"Dragon Fire" by me.

 In 2015, we, brother Joe, friends Xande, and I rode on Cycle Oregon.  I had an intuition as we went through Weiser,  Idaho that there was a quilt shop nearby, and I was right!  Due to a forest fire, our route was changed, and we got to back through Weiser, when the shop was open!  I found a coordinating print that goes with this panel, and had to have it.  Then found the panel!  What fun!
 The sorcerer is directing his dragons to "go outside and play!"  I had so much fun quilting the panel!  Lots of quilting in the "grout" of the castle between the stones, and around the fields in the background.
 Although you can't tell in these photos, I used a really fun thread that glows in the dark!  It's kind of greenish blue on the cone, but glows green in the dark.  And, the stars in the border and binding fabrics also glow! 
 I even quilted some of the scales on the blue dragon's belly, so they look really cool in the dark!
 This quilt went to Officer Tori for the police.  I only wish I could see the look on the kiddo's face that gets this when they realize that the quilt glows.  So much fun!
Okay, so my photography skills are limited.  I really tried to get a shot of the thread glowing, but it just didn't work out. You'll have to take my word for it. 

"Cats" by Xande

The baby is now about 7 weeks old, but who's counting?  It's not like she's going to outgrow this that quickly.

 Xande's first attempt at paper piecing.  I'm impressed!
 The idea was to include things that cats might chase in the quilt. So lizards, butterflies, fish, you name it.  Also, one of her daughters lives in Paris, so of course she had to include the Eiffel Tower cat.

St. John the Apostle for Tori

 Long story.  Sadly, my friend Michael's house was broken into. When he was reporting this, he met Officer Tori from the Portland Police.   Michael gave me her contact info, and I gave her a few of my police quilts. 
Then Tori approached me about making a quilt for an auction for her daughter's school, St. John the Apostle.  I embroidered the first names of the kid and the "house" that they are in on the white blocks, and Tori found the "Our Father" fabric below.  Quilted with the new "Dove of Peace" panto.

The cross applique is the symbol for the school, and Tori brought that to me so that it could be appliqued on.  Thanks to my mom for the use of her secondary sewing machine as my secondary machine doesn't have a decent applique stitch.  3 sewing machines, and one longarm quilting machine later, and we've got it finished!  I hope they raise lots and lots of money for the school.

"Critters" by Marion

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 Yes, every one of those little circles above and all the crosshatching below is done by hand.  Marion says it took her 6 years, but it's for her one of her special grandson's.  (I don't know if she has more than one, but I'm sure they are all very special.)
I only finished the binding on this quilt for her, and will be making a label as soon as my machine comes back from the repair shop.  After 6 years, Marion said that she was "through with this quilt", and that's how I got to meet her and work on her beautiful project.

New pantograh "Dove of Peace"

Got a new pantograph, "Dove of Peace"  I like the design, and love the sentiment.

Flannels by Janet

Doesn't this just look cozy and warm and make you want to curl up underneath it with a cup of cocoa in front of a fire?  Sure does for me.  All done in flannels, and I if I remember correctly it's for Janet's son.  Lucky guy.

Quilted with the Swirls board, always a favorite design of mine.

"Baby Bliss" by Maria

 Here is Maria's second quilt of this batch.  Baby Bliss is for a friend's baby.  Lucky little kiddo!  Such soft colors with a cream background. 
 A somewhat Celtic Knot in the setting squares.
Outline of the bowtie shape in the pieced blocks.  Hardest part?  Making sure I didn't over or undershoot the line on the ties. 

African Animals applique by Leigh

Oh my.  Leigh has done it again.  All these amazing animals are hand appliqued, and embroidered.  I can't imagine the time that it must take to complete even one block, let alone all the ones in here.
I think that this elephant is my favorite block.  Here, she looks so kind and gentle, but I bet in the wilds she'd trample you in a moment.  The lines down from her eyes and outlining her trunk just bring her to life.

 Each on of those spots on the giraffe is individually applied.  By hand.
 These masks are so wonderful!  I didn't want to disturb their beauty, so only outlined them.  Except the one above where I outlined the "feathers" on the outside as well.

 Amazing bead-work added to the masks to bring them to life as well.
 Again, each stripe and dot is hand appliqued to the background white, and then to the black base fabric.  Wow.
 I think this rhinoceros is wonderful  I love the cutout work for his armor.  Leigh says that rhino skin is actually quite soft, not hard to the touch as you would expect.
 Some "bamboo" in the sashing between blocks.
 One of two 9 patch blocks.   There is so much going on in the fabric, that I didn't want to distract from them, and simply stitched them in the ditch.
More beadwork on the mask
 The lion block wins as my favorite.  His mane is all dimensional, so the individual pieces are attached at the top, but the bottoms are loose.

 Love the cutout gazelle and elephant.
 The spots on the crocodile.  Amazing!

Detail shot of the ruler work in the setting triangles.  I kept hearing a voice in my head saying "Less is more", so I limited my quilting.  Just a tight backgrond fill behind all the appliques, and lots of SID.

Spring Flowers by Maria

I love pastels, and especially lavender.  Then you add the tulip blocks in the center, and pull it all from your stash.  Perfect!
Quilted with a pale green thread that matches the background leaves perfectly, although it reads as cream across most of the quilt.

 Showing the quilting design of "Dresden Flowers" panto on the back of the quilt. 
I can hardly wait to see what she finishes next!

Rectangles by Pat and her daughter

 Let's see if I remember this correctly.  Pat's daughter chose the fabrics and pattern to make a quilt for a friend's upcoming wedding.  Then she had to return to home/school/work on the east coast, so Pat finished up the piecing for her.
Pat dropped the quilt off with me, and we chose the "Vanilla Cream" panto and a slightly variegated grey thread.  Pat took photos to get her daughter's approval first, and then I was ready to quilt.  Very pretty design, and best wishes to the happy couple.

All Hallow's Eve by Carol

Good going Beth.  You forgot to get a shot of the whole quilt.  For now, here you go.  Carol embroidered all the blocks by machine, and I really wonder if the thread won't glow in the dark. 

 She asked for a bat in alternating sashing squares.  Looks like I also neglected to get a shot of the spider web that goes in the alternate blocks.

 At least I got one of all the lovely embroidery blocks that she made.  Here are the crows.  Can't you just about hear them?
 Witches hat.  The entire background is quilted with a tight fill in black "Glide" thread.
 I think that the titles are "Devilish Delights", "Twisted Treats", and "Dead and Breakfast."  Yum!
 The amazing center block

 More books, and the witches shoes in the bottom!