Christmas Stars

pink baby quilt

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Storm at Sea

Turing 20

I am ashamed to say that I can't remember who Marie said this quilt was for.  I believe it was a grand-daughter who loves purple.  Could you tell that they love purple?  Turning 20 takes it's name because you use 20 fat quarters of fabric to make the quilt.  I think this is a smaller size, so probably not 20, but still a good bunch of fun fabrics.

"Dad's Quilt

Palmarin's !st Quilt

Halloween by Jerri

String Theory

As a quilter, I have a collection of fabric, known as my "stash".  My main stash consists of fabrics that I have purchased for a specific project, or just because they were fun.  Usually these are in pieces at least 12"x22".  Then you use those pieces for a project, and are left with a small "string".  Too big to throw away, but too small to try to keep in your regular stash.  I started this quilt as a "beginner and ender".  Meaning that when I was chain piecing other blocks, I would start and end each chain with two strips of fabric from my string bin.  This eliminates long thread tails, and makes for easier piecing.  I have large tote in my basement, nearly full of strings for use "someday". These pieces of fabric are many difference widths, from 1" t0 2" wide, and lengths.  I would use what I needed, and put the rest back into the bin.  My rules for this quilt were that I had to reach into the bin without looking, and pull out a strip of fabric.  I couldn't look for anything specific, and if they clashed, oh well, too bad.  The point was to get as much fabric out of my bin as possible.  I was allowed to put a strip back in the bin and choose again only if I was about to sew two of the same fabrics together.  Once the piece was large enough, it was cut to a 6" square on the diagonal.  Squares were sewn together into blocks of 4 squares and then sewn into rows and finally an extra long twin sized bed quilt.  As I was sewing this, it was fun to try to remember what project the fabric was originally purchased for, or to try to remember who had given me the fabric.  I think that if I have ever made anything for you, there is probably a remnant of it in this quilt.  The entire quilt is made up from leftovers that otherwise would have remained sitting in the house, gathering more dust.  The backing was made from 2 pieces of flannel that I had left over, and even the batting was pieced from remnants from other projects.  The binding was made as I pulled out strings of fabric from my bin, and found that they were already pieced and pressed for use as binding.  Those were set aside, and used to bind this quilt.  If you are a quilter, this is a great way to feel good about using up those little bits of leftover fabrics, but I have to say that it didn't even seem to make a dent in the bin in the basement.  In fact, right now I have another string to add to the collection. Oh well, guess I will have an excuse to make more string pieced quilts in the future. This has already gone to the police for their charitable works.



Paper pieced medallion

I am starting to think that Michael has a book of paper pieced quilts and is going through each one.  I've just finished a Christmas Tree skirt for him, no photo yet, and have another similar quilt to load.  They are gorgeous, but the time involved for the piecing!  When does he sleep?

Halloween by Michael

Dianna's River quilt

Harvest shop hop

College Quilts for the nieces.

This green batiks quilt is made up of lots and lots and lots of flying geese units.  Wow.  Way to go Pam.

Christmas Wall Hanging

After binding it, Sara add many little crystals as decorations on the tree, and to add stars to the sky behind the tree.  In addition, she was then gracious enough to allow me to borrow the quilt for display in my booth at NW Quilt Expo in September.  So many people commented on this lovely little quilt, and then went off to purchase crystals for their own projects.  The exhibitor from another booth came over at one point and commented "So, this is the quilt that everyone is buying crystals for."

Well done Sara!

AJ's Cars

AJ is a new grandson for Mary Ellen, and he gets to have a car quilt!  Quilted with the "Automotion" panto, although you can't see it too well on a busy print.  Fun quilt!

Nina's Trip Around the World

My darling sister in law Susan met Nina, the potential customer, while shopping at a local craft store.  She gave Nina my information, and this is the result.  I love scrappy quilts, and Nina has made a beautiful one here.  Just try to imagine cutting up all those little squares!

Space by Sandy

Retro stars by Sandy

Stars by Leslie

Leslie and Gordon also chose wool batting for their quilt, and I love how the fans show off with this batt.

Wedding Ring Variation for Elizabeth and Jon

Family wedding #1 for the summer was between Elizabeth and Jon.  Elizabeth was the flower girl at our wedding and she made a beautiful bride.

This quilt caused me a little grief initially.  I was having a really good time suing my Accucut system to cut the pieces for the blocks and then sewing them together.  I had purchased what I thought would be plenty of fabric for the quilt, but ran short.  Dang!  Back to the store, but they don't have any more.  I was able to find it online, and finished the quilt top.  

The next problem was that I didn't know how to quilt it, so I posted some photos online for friends to offer suggestions.  I got some great ideas, but the most helpful comment was to point out that one o the blocks was turned the wrong direction!  Oh no!  Thankfully, Mrs. Sharp Eyes found it before I started to quilt it.  

Here are a couple of shots of the back of the quilt.