Elephants #1 and #2 by Veda

This is technically Elephant #2, but I quilted him first.  Wool batting, flannel fabrics, King Tut thread, Swirls board

Elephant #1.  Exactly the same except that he has cotton batting

I love the ear outline stitched, and the water that they are blowing over their backs.

Giraffe by Veda

Isn't this sweet?  Some lucky little girl will get a giraffe to snuggle up with.

I love his/her mane and eyes.  Quilted with So Fine! thread and the Swirls board

Baskets by Kris

Kris does it again.  Her piecing is wonderful, and then she tells me to pretty much do whatever I want with her quilts.
I didn't know what to do with the baskets, but felt that they needed something to hold them down.  I ended up doing a tear drop shape in each triangle, as well as stitching them all in the ditch.
Feathers in the corners and in the outside of the sashing strips.  Bamboo in the inside of the sashing, plus all are SID.
Swirling feathers in the outer borders.
And a shot of the backing.
This quilt was on my girl for some time, and then my girl decided to attempt to break down in the middle of this quilt.  Argh!  Finally got her back up and running with help from Mr. Wonderful.  Now she's purring again, and we are enjoying each other's company again.

Glide "Mocha" thread in the top, and So Fine! in the bobbin.  Someday, I'd really like to meet Kris in person.