"Corgi Love" by me

 Oh, how I love Corgis!  Okay, any dog, but especially the little fluffy buns ones!  The original pattern is "Heart to Heart" by Debbie Montgomery of the Facebook Group "Mystery quilts Anonymous".  Foolish me, I thought I'd redesign it slightly to incorporate the Corgi fabric.  Lesson learned.  I will leave all designing to others, and simply follow their directions in the future.  I'm still pleased with how it turned out, but the "heart" design should have been solid pink, not split down the middle into pink and blue.

This will be given away as a door prize to all people who are pre-registered for the Corgi Walk in the Pearl.
Hope to see you there!

Oh hurray!  Today, Aug. 17, 2019, was the walk, and I got to meet the couple and their pup, who won the quilt!  John and Holly are from Eugene, OR  (Sorry, missed the pup's name.).  Small world, they are also cyclist, but current due to a variety of health issues, shorter rides for now. 
They were pretty happy with the quilt, and I was thrilled that it went to such a good home.

"Dresden Plate by Vickie and her mom

I don't know how long since Vickie's mom has passed, but Vickie found portions of all these lovely Dresden plate blocks among mom's "stuff" and made them into a truly lovely quilt. 

 I love the variety of fabrics, no one ear or style, and every color under the rainbow.
Quilted with freehand leaves so that I could slide my hopping foot over the edges of the plates and make sure that everything would be smooth in the end.  Lovely work, Vickie

"Star Trek" for Dagmar's nephew

Oh what fun!  All these lovely Star Trek fabrics (and a few Star Wars) to make a gift for her nephew.
 I think that she has every generation of Star Trek represented here, from the original series to "Next Generation, and probably "Voyager" as well.

2nd "Cubs Quilt" by Dagmar

 What do you do when you have a bunch of fabric left over from a previous project?  Make another quilt!  Dagmar used all of her baseball quilt leftovers in this, and even Woodstock from Peanuts made it in.  Quilted with the "baseball fun" panto.

"Bonnie Hunter mystery" by Dagmar

 I am impressed with Dagmar.  I've never tried a Bonnie Hunter mystery.  The woman is even better at saving fabric scraps than I am, and then she designs quilts with these little pieces!  The quilt was so pretty and fun to work on, but when I got it hung up for the photos, you realize just how lovely it is.  Nicely done Dagmar!

Wedding quilt by Sharyle

This is a lovely wedding gift for one of Sharyle's co-workers.  They work at a company that has something to do with boats, so the blocks are all representations of nautical flags.  Then Sharyle chose the "Sea Life" panto, which is just as perfect as her piecing.  As you can see, some of the blocks are simple.  Just sew together two rectangles, but others are more complicated.  What a lovely gift and the perfect design.  Best wishes to the happy couple.

"Easy Six Dogs and Foxes" by Pat

 Babies are being born in Pat's family, so here are a couple of quick baby quilts.  The pattern is called "Easy Six", but I have no idea where that comes from.  This one has a theme of dogs, so she chose the "Scotty Dog" panto for quilting this one.

Same pattern, but with foxes and clouds.  Quilted with the "Oriental Clouds" panto for this one, and it's just so very sweet.

"Friends" panel by Pat

This is for a friend of Pat's.  Start with a panel, add some borders, and quilt it with clear thread to add dimension and texture.  Done! 

"Appliqued dogs" by Liz

Some lucky little neighbor girl of Liz is going to get this quilt.  I can't believe that Liz appliqued all of these dogs, and then added the lovely embroidery details.  Then she's giving it away!  Quilted with the Dog Dreams panto, all the bones across the quilt top.  So sweet.

Diamonds by Becky

Becky's daughter is having a birthday soon, and this is for her.  Becky's a new quilter, and I'm very impressed that she took on such a difficult pattern.  All those lovely bias edges must have been a pain to work with! But, I think it turned out very pretty.

"Mesa" by Trudy

Trudy is a new customer to me, and I hope that we'll get to work together again soon.  First, she brings me a cool quilt like this, and then all of the points match perfectly.  Something I can only dream of.  Well done Trudy.

Baby Corgis by me

I "re-designed" a mystery quilt from the FB page Mystery Quilts Anonymous. I had changed the colors slightly in the Heart to Heart quilt pattern to make it for the Corgi Walk in the Pearl as a fundraiser.  I'm still working on that one.  This one is made up of the leftover blocks from that quilt.  Not only can I not count, but I messed up the design.  You'll see that later. 
Just a little baby quilt here for the police.

Mulberry Stars by Carol

This is the same pattern as the one Carol recently picked up that she had made for her parents.  This one is for Carol, and it's done in more autumnal tones, and quilted with and edge to edge design.  

Trwo Batiks from kathy