An Unlikely Story

This quilt was published in Quiltmaker Magazine, and designed by Bonnie Hunter.  Since the magazine only comes out every other month, I had to wait 2 whole months for the next clue!  Torture, but worth the wait I think.
I chose to stick with Bonnie's color theme of pinks, purples and greens with a white background.  Then I raided my stash and started to cut.  
The name for the quilt comes from my biking buddy Xande.  I had told her that it was to be given to mom's Connections group which supports literacy.  Her suggestion of "An Unlikely Story" surely fit the group, and the quilt.

LIsa's t-shirts

Where do these people find the time?  According to her shirts, Lisa has run the Hood To Coast relay several times, run in Finland, and I don't know where else.  This is Lisa's 2nd t-shirt quilt that I have made, but she gets to keep this one!

Terri's Fireman t-shirts

Quilted with a "flame" design to go with the fireman theme.  
And a huge thank you to the men and women how daily put their lives on the line to fight these fires.

Modern Flannel baby quilt by Veda

Tumbling Blocks by Michael

Michael's Music 9-patch

By the Lake, Green

Fours and Nines

 Look closely, I'm sure you'll recognize fabrics from a quilt that you've received from me!

Peggy's Green and Black pinwheels

She chose to have it quilted in a edge to edge design of feathers, and we used wool batting to give it loft.  Very pretty.

Memory quilt by Terri

This is one of those really special quilts that I love to work on.  The design is called and Irish Chain because the blocks form a chain across the quilt.  Part of that design is the large open spaces that are then formed and usually filled with quilting.  Terri instead had family members create their own blocks and fill the white space with memories for the quilt recipient.   She had attended Oregon City High School, and this was her graduation quilt. 

 The above embroidery represents the mascot for the school, the Pioneer.
 I quilted continuous curves in the chains, then use the edges of the blocks for the spine of the feathers that surround each one.  Feathers were repeated in the border.  The quilt has family photos and her letter from school.

Wedding Quilt for Karen's Brother

Hand appliqued and curved piecing.  One of those would be enough to try out for a new technique, but at the same time?  Then to make it a bed quilt and to give it away for a wedding gift..  Wow.

Proud as I am of the quilting on this quilt, the photos simply don't do justice to what I had to start with.  Amazing applique all done by hand by Karen and her sister Laura.  The wool batting really gives definition to their work.

Sharon's Star Sampler

 I love star blocks.  Sharon took a multitude of blocks and made them all work together in this lovely quilt.  She then chose a pantograph design that resembled stars as well to emphasize her lovely work.  I believe that she plans to keep this for herself, but I love purple too!  Just in case she decides that she doesn't like it after all.

Convergence by Lisa and Rachel

This quilt was made for the brother of the Friendship star quilt.  Not to be outdone, this quilt is quilted with Blue glow in the dark thread.  Really fun!

Friendship stars by Rachel and Lisa

The name of the block is "Friendship Stars" and this was made for the daughter of one of their friends.  I do love scrappy quilts, and this is a great example of that.  They used similar fabrics for the backgrounds of the blocks, and then repeated the blue that forms the stars.  The pink thread that I quilted it with actually glows in the dark!  I guess I'm going to have to figure out a way to get a photo of that.  Lisa and Rachel reported that this was very well received by the recipient.

By the Lake by Michael

It's such a great design, and so versatile.  I love the heart in the center.  Perfect for a wedding gift.

String Theory

 Ah, strings.  Those pieces of fabric that are too small to save in your stash, but too big to throw away, so what do you do with them?  I guess that you save them in a bin in the basement for a long time, and then you get inspired.  I started this quilt as a "Beginner and Ender", meaning that before starting or stopping at each seam of a quilt, I would instead start with 2 strings, and end with two strings.  That way I don't have long thread tails when I begin or end my stitching.  It's a quilter thing. 

I started making these blocks, then squared them up to 6.5" each.  That was fun, so then I started to lay them out on my design wall, otherwise known as our guest room bed.  Hmm.  By turning them, you get a fun diamond pattern that just never ends.  Since they are all so random, you'll never be able to get all the different colors evenly spaced, so just put them where they end up.  This quilt ended up being a twin size, and was given to the Portland Police Sunshine Division.  If you look closely, you can even see that I used leftover fabric that had already been pressed together for the binding. All those little bits of fabric, and not even a dent in that bin of strings.  I've already started the next one, and the one after that too.

Water Bargello by Michael