"Pretty Ladies" by Cindy's grandmother.

 Another amazing hand pieced, hand appliqued, hand embroidered quilt by Grandma. 
 Feathers in the sashing strips and continuous curves in the cornerstones.

Tight background fill of peacock feather meander to let their skirts puff up.  I think this is my favorite dress fabric because it reminds me oh so vaugely of a doll dress that my grandmother Esther Turner made for my aunt Helen Turner, and which I have been able to inherit.

Butterflies by Cindy's Grandmother

 What a lovely quilt this is.  Cindy's grandmother made it in probably the 1970's.  All of the quilt top is made by hand.  Hand pieced, hand embroidered, hand appliqued butterflies.  This will be a gift for Cindy's brother. 
 Each block has a butterfly in the center, then embroidery designs in each corner.  Some of them are initials and birth dates of signficant family members.

 Then there's this one.  We've got a rooster, a chicken, a mouse and a Christmas candle?  Hmm.  Wonder what the connection is there.

 Love the design of the butterflies that makes large "eyes".

 Ran out of thread, or time in embroidering the date.

 This design has the word "cancer" stamped on it.
An example of her hand piecing.

Leftover squares by me

 Currently called Leftover Squares because I used up squares from another quilt, the pink and yellow, but should have called it by the name of the panto that it was quilted with.   But since I can't recall that name...
The blue prints in this fabric are all from a single piece of fabric, printed so that you get 4 designs per length.  Then I seemingly washed it with something red, so they all had a pink tint to the blue.  I attempted to make a pattern from the blue prints, keeping them in a specific order  Who would have thought that a simple scrappy quilt would require so much ripping out!?  Oh well, off to the police to help someone else.

Nativity #4? by Michael

I think this is #4 for Michael's nativity quilts, and I believe that there is at least one more to come. It's getting to the holiday season, so people see these amazing quilts, and everyone wants one.

 Trying to quilt them all a little bit differently, so outlined the palm trees, and then a half row of feathers around the border.

Log Cabin by Pat

With all of the quilts that Pat has made, and yet this is her first Log Cabin pattern. 
I love the orange in the border, surely not something I would ever choose, but it's great.  So very pretty.

Irish Chain by Lorene and her mother

My darling husband Randall has a brother, Gordon.  Gordon is married to oh so charming Leslie, who's sister Lorene and their mother made this lovely quilt.  I'll have to confirm this with Lorene, but I believe that this is a wedding gift for a granddaughter.  Grandma has made a quilt for each grandchild, but her health is failing, so this was made with Lorene to be sure that each grandchild receives a quilt from grandma.  Isn't that so sweet?
What a lovely gift for a special person.

"Florida" by Michael

 Start with a souvenir tea towel, add blocks and borders, and Voila!  A wall hanging.

I love the falmingos.