Carole's $5 a month quilt

Carole paid $5 for the original directions, then if she completed that block, and brought it back to the shop, she got the next block for free. This continued for the year. Her son is the lucky recipient of this beauty. It's quilted with a feather meander in the main body of the quilt, a feather border through the flying geese border and pond water meander in the outer border. Her son chose a variegated thread, and it was perfect! Doesn't show well in the photos, but trust me.

"Convergence Quilt"

Norma has been a busy lady. This is another of her quilts, a style called "Convergence Quilts" that Ricky Tims developed. Because of the fish in the fabrics, she chose a pond water meander for the body of the quilt, and a swirly meander for the outer border. I love the thread she chose as well. Perfect color for the quilt.

"Norma's Cuban mystery"

Norma and I used the same colorway for our Cuban mysteries, and even some of the same quilting designs. However, they still look completely different. Both are quilted with the Fern Gully panto, only Norma's has cross-hatching in the outer border. Very pretty!

Homestead Hydrangeas

And a couple of closeups of the quilting.

Homestead Hydrangeas

This is a shop sample I pieced and quilted for the Heart to Hand Quilt shop. Really turned out lovely in my humble opinion.