.  Although Pat had initially asked for something more than and edge to edge design, I hope that this quilt will be used for things like playhouses and tents and furniture forts, so let's go for less expensive on this one.  She can have a big girl quilt later on.

This stunning I Spy quilt is for her big brother.
I love how Pat found lots of different prints to put into the "jars" for him to find. 
Then I got to play.  Let's put some animals in the quilting, so he can find those as well!  Each row is different in the quilting designs.  This is "Safari" from Meadowlyon designs
Above is the face of the lion
Here's an antelope (or maybe it's a gazelle)  There are a couple of giraffe's a hippopotamus, and an elephant at least.  Can't wait to show it to Pat!


Several patterns by Elizabeth Hartman for Holly's daughter

These adorable animals are all designed by Elizabeth Hartman, but not part of the same pattern that she has completed.  I've seen all of them before except these two, the racoon and the bear.


"Spools" for Maywood Studios

I love this fabric!  Love what they've done with the various types of thread spools as well.  Very creative, and such fun.

We have a collection of sewing machines in cases and sewing baskets as a part of the fabric collection.


"Celebration" quilt for Maywood Studios

This quilt was designed and pieced  by Ladee Bug Designs for Maywood Studios (who is a local fabric company).  I got the pleasure of quilting it. 


"Broken Nose" by me

This quilt is named because of the
text I received from my brother one afternoon . "Mom broke her nose.  We're in the hosp. now."  Not a text anyone wants to receive.  Mom is fine by the way.  No broken teeth, no broken glasses, just a broken nose and some "Beautiful!" bruising.  Imagine a panda bear but with red around his eyes.  That was the first few days.
Because of her age, medications and other things, she couldn't be left alone right after her discharge.  My turn to spend the night on a Friday, so I packed up a box of fabrics, all my needed tools and headed to her house with a plan to cut out a quilt top.  When I got there, I had left the pattern at home.  (Argh!) Raided mom's bookshelf, and found the pattern above.  Got all of the spools pieced that afternoon, and then a few other days to get the borders on.  Now quilted with Sunny Sunflower panto, and ready to give to a police officer.


"Scrappy Irish Chain by Sara"

I really have to remember to call this quilt just an "Irish Chain", not the "honking huge Irish Chain that keeps popping up in my head.  This quilt is 102"x102".  The top of a king mattress measures 76"80", so lots of drop on the sides of this quilt.
I so love scrappy quilts.  It's like going down memory lane when you see the fabrics from previous projects.  There are a lot of scraps in this quilt, and some that I have in common with Sara. 
But there is still a calming effect to the design because she chose the same orange, green and brown fabric for the last 3 squares before the center cream.
All of these squares finish at 1.25", so they were cut at 1.75".  And yet, every so often, that one piece of fabric wasn't quite large enough, so she pieced two small pieces together to make what she needed.  See above with the mauve on the left, and the black and white print in the middle.
Here's a couple of shots of the solid beige backing fabric.  Each square was quilted with continuous curves, making a grid pattern through the scrappy blocks.  Then a large feathered wreath in the center medallions

I guessed wrong the number of bobbins needed for this quilt.  I think I told Sara about 16, which had been the previous record for most bobbins used in a quilt.  This one took 28. 

"Bohemian baby quilt" by Leigh

To me, Leigh is "famous" for her amazing
hand applique and embroidery.  But you really don't want to make a baby a quilt that has lots of embroidery on it that they could pull off and get caught on little fingers.  So, this is out of the box for Leigh.  All cottons, not even flannel on the top.  Still hand appliqued, but then cotton batting and an edge to edge design. 

 I think the quilting design is called "African Storm".  I thought it looked Bohemian-ish.  Now Leigh wants to make another Bohemian one for herself.  Can't wait to see what that looks like!

"Crossed Circuits"

This quilt is really a work of leftovers.  The blocks are made from "strings" those strips that are too small to throw away, but too large to keep.  The backing is pieced from the same fabric, but bits that weren't large enough and in one piece.  But, it was pre-washed, and that was important.  The batting is again, leftover bits that are too large to just throw away.  The border is from fabric a vintage quilt that Anne brought for quilting.  Her original backing wasn't big enough to use again, and she kindly let me keep it for just such an occasion.  I had planned on making this just two colors, but actually used up all the strings from my green and brown bins.  I had the blue blocks leftover from a previous quilt, so threw those in there.  I think it all works, and will keep someone warm.

 The name of the quilt is taken from the quilting design which is called "Circuitry"  , but I had to add the crossed part after I made a mistake in the quilting. Obviously I would have fixed this for a customer quilt, but this one will be going to the next police officer I find, so I let it add to the fun.

"Knights and Dragons" by me

The focus fabrics were found on yet another bike ride.  I think this one was a 2 day Seattle to Portland.  We rode it in 2 days because darling brother Joe had to ride the Elliptigo.  He did the whole route, but needed 2 days to make it.  So, an overnight in Centralia, WA resulted in a quilt shop!  Had to steal fabric from my friend Xande who I knew had bought some of the same.
At first, I was so happy that they had included a "girl" knight in the fabric. You can tell she's a girl, there's a bow on her helmet.   It wasn't until I took this photo that I realized that the girls were left behind at the castle.  No dragon hunting for them.  Still the fabric is/was darling.

Elephant and Trunk show by Veda

Lovely soft flannel, and then quilted with the "trunk show" pantograph.  Too cute!


"End of Year Snowflake" by Jennie

I'm not sure where the "end of year" part comes from, but that's what I've got listed, so that's the name of this quilt.  I love it! 
Quilted with Flurries panto, and white thread, on red fabric, even if does look orange in the bottom photo.