Medallion quilt for Pat


It seems that Pat went into an antique store somewhere, and found this quilt top priced at $20.  Where are these things when I'm in antique stores?! 

Pat brought it to me and basically told me to have fun and play with it.  We both agreed that wool batting would be best, giving it loft to show off the quilting, but also for warmth as it's future home will be as a throw on their sofa.  It's just the right size to pull over you on a cold, wet Oregon day.

Boy did I have fun with this quilt!  I hope that the unknown piecer, wherever they are and whoever they may be, is happy with the results.

These are in no particular order, but the solid white photos are of the backing to show the quilting.  With that amazing medallion in the center, that needed to be highlighted, so SID around the rays, and background fill behind.

Two different ruler angle designs in the triangle squares, continuous curves in the squares on point. 

Pebbling around the "X" blocks and nothing in the X's to allow those to pop.  Looks unquilted on the back, but I love how it turned out!

The beige backgrounds have a feather wreath going around, and the white has 3 plumes in each corner.

Just straight wavy lines in the long borders. 
The X blocks with the pebbling behind.

Log Cabin variation by Beverly

Isn't this fun?  I think I'm going to have to make one too.  Beverly chose the "It's a boy" thread color, but left the quilting design up to me.  Hmm.  Decisions!  I went with "Birds of  a Feather".  Several sizes of birds, slightly different, and leaves and swirls around them.  So pretty!


Log Cabin by Jean

I am sorry to say that Jean is moving out of state.  I hope that she'll keep quilting, I've really enjoyed working with her.  This lovely log cabin is quilted with "twist and turn" panto.  I love the movement in it.  The silver thread was also a great choice.  Best to you Jean.


12 family hankerchiefs for Tammy

This is going to be nearly impossible to see, but trust me.  We've got 12 hankies from Tammy's family appliqued onto muslin blocks and then turned into a quilt.  That little bit of color at the bottom is the one little bit of embroidery in the quilt.  Several of them were edged in lace, so that was lifted out of the way, and the fabric behind was quilted.   What a lovely idea.


Two quilts from dad's flannel shirts for Deborah

Deboarh's father has passed away, but they kept the flannel shirts that he wore all the time.  She brought me the shirts with a request to make a throw sized quilt and a twin for her daughters.  After getting a little teary myself, I dove in.  Started by cutting larger squares, but wasn't going to have enough fabric for the first quilt, let alone the second.  So, start cutting again at half the size, and make 4 patch units so go with the larger squares.  Save all the pockets, and no quilting over them, there might be something in there from dad!

I love this label too.  Deborah says that he always wore "The Big shirt".  Bordered and backed with tan because he always wore khaki pants.


Christmas 2020 by Dagmar

A new quilt for the holidays from Dagmar this year.  Wish I had asked her the name of the pattern.  It's so familiar to me, but can't quite name it.

 Quilted with gold thread in a snowflake design which is perfect for the quilt!

T-shirts for Julie's son

has just picked up her quilt, and had never seen a t-shirt quilt in person before.    I hope that she is pleased.  
As always, I'm astounded by where the kids find the time to keep up with all of their activities!  Soccer, school, theater,  campus ministry.  Wow.

Shhh.  It's Silent Rock on the way to Mt Hood

"Checkerboard Square" by me.

"Mystery Quilts Anonymous" on Facebook.  Since it's a mystery, you only get fabric requirements.  I decided that checker boards are black and red, so that's my color choice.  Scrappy as always, because that's my style.  Now I just need to find a police officer to give it too.


Moon Over Mountain by me, for Jan

Simple applique design, all done with fusible web.  The fun part was the quilting!  I did a simple meander in all the backgrounds, then used inspiration from the batik designs in the suns for quilting there.  Left the mountains empty so that they would be dimensional.  Much thought about how to quilt the border, but finally went with simple piano keys.  Then a ray in each corner.  Lots of changing thread colors to match, but I think worth the effort.


Two quilts from Shayrle

Bless Sharyle.  She is donating these quilts to victims of the 2020 fires in Southern Oregon. I believe the town of Talent, OR was all but demolished.  The above quilt is a mystery from Heart to Hand.  We think it might be the French mystery.

The above quilt is a convergence, lovely reds in all the fabrics. The orange above is actually a deep red backing, but shows as red.  I wanted to show the stitching on the quilt.  Fun design!