"Son's" quilt by Kathy

"Kathy's" quilt

 I don't know the name of the pattern, or if this is something that Kathy came up with on her own.  Regardless, it's really cool!  This is one that Kathy made for herself, hence the name.
Quilted with the Swirls board.  Really fun.

Hunter's Star by Kathy

 A "Hunter's Star" quilt is on my list of things to make.  Any second now.  Glad that I got to quilt such a lovely one from Kathy.
Quilted with the "Where Eagles Dare" Panto and "Patriotic" thread from Superior threads.

Butterflies by Jillianne

Possibly in no particular order, here's Jillianne's butterflies quilt.  This quilt is HUGE!  The top and bottom borders are 13" wide.  I believe that she said this was a block of the month quilt that she used her own fabrics to make.  I had a good time playing around with different quilting designs.

 Some ruler work, but mostly done freehand.

Christmas Redwork quilt by Carol

 Here is the throw quilt that matches the "Deck the Halls" wallhanging Carol made.  Pieced blocks with a feathered wreath are offset by the redwork embroidery blocks.  Each embroidery block has a tight background fill that's different from the rest.
 Carol says she doesn't know what these are suposed to be either.  Chestnuts maybe?
 A Radio Flyer wagon has little pebbles in the background.

 Those are supposed to be clouds behind the train engine.
 An example of the pieced blocks.
 A teddy bear with a curly swirl design behind.

 A top with a spiraly design behind.
 Waves behind the horse to symbolize the rocking motion of the horse.
 The balls have a ribbon design behind them.
 I call this fill "Mimbari" after a species on a sci-fi program my husband watched.
 Leaves behind the peppermint canes to represent the mint leaves they initially come from.
The dolly gets a curly design even though she doesn't have curly hair.

A tight "Arrowhead" meander behind the ball and glove.

"Deck the Halls" by Carol

Here's a closeup of the quilting.  Lots of peacock feather meanders in the background, minimal stitching in the embroidery, and then only near the fireplace.  Otherwise it was going to be too "poofy".

"Mr. Soft Ears"

"Marshie Marsh" by Beth

We had a sweet Corgi dog named "Round Hound US Marshall", but he passed away several years ago.  In the fall of 2014, I was at a quilt show, and saw the pattern for this.  I knew that  I needed to make it for my friend Mariellen who has a corgi as well.  "Fiona" who will, by the way, be the "covergirl" for the Corgi Walk in the Pearl calendar for 2015, and will be leading the Corgi Walk on Aug. 15, 2015. 

This is a classic Corgi pose, we used to refer to it as "Flying Upside Down Round Hound."  I miss that little fuzz butt.