Baby animals by Pat

"Ack!  The baby shower is coming soon!"  Or words to that effect from Pat.  Threw this one on, and whipped it out before heading to work.

Quilted with the chicken wire panto, how appropriate for a collection of baby animals.  Welcome new baby!

Amanda's Modern Log Cabin

Isn't this a cool design? 

 Lots of different variations on a log cabin block, or at least that's my interpretation.  Quilted with an edge to edge design of zig zags where every other row was skipped.

Stars for nephew Thomas by Pat.

The one above is a "before".  I had it hanging up seeking inspiration.  Something must have worked because I am thrilled with how it turned out.  Pat's pretty pleased too. 
Hard to see much difference in the after, but take a look at the detail shots below.
 The back.

 All that lovely white space just crying for quilting!  Did a lot of echoing lines to start with, that broke down the areas quite a bit.

 No, this isn't two different quilts.  There's a white strip down the back.
Love how the quilting really shows on the backing..

"You are all Superheros"

This quilt may require a bit of explanation.  Below is a link to a facebook photo of Xande and Joe on Cycle Oregon 2016., and I hope that will help explain the inspiration for the quilt.

 This quilt was also scheduled to be a fund raiser for Cycle Oregon 2017, but since quilts don't have an expiration date, I'm sure they'll be find next year.
This quilt represents a climb that we did up and over "Bear Camp".  I don't think I've ever climbed so much! 
All bike rides in general start with coffee, so that's where this one begins.  The "Tardis" (from Dr. Who for those of us who aren't in the know) represent the "Blue Rooms" (porta potties) on Cycle Oregon.

 Then we have assorted superheros climbing up to bear camp.  Above we've got Buzz Lightyear, and Superman, complete with X ray vision.

 Wonder Woman at the top of the ride, of course!
 Doesn't every ride need to have Marilyn Monroe on it?

Guess I need to work on my superhero characters.  I recognize Captain America, but I don't know who the other one is. 

"Monkey" quilt by Xande

Here's on that Xande made for her brother and represents lots of things that he enjoys.  Like biking,
 building sandcastles,

Quilted with the "Funky Monkey" panto because he and his wife often refer to each other as "monkey" for a pet name.  Sweet!

Wool Applique by Torgi

 Isn't this just the most gorgeous quilt?  I so admire people who do applique work, especially those who do it by hand!
Sashed with star blocks and pieced triangle blocks.  Love the swag on the outer edge.

"Collage" by Leigh

 Where does Leigh get these ideas?  I love all the fun little bits on this quilt.  Lace pieces, ribbons, buttons, buckles, you name it, it's there.  All appliqued by hand onto flannel.

Quilted with a simple meander stitch in the background to just hold everything together, with feathers in the outer border.

Ducks by Judy

 Aren't these sweet?  A group of little ducks, then all framed with bright colors.  Quilted with the "Tubby Duckies" panto, and if you look in the center of the photo below, you can see the duck, and maybe some of the bubbles that surround it.   Great job Judy.

"Beach Rain" by me

 Another police quilt that I made. All of the fabric in this quilt came from two quilt shops that we visited on Cycle Oregon 2016, "Go For Gold".  We stopped in Port Orford, OR and had the best time!  Xande kept trying to remind me that I'd have to carry all the fabric that we were buying on my bike rack, but the nice ladies at the shop informed us that there was a post office right next door, and we could do flat rate shipping.  Needless to say, we bought more fabric after that!

 I believe that this quilt took 20 fat quarters, and all of them had a "beach/water" theme to them.
Quilted with the new raindrops panto, and now waiting to find an officer to give it too.

"Magnificent Seven" by me

 The first year that I got to ride Cycle Oregon, the ride was called "The Magnificent Seven", and we rode on or around the following mountains.  Mt. Hood, Baker, Washington, Jefferson, and the Three Sisters.  When I saw this pattern, I knew that it needed to be done to represent this ride.
 Above is a shot of the quilting on the grey "sky" portion of the quilt.  I chose this quilting design because when we were up on Mt. Hood near Bennett Pass for lunch.  The wind was screaming down off the mountain, and even though the sun was out, it was cold at lunch!  Each day on this ride, there are several opportunities for "gear drop" where you can leave your extra clothes as the temperature goes up, and it's no longer needed.  This was the stop where we had "reverse gear drop", and picked up our extra clothes to wear while we were eating lunch.
Here's that same quilting section, only a shot from the back.  Not lightning, but lots of wind.

Newest panto - "Raindrops"

I'm a native Oregonian, so rain is a key part of my life.  I just really liked this one.  It would also make a great "Tulip" design on the right quilt.