Dillon's T-Shirt Quilt

Where do these kids find the time? They play baseball, hockey, and study too?
This one was fun for me because I got to add fun things to the shirts. His letter from high school is on there, patches from other shirts, even 2 bits of a baseball that he took apart with the intent to make a bracelet out of them. The narrow parts across the top are/were sleeves from a shirt, and we've even got his hockey jersey in there.
Way to go Dillon!

Vintage Double Wedding Ring

Sometimes, there's a reason that a quilter didn't finish quilting her quilt top. Colleen found this one in an antique mall for $20. As you can see in the first photo, it's pretty friendly. Quilter's code for not laying flat because it "waves" at you in a friendly manner. The safety pin in the first photo also marks where a seam has popped and I need to be sure and catch it when I'm quilting it.
Yes, this quilt had a few puckers when it was finished, but I'm still pretty darn pleased with how it turned out. Colleen seemed pretty thrilled to boot. I just love to make people happy!

Flannels by Joni

Joni contacted me after her usual quilter wasn't able to complete her quilt on the timeline that she needed. I was pleased to help out on such a fun quilt. All made of flannel, so extra cozy warm, and then quilted with the log cabin panto, so cabins, bears and tress.

NW scrappy

As quilters, we always end up with this little scraps that we don't know what to do with. Michael made 16 patch blocks, then sashed them in blue, and added a print of NW postcards that he had in his stash. Fund to see all the places that I had visited in the NW, and a few that I haven't made it to yet. Also fun to try to see how many fabrics Michael and I have in common in our stash.

Log Cabin made of logs

How creative is this? A Log Cabin quilt made only of wood prints. The green in the center square and outer border is a small leaf print. How appropriate since trees have leaves, at least sometimes. Michael chose to have it quilted with a wood grain meander, continuing the theme.

Laverna's Double Wedding Ring

Someday, maybe, I'll suck up the nerve to attempt a double wedding ring. For now, I'll have to satisfy myself with quilting them for others. Like me, Laverna loves scrappy quilts, and it was pretty fun to try to recognize fabrics from my own stash in her quilt. There were quite a few!

Harvest Table Runners

These are 2 different runners that Grace made using the same fabric collection, but a different design for both of them. That meant that I needed to find a different way to quilt them both too. The longer one has leaves in the blocks and vines in the borders and background. The smaller runner has a landscape design and bamboo in the border. Who knows, now that Grace is retired, maybe she'll quilt more! Of course, she's got those grandbabies that she loves to spend time with too, so...

Birds and Trees

Grace made this quilt before, but then gave it away. I think she regretted it greatly, so made another one for herself. I love all the batiks she used to make the birds, and we chose to quilt it with leaves and vines so that the birds are hiding in the trees.

Asian Dragon

Grace goes in spurts for her quilts. I don't hear from her for months, then she arrives with 5 quilts at a time that need to be quilted. All beautifully pieced, I might add. This one is a collection of Asian fabrics, and she chose the Asian dragon panto for it. I think it's perfect.

Wendy's quilt

It's been about a year since Wendy passed. To honor that and to hopefully benefit someone else, the Weebledog quilters decided to make a quilt which would then go to the Humane Society. We all chose dog fabrics and shades of purple and green, Wendy's colors. Shayrle set the blocks and made the darling pieced border, I quilted it, Diana bound it and Rachel made arrangements to donate it to the Humane Society.

Crazy Circles

Michael is a man after my own heart. He loves to make scrappy quilts out of whatever is left over from other projects. The amazing part for me is that he then pieces them into curves and such. I have a hard enough time getting flat pieces of fabric cut into curves. This quilt has so many types of fabrics. Quilting cottons, polar fleece, shirting, even some drapery fabrics. Wow!

Stephanie came to me after her usual quilter wasn't able to get her quilt completed in time for the wedding. This is a really big Irish Chain, and just lovely. Quilted with an edge to edge design of shamrocks. How appropriate since the bridal couple has a connection to Ireland.

Tennessee Waltz

I used to see this pattern at the quilt shop, and never got around to making it. Such a lovely quilt done in Christmas fabrics. Carol has graciously promised to allow us to hang this in our booth at Quilt Expo 2011.
Quilted with a traditional feathered wreath in the blocks, feathers in the border and a Ribbon Meander in the print borders. So, so pretty!

Log Cabin by Michael

It seems that every time I tell Michael that his quilt is ready, he tells me that he's got at least one, if not 2 more quilts ready for me to quilt for him! Yeah Michael! I love log cabin quilts, so traditional and so fun to use up your scraps with. he chose a panto called "Log Cabin" with an actual cabin, a bear and trees in the design. Perfect for this quilt. He's promised me two more, so I can't wait to see what he brings.