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Hearts and Swilrs

Feathers and swirls (going to try this one out today!)

Cinnamon Swirl

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Curly Swirly


Batik Stars by Pat

 Pat does it again.  Another stunner.  I think that this one was on my machine for about 1.5 weeks.  I hope that Pat agrees that it was worth the time. 
 How many feathers can I put in this quilt?  It would appear that the answer is "a lot".
 Quilted with white in the thread in the background, and solid one called "Adobe" in the colored blocks.

The center star, my favorite.

A shot of the backing trying to show the quilting as it's hard to see on the front.  Finishing this quilt was bittersweet for me.  I was having such a good time working on it, and so sad to see it end.  Kind of like a really good book that you just can't put down, but that eventually comes to an end.

Tom's Harley-Davidson t-shirtsTom

Tom contacted me about making a quilt for him from a part of his collection of Harley-Davidson shirts.

There were a couple of chest pocket designs that Tom wanted included, but most of the shirt designs were too large to be able to fit those as well.  I appliqued them to the sashing instead. 

I think this block is my favorite, and not just because they are a local business.  I love the fish too.

"Fox and Hounds" by me

The pieced blocks in this quilt top were supposed to be the border to the  "Kindred Spirits" quilt.  But they added nothing to the quilt, and actually made it a bit worse.  I instead pulled off the pieced blocks, and made several smaller quilt tops using a larger focus fabric to alternate with the leftovers.  The first one completed is called "Fox and Hounds" because the black square in the pieced blocks are all the same fox print.  Then grab some large dog prints, and alternate.  Quilted with the "Woof" design.  Needs binding, and a police officer.

"Kindred Spirits" by me

This is one of the amazing Mystery Quilts Anonymous patterns.  I believe this one was to celebrate the fact that she now has 5000 people following her on Facebook.  As usual, I went with scrappy, but probably a bit too scrappy.  I'm not thrilled with it up close, but it will make a great cop quilt.

Here's the backing to show the quilting.  The design is called "Juliet", and below is a detail from the front of the quilt.

Embroidered blocks by Vickie

This quilt has been sitting in my studio for a long time waiting for it's turn for quilting, and I hope that Vickie thinks it was worth the wait.  She hand embroidered the blocks.  That alone astounds me.  Quilted with an edge to edge design of star meander, with a little swoop in the "star blocks"

"Feeling Crabby" by Michael

The title of this quilt is so appropriate for the quilt, but also for the times that we are living in with social distancing.  I too am "Feeling Crabby".  The blocks are Snails Trails and paper pieced Crabs,
 Quilted with a Simple Wave design in pale blue thread

A bit of the backing to show the quilting design.

"Zuma" quilt by Kristin

I love it when you don't realize how gorgeous the quilt is until you've finished quilting it and have it hung up for photos.  Love the shading, love the fabrics, Wow!

Quilted with a very simple Single Wave design, then off set slightly  Very hard to see in this photo, the Sea Foam thread makes it hard to see, but trust me, it works!

"Virtual Studio" by me

 This is a quilt pattern called "Quarantine" from Deb Montgomery of "Mystery Quilts Anonymous".  Started in late March 2020, right when we were encouraged to socially distance from one another due to Covid 19.
This will go to my boss at WW.  Right when I started this quilt, was when WW went to virtual studios, hence the name.  In the WW plan colors of green, blue and purple (on the binding)

"Ombre Panel wth black" by Sue

I am sure that this is not the actual name of this pattern, but I neglected to ask Sue when she dropped it off.  I love the fabric (so much that I bought it too!)
Quilting design is called "Kelpie" and I love the swirly spiky effect on it.