"Team Liz" memory quilts by Michael

Memory quilts are wonderful, but also hard to do.  Made in memory of a loved one who has passed, and here are 3.  The one above is for mom, the two below for her siblings.

All quilted with the Modern Squares pantograph and Glide cream thread.

Hand quilted by Kristine

 Tons of little pieces, and you can see the stitches in the black.  All of her stitches were done truly in the ditch.  As a hand quilter, I usually stitch out about 1/4" from the seam that way I'm not trying to stitch through the quilt top, 2 layers of seams in the fabric, the batting and the backing. 

Kristine shared that she has been working on this quilt for a long time, and just wants to be done with it.  However, she made a commitment to her son that she would enter it into the Sisters Outdoor Quilt show this year, so it needed to be finished.  That's where I entered the picture.

When she came to drop off the quilt, she started to look at some of my other projects around the house, and found one of my English Paper Pieced quilts.  When she came to pick up this quilt, she had already purchased and started her on EPP project.  It's an addiction, but a really good one!

Irish Chain by Maria

Maria lives in NY state.  She found me online, and shipped her lovely quilt top and backing clear across the country to have me quilt it for her!  Wow am I lucky!  
We communicated via e-mail, to discuss how she wanted her quilt finished, thread choices etc.

 Here's a shot of the back.  The fabric really is bright white, but hard to tell that in the light in the basement.  Should have taken it outside.  The weather was lovely!
 Continuous curves in the border, feathers in the borders.  Modified continuous curves in the chains.  Similar to the one I did for the wonderful Aunt and Uncle who live in Hawaii.  Hey!  I've got 2 coast lines of the US covered!

"Snowf - Ike" by me.

Quilted with the pantograph of "Flopsy", even though this is more of retriever dog, I still think it works.  Such fun!

Flower Fairies by Kristin

I assume that Kristin started with a panel of the flower fairies, then cut those apart, and sashed them.Quilted with freehand leaves and vines to go with the garden, flower theme.

Tom's strings

More string quilts!  I decided to try my hand at making one that was a little more organized.  Went with a color theme in each block, then cut those down to 6" finished squares.

Quilted with a panto called "His Reflection" since I use to tease Tom about the profile of his nose reminding me of "Woodstock's" beak (from the Peanuts comic strip).

Now I just need to find a police officer to give it to.

South African mystery by me. Diamond mines.

One of those mystery quilt tops that we made at Heart to Hand oh so many, many years ago.  

My dad would have been 84 on March 24, 2016 had he lived, so I quilted this quilt in his honor.  Gave me an opportunity to play with feathers , but the outer border with the plaid background screamed to have cross hatching done in it.

McKenna Ryan "When Heaven and Nature Sing by Michelle

 Love the moose and the swirls in the night sky.