Claudella's hunting scene

I believe that this is to be birthday gift for someone special. The background around the deer had to have some sort of fill or it would have been a mess after it was washed. Same with the deer itself. So, leaves in the background and then just a few details added to the deer. Claudella wanted a feather meander in the main body of the quilt, and then there is cross-hatching in the borders. I think it really turned out well, and I hope she thinks so too!

Small Rail Fence

My favorite! Again, "do what you think is best". Since this was a small quilt, I wanted to be sure that Grace got her money's worth on the quilting, so I went all out. Stitched in the ditch around each block and the borders, then feathered wreaths in each of the setting blocks and pieced blocks. Thankfully, I'd started to take a picture of the back, because that's when I noticed that I hadn't quilted 2 of the blocks! I couldn't see them from the front, but boy did they show up on the back side!

9-patch variation set on point

You've got to love the Baptist Fans on traditional quilts like this one. Just very calm and soothing. The prints are what appear to be civil war reproductions to me, but I could be wrong. What a beauty.

Space 4-patch

Grace is one of the most prolific as well as accurate piecers I know. When I dropped off her last 2 quilts, she handed me 3 more tops to quilt!
My instructions were to "do whatever you think is best, I trust you", so here's what we did with this one. Shimmery, color changing thread, and then fun "spacey" designs like stars, flames, loops, etc. Such fun.

Laverna's Stars of the Night

Laverna has been at it again, and piecing yet another lovely quilt. She told me who this is for, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. I quilted a feathered wreath in the star blocks and outer border. Then a bamboo design in the first border, and kind of a poinsettia star design in the smaller star blocks. The background fill is branchy spirals, not that they show at all. The thread color she chose is a nearly dead on match for the background, so it gives it a wonderful texture. Boy is someone going to be lucky to get this one!

Christmas Sampler by Annette's mother

This quilt is so special. It was hand appliqued, partly hand pieced and partly machine pieced by Annette's mother, who has since passed away. This quilt will be a wedding gift for Annette's daughter in 2009. What a wonderful and hopefully soon to be treasured memory of her grandmother.

Debbie's Batik Sampler

This is an amazing quilt, and even more so when you realize that it's one of her first, if not the first quilt she has ever made! The points are perfect, everything matches, and it lays so flat! I wish my own piecing was this wonderful! She chose to have it quilted with a double plume pantograph in the body, and then some free hand designs in the borders. So beautiful!

"Shadow of the Bear"

Carol's son is certainly lucky, he gets this quilt! He chose the colors, and Carol did the piecing. He then was quite specific in how he wanted it quilted, so diagonal water meander in the body, and bears in the border. I used a cookie cutter that I had purchased in Alaska, and I think that's the most use it's ever received!

Sew Oregon, the Road to Inspiration

And here is her second one. She referred to this one as her "Crazy Snowflake Border" quilt. Both quilts were quilted with Rainbows thread, so varigated with a slight sheen to them. Very pretty!

Sew Oregon

Sew Oregon was the state wide shop hop that ran for 2 weeks in late June, and early July. Grace not only went with her sister and got blocks to make 2 quilts, but she already had them pieced! This is her first one, and I think my favorite.

"Marshall's Quilt"

Marshall was out sweet little Corgi dog. Sadly, we lost him suddenly in January, 2009. This quilt will go to the Dove Lewis animal hosp. where we took him, and hopefully they will be able to use it for a fundraiser. I had been gathering dog prints, and then several of my friends from the shop brought me some more after a trip to WA state. The block is called "King's Crown", appropriate for Marshall since he was very self important. The sashing strips have dog prints on them, and I found them on my trip to Iowa. It's quilted with a dog bone pantograph, and includes one fire hydrant. Sure miss the little fuzzy buns.

Lisa's Alaska quilt

After Lisa and Rachel took a trip to Alaska, and seemed to hit every quilt shop in the area, Lisa made this beauty. She used techniques from the Circle Around book to inset the circular pieces, then made 9 patch and rail fence blocks to compliment them. What a great quilt!

1930's quilt in blues by Grace

Grace is a woman after my own heart, she loves the 30's prints too. She's a better piecer than I am though! Just something soft for her table.

Joy's Frogs

Aren't they fun? All paper pieced, and more than I care to take on, thank you much. Quilted with the frog pantograph in a blue thread that matches the background. This is going to be one lucky baby who receives this quilt.

Mary's Patchwork Party #2

I just love the colors that Mary chose, and how the quilting just lets the piecing show through. Then there's the part about what a great piecer she is, so her quilts are a joy to quilt!

Double Wedding Ring by Claire

Someday, maybe, I'll attempt to piece a double wedding ring. It'll probably end up being a table topper, certainly not the queen that this one is. All hand pieced with scrappy rings. Nice placement of the colors though. I'd love to know the history behind this one.

Stars and Crowns by Deanna

I have to admire Deanna's willingness to take on a challenge. This quilt has more "Y" seams (which are difficult to piece at best) than I can count. Really lovely in blacks, whites and reds with silver grey thread for the quilting.

French Brights

Sara's version of the 2008 First Saturday quilt at Heart to Hand. Sara chose the French Brights color way, and is the first person to have hers completed. Sara was also the first to have her 2007 quilt finished, so way to go Sara!

Bow Ties

The customers at Heart to Hand did it again! These are bow tie blocks from the Lottery Block of the Month that I won in January, 2009. Each "tie" is quilted with a different design, but a consistent background design. This quilt will go to the Portland Police Sunshine Division. Thanks to everyone who made blocks!

Jane's Flower panel

I love what Jane has done with this panel from Heart to Hand. I never know what to do with panels, so I never buy them. I might have to make an exception to that rule in this situation. She chose the King Tut Nefertiri thread (another favorite), and I quilted it with leaves and flowers.