2nd t-shirt quilt for Nancy's family

 I love these shirts to remember various family gatherings in various parts of the country.  I hope that they evoke fond memories for everyone.  The appliqued circle is from the top of a child's hat, so we put that in as well.  The lower block lists the names of all the family members who attended.

6" block bar quilt by Torgi

 Wow.  These blocks all finish at 6", and they are absolutely perfectly pieced.  Amazing.  So, these little squares below are finished at 1".  Quilted with the Baptist Fan board to give the amazing piecing a chance to shine.

Appliqued birds and cirlcles by Dolores

Dolores contacted me from California, and then shipped her quilt up here.  Such fun!  All this lovely applique to play with.  I ended up doing a tight background fill of figure 8's in the blocs, and then stitched in the ditch around the circles in the border, and added loops and bubbles to the border background.  I hope that Dolores and I will get to work again soon, her quilt was such fun!

Baby quilt for new arrival Blake

And since math is not my strong suit, I messed up and made extra blocks.  So, Baby Blake can have a dolly quilt just like her big sister has.

Fundraiser for the animal shelter by Gerry

Gerry made this fun quilt as a fund raiser for a local animal shelter.  All kinds of fun dog prints, then quilted with the "Dog Dreams" panto.  Lots of dog bones, and one fire hydrant.

Remake of Kyra's baby quilt by Xande

Kids "Future Dreams" made blocks from Lisa

Lisa works with a local school utilizing quilting to coincide with the kids studies of history, math, etc.   Each child chose their own fabrics from of lights and darks, with a center muslin square.  They were then asked what their dream for the future were.  Those were written on the muslin squares in ink either by the kids, or by adult helpers.  So very sweet!  Quilted with an edge to edge design of freehand stars and loops.