Kaffee Fassett fabrics by Nanette

Kaffee Fassett is a well known fabric designer who creates uses lots of bright colors and usually very large designs.

 Can you see the seam in the above photo?  You'll have to look really, really carefully as Nanette hand basted it together first to match designs, and then stitched it.
Borders on 3 sides since the pillow tuck at the top won't show. All quilted with the "Hydrangea" panto and bright green thread.

Robin's Churn Dash

The name of the block is a "Churn Dash" I am guessing since it resembles the old churn dash they used to make butter.  Thank goodness we don't have to do that anymore! 

Yes, many of the fabrics in the quilt are vintage, and of so lovely.  Quilted with Baptist Fans, a very appropriate design for the era of the quilt.

T-shirts from Taylor as a gift

Taylor contacted me about making this for his girlfriend. and they both arrived together.  She got to choose the sashing and backing fabrics for it.

Where do these people find the time?  They are in all kinds of sports and other extracurricular activities, yet still make grades, and help out others. 

"Crosses" by Mary and her daughter

This is a wedding gift for I believe another daughter of Mary's from her and her daughter.  And a surprise, because the bride commented that she'd never get something made specially by her sister.
Lots of wonderful indigo blues, and quilted with wool batting and the Asian Cloud panto

Amy's t-shirts

High School and College mix for Amy in a wonderful memory.  I love how the above shirt turned out.  Amy wanted to use a part of the back, and the front of the same shirt, so sewed together, and it works perfectly!

T-shirts for Tressa

Based on the shirts, I think this is probably a gift for someone special in Tressa's life.   There were only 5 shirts, so we added setting squares to fill it out.  The center block is my favorite.

"Reindeer" by Sara

Oh my this is adorable! 

 All of Santa's reindeer and Santa are appliqued on their ice skates with lovely embroidery.
Santa and Rudolph!

That amazing little striped piping before the border.  Well done Sara!