'Danish Modern" by Pat

Pat has some really luck friends.  This quilt will go to a friend for a "significant" b-day in Sept.
While I'm not usually one for modern quilting, that's just what this one told me that it needed.  In addition, Pat said "Do whatever you want" in terms of how to quilt it.  The straight lines were easy, and the fun was adding the "ghost" blocks in a couple of areas.
Top right corner photo is "after" washing away the blue marking pen registration marks.  That pen is cool!  Moisten with a damp cloth, and away they go!  Bottom photo also has much of the "jump" stitches where I drug thread tails along the quilt top.  After the quilt was removed from the machine, it got a "haircut and a bath" of trimming threads and washing away ink.  Hope Pat is pleased.  I certainly am.

My first "Jack in The Box"

Here's another mystery quilt!  This one for the police.  We were given the task way back sometime of selecting a focus fabric, or embroidering, building up something for our focus block.  I found this great fabric on a ride.  All of the different colored center squares are actually from the same piece of fabric.  I love this!  Surround it with black, white and shades of grey, then quilt with Lorien's Dragons panto.  As soon as I hear that I've passed Lesson #5 for my certification class, I'll give this one to a police officer.

More class sample

 Hooks on the left, and S curves on the right.  Circles below.  I still need a bunch of work on circles,  or at least quilt them smaller than 2 inches.

 Teardrops going left to right aren't the issue, but left to right is much harder than it looks.

 Some hooks and straight lines.  Also a bunch more circles.

 I have mastered balloons, and eggs.  "Remember, circles should be Round."

 So, on straight lines on the diagonal, should they also be on the 45 degree angle, or flat?

 Finally got them on the 45!

 S curves are my favorite shape

Circles are getting better, but will still be the death of me!~

 There!  Those are actually round!

 Whole cloth finished.

Jack in the Box by me

 This is another of the FB longarm mystery quilt tops.  Then I needed a class sample for a longarm class I'm taking.    I REALLY need to learn to read all instructions for the class.  I was supposed to hand bind this, but I'm going to submit it anyway.  Fingers crossed I pass on this one!
The quilt was supposed to use a large focal print, and so that's the colored squares in the middle of the large blocks.  Then hit the scrap bin for greys, blacks and whites.  Quilted with a variegated thread that picks up all the colors in the focus fabric, and orange thread in the bobbin because I wanted to.
Quilted with Lorien's dragons panto.  Someone will love it.  Better not give it to the police until I make sure that I've passed the assignment though.

Log Cabin for Aranshi's annivesary

Aranshi's 2nd wedding anniversary is fast approaching.  Two years is the "cotton" anniversary.  She and her mother made this quilt together, and I think it's lovely.  Quilted with the "Jacob's Other Ladder" panto.  Happy anniversary to the happy couple.

"Grandma's Surprise" by Renee

 Here are two quilts that Renee did.  They are called "Grandma's Surprise", and they are not paper pieced.  Wow.  (I had to ask if they were paper pieced.  The black and white had a mistake in the pattern, she contacted the author about getting it resolved.    I never did find the issue.  Renee dropped them off and essentially said to do what I wanted with them, she trusted me.  I chose the "Dandelion" panto for this one, but I still think it should be called "Spider Web", or something like that.

Same quilt, totally different color way.  Quilted with a multicolored thread, and the "Vanilla Cream" panto.