"Twins!" by Michael

 Okay, so they are really flamingos, but I love how they are identical, only one facing left, and the other right.  They will go to his brother who lives in Florida.

Yellow and White by Rebecca

Rebecca is a new quilter, but she did great on this one for her sister I believe. 
Quilted with the dragonflies panto to mimic the ones in the fabric.  It's the bright yellow one on top of the next photo, but you still can't see it well.

Double Wedding Ring by Susan

Someday, I'll make a double wedding ring.  I'm not ready to tackle that yet, but it's on the bucket list.  Here's Susan's version, done all in batiks.
I'm a traditionalist and would have put feathers in the center blocks and melon shapes, but Susan wanted something else.  She sent me a link which I used as a jumping off place.  I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, especially the echoing . I think it adds a lacy edge to the design.  Good job Susan!

"Delightful Desert" by Michael

 Another quilt by Michael designed by Elizabeth Hartman.  Wow.  Where does he find the time?
 I love the eye lashes on the fawn, and that is a moth underneath the fawn.
 I think this is a Puma.
 Oh!  It's a Racoon!  (I had to look up the pattern)
 A crane. with various cactus flowers around.
And a bunny.  Just have to say, I LOVE the background fill on this.  Wish I could claim it as my own design, but when I saw the pattern in the fabric that Michael used, that's what I pretty much followed.  Hard or impossible to see in the photos, and because I've quilted over it, but there are wavy lines in the print that just looked like wind swirled desert sand.  Too perfect to not use that.

"Beauty Rose" by me

This was a labor of love quilt.  Easy piecing, easy choosing of the fabrics, but hard to work on.  During college, I met my very dear friend Mia, who died in March, 2017.  This quilt is made for her daughter who I have become closer to since that time.  Stevie and Marvin were married July 2, 2016 (my birthday!) and this is a belated anniversary gift for them.

I love scrappy quilts and there were a lot of really fun memories going into this quilt in the choices of fabrics.  Wishing them much joy and love in their lives together.

Puppies and Purses by Sharyle

Wedding quilt for Lisa's daughter

 Lisa's daughter was married and at some point Lisa asked guests to write messages of support to the bride and groom.  Lisa then made the blocks into a lovely quilt top using the colors from the wedding and this is the result.  How very special for everyone.

"You had me at Woof" by me

 My friend Mariellen is very much involved in a charity fundraiser for the Humane Society and Dove Lewis animal hospital called "The Corgi Walk in the Pearl"  It's going to be Aug. 18, 2018 and here's a link to their site.  https://corgiwalk.com/
I saw this pattern for "Fox and Friends" baby quilt in a catalog, and decided that they were not foxes, but corgis.  Showed it to Mariellen and she agreed, so here it is.  I didn't purchase the pattern, just grabbed by 60 degree ruler and started cutting.  Thankfully, it ended up larger than the baby quilt size it was designed as.
I believe that the plan is to raffle the quilt off to people who pre-register for the walk.  Here's hoping they raise lots and lots of money for these 2 great programs.

I quilted freehand "flames" in the dogs to mimic fur, using 3 different colors of thread to match the fabric.  Then in the background, blue thread to go with the 3 shades of blue, and a simple tight swirl pattern.  Since corgis always seem to be swirling around.

If you are in Portland on the 18th, I encourage you to join the walk.  It's free if you aren't bringing a dog, and there is nothing so adorable as 300+ corgis and their parents running around the park blocks.  Many are dressed up, and there will be a "fashion show" as well.

Scrappy cop quilt by me

 I have been cutting down my scraps of fabrics into 2" squares (finished at 1.5") and collecting them in a shoe box for some time.  This is the latest quilt to come out of the box.  I don't recall the name of the pattern, found it in a quilt magazine, but decided it was perfect for this.  It was supposed to be much more organized in the longer strips outside the 9 patch blocks, but I didn't realize that until later.  Oh well, more pulling things from various bins to use them up, and still not making a dent.
So far, I've had this quilt in my car for 2 weeks, and not a police officer in sight when I am driving.  I also have some food to give to them.  When I am on my bike?  Cops everywhere!  Guess I haven't found "my cop" that needs this quilt yet.  They are out there though, and I'll find them, and continue to make quilts for them. 

Thank you officers for your service.

Bordered 9 Patch by Donna

 Oh dear.  Donna's friend has received a difficult diagnosis, so bless Donna, she made her a quilt.  I love the teal colors, very restful.  The pattern was a new one to me, a Bordered 9 Patch. 
Quilted with the Double Plume panto, and pale mist thread.  Best wishes to Donna's friend in this difficult time.

"Bars" by Gwen

 Gwen's husband is allergic to cats, so although the photo is poor, there are about 16 cats in each panel.  Climbing the curtains, sitting on a shelf, chasing a mouse in a cabinet with glass doors, you name it.  This way, she can have her cat, and her husband can enjoy breathing.
Quilted with Baptist Fans and So Fine thread.

Rebecca's Uncle's quilt

 I can't claim this quilt as one that I worked on, just did some binding repair to give it a new life.  This quilt was made by probably Rebecca's grandmother in the 1950's for her twin boys.  One of whom was Rebecca's father, and now this quilt, belonging to his brother, will go to her daughter and her "big girl bed."  Hand appliqued butterflies, hand quilted and only a thin flannel for the batting.
The binding had been wrapped from the back and folded over, but after that many years of love, it had seen better days.  I removed that, and found a new fabric that matched the pink perfectly!  Also, appliqued a little triangle over a tear in the front.  You can't tell from the photos, but the pink had faded from a much brighter shade originally, and it's slightly evident in places near the new binding.  What a lovely memory for Rebecca's family.

Sample by Cindy

Start with a collection of blocks, increase the size from microscopic to 12" or so, add sashing and some applique, and now it's a bed sized quilt.  Done in purples, one of my favorite colors.

Quilted with a feathered wreath in the blocks, and a bright green thread that really worked on this quilt.  I must admit to being dubious at first.