Baby quilt by Joanne and friends

 Joanne and her friends got together to make a baby quilt for another friend.  Everyone seemed to use their favorite skills, so we've got piecing, applique, embroidery  all together.  Lucky little kiddo to get this one.

Carolina Lily by Judy

 Oh my, here's a beauty by Judy.  Hand applique, lovely piecing.

 I do love to quilt feathers, so let's see how many different ways can we put them in this quilt?
The setting triangles were quite large, so I broke them down into a smaller space by adding an inner triangle, then feathers around that.

Blue Triangles by Judy

And one in blue for her grandson

Quilted with Lorien's Dragon panto, perfect for a boy.

Pink 9 Patch by Judy

 I seem to be having a collection of scrap quilts going through my studio right now and I love it!  This one is so soft in pastels, but primarily pink for Judy's grand-daughter.

Mickey and Minnie by Michael

 Oh fun!  Start with some sweet Mickey and Minnie Mouse squares.  Make them into star blocks, and then add fabrics to develop into a log cabin block, and now you've got a fun quilt!  Quilted with the "heart attack" panto.

Red and White Medallion by Michael

 Oh Michael, you've done it again.  This quilt is a stunner, and I ddin't realize just how much of a stunner it was until I hung it up after quilting.

Scrap quilts are so much fun, what a great way to use your stash.  This one really worked with a limited palette, and I got to enjoy seeing fabrics from previous projects of Michael's.

Leigh's birds embroidery

Wow Leigh.  You and your embroidery are just astounding.

 The photos don't do her work justice, but I love the dimensional threads.  Can't hardly wait to start the next one.

Rail Fence by Cherie

 I love scrappy quilts.  This one is no exception.  Lots of fun brights, and many fun whites for the background.  Quilted with the Swirls board.

Lamb panel and growth chart by Carol

Carol's family is expecting a new baby soon, so here's a sweet growth chart and a panel. Neither of us can remember the name of the lamb character.

I have to hand it to Carol for making all of those pinwheels to go around the panel.

Modern Squares by Renee

Renee made this quilt for her nephew.  I wish I'd asked her the name of the pattern.  I can't quite figure out how she made the blocks.
 She said that she appliqued the triangles on "just for fun".

T-shirts for Lena's son

 I love t-shirt quilts.  It's so much fun to see the memories that people have collected over the years.  Lena pieced this one for her son Nico who's in college back east, and is cold.  He also misses his bunnies, so they are included in the quilt too.
The bunnies "helped" by chewing a small hole in the quilt before Lena got it to me.
 My favorite shirt!
Here are the bunnies.  Lena told me their names, and I have forgotten.  Sorry Lena!  Don't know which one was the culprit for chewing the quilt, but I love that they are included in it for Nico.

"Lanterns" by me

 This one has been in the works for a long time.  Way, way back when I was in high school, I met my dear friend Ursi when she was an exchange student from Austria.  We've kept in touch through the years, and when her daughter Magdi was married this pas summer, I knew I had to make a quilt to celebrate that event.  Fast forward months, and I finally find the right pattern.  Then more months go by before knuckling down and just making the darn thing!  I cheated, grabbed a jelly roll off the shelf that has been staring at me for at least 10 years.  Stitched and done, and mailed to Europe.  Funny story.  When someone was in Europe traveling, they didn't get any letters from home and were feeling rather left out.  Finally, a letter from home.  (This is a long time ago, before email!).  Turns out that the post office had mailed the letter to Australia, where they have Kangaroos and Wallabies.  From then on, when addressing a letter or package to Ursi or her family we always write "Europe" at the end to be sure that it goes to the correct continent.
This was fun to quilt.  Just tight rows of stitching to give the effect of folded paper.  Like the Chinese paper lanterns that you'd hang outdoors.  Then leaves and vines in the background to remind them of their well loved garden.

"Christmas" for the police

My friend Kathy got me involved in a the "Mystery Quilts Anonymous" group on Facebook, and this is one of their patterns.  You could make it into a tree skirt, or a table runner, but it just didn't gel for me as a skirt.  I love the quilts that others came up with, but it must have been my fabric choices that didn't let the pattern sing. 

So, quilted it up, and off to the police!  Hurray! 

"Campain Buttons" for the police by me

 Not being a fan of applique, either by machine or worse yet, by hand, I only did 2 "button holes" in my buttons, but still fun.
I decided that I was making a political statement with my quilting.  Doesn't matter if you vote red or blue, when you combine them together they can still make something fun.  (I hesitate to go so far as lovely.).  I finished the piecing of it on election day, so that may be where my brain was as I was quilting it.

Kaffee Fassett fabrics by Nanette

Kaffee Fassett is a well known fabric designer who creates uses lots of bright colors and usually very large designs.

 Can you see the seam in the above photo?  You'll have to look really, really carefully as Nanette hand basted it together first to match designs, and then stitched it.
Borders on 3 sides since the pillow tuck at the top won't show. All quilted with the "Hydrangea" panto and bright green thread.

Robin's Churn Dash

The name of the block is a "Churn Dash" I am guessing since it resembles the old churn dash they used to make butter.  Thank goodness we don't have to do that anymore! 

Yes, many of the fabrics in the quilt are vintage, and of so lovely.  Quilted with Baptist Fans, a very appropriate design for the era of the quilt.