Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts

It seems that Michael is a world traveler, or he's got friends who collect shirts for him when they travel. All but one of these shirts is from the Hard Rock Cafe, several from Hawaii, but also across Europe and Asia. Wish I could travel that much! Since these are all music related shirts, Michael chose to have them quilted with a music notes pantograph. I'd never used a panto on a t-shirt quilt before, but I really like how it turned out.

Tumbling Blocks

I get the feeling that Michael is a much more prolific quilter than he would admit. This is the 3rd quilt from him, and soon I"ll post photos of the 4th that he has brought to me. I do love the tumbling blocks design, even if it does make my eyes a little wonky to look at. He chose to have clouds and stars quilted in the border, which I love how it turned out. There are continuous curves in the blocks, and I love those as well. All using my favorite type of thread, King Tut.

Day At the Beach

Here is Joan's version of Wendy's "Day at the Beach" quilt. This quilt will go to one of Joan's sisters, and she chose an all over design of clamshells for the quilting. I really love how it turned out, and I had forgotten what a fun pattern that is to quilt!
As usual, great job Joan.

Postcards from Hawaii

Lucky me! Susan found me on the internet, and chose me to quilt her lovely baby quilt. It's all done in lovely soft batiks in shades of blue, green and teal. Since it's called Postcards from Hawaii, we chose to quilt it using the Seashells pantograph. The last photo is of the backing that she made using all of the leftover strips of fabric from the top. She didn't even have enough left to bind it with, so was off to the fabric store after picking up her quilt to purchase binding fabric. Hopefully to show off her lovely quilt while there, as well!

Evelyn's Irish Chain

This quilt is a real beauty! Too big to hang up for photos like I usually do, so I had to lay it out on the bed. The colors that Evelyn chose for the quilt are from a painting that hangs in their bedroom.
Evelyn chose to have a feathered wreath quilted in the background, a very traditional look for an Irish Chain, and continuous curves in the chains. Oh so pretty!

Michael's Pharoh's Fans

Michael is a new customer for me. I got an email from him about quilting his quilts, and then he brought me these two beauties! Both are the same pattern, but done in such different colorways that I think they don't look much alike. He chose to use a waterlily pattern for the purple quilt, and ginko leaves for the gold version.
These quilts are paper pieced and appliqued. Both techniques freak me out just a little bit.
It seems that Michael liked how his quilts turned out because soon there will be two more quilts of his to look at and drool over. More fun for me! I get to quilt them!

Norma's disappearing 4 patch


Norma started with a collection of charm squares. Fabrics that are pre-cut into 5" squares, and her background fabric. She made 4 patch blocks, then cut those up to make them disappear. She chose to do a leaf theme for the quilting with leaves and vines in the body of the quilt, a leaf border design, and then my favorite, feathers in the outer border.


This quilt was made for my friend Gary after he had an accident riding his bike. The pattern is my friend Wendy's "Fascinated by Monet", and I quilted it with the "Fold" design using my favorite thread, King Tut.
This quilt was actually lost before it was completed and then found again! I'd taken it to work to finish the binding by hand. Stuffed it into my bike bag, but didn't strap it in. I rode home about 5 miles, and when I got there, the quilt was gone! I rode as quickly as I could back across my route, but couldn't find the quilt. My thoughts as I was riding ran along the lines of "Oh well, someone must need this quilt more than Gary." , "at least I can make another quilt for Gary." and "Gosh I hope it didn't fall out when I was crossing over the freeway, and then landed on someone's windshield, blinding them and causing many accidents!" Thankfully, none of this was true. I was home for about 30 min. when I got an e-mail from a lovely gentleman who lives about 2 miles from us. He said that he had found a quilt with my name on it, and did I know anything about it? He said as well that the quilt was a little dirty, but otherwise fine. It looked as though the quilt had tumbled out of my bag, landed on the ground and stayed there for about 3 seconds before he picked it up and took it home. Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord as well, although Gary has a long and difficult journey ahead of him, he is doing well with his rehab.