Laverna's Stars

Laverna has the best eye for color. I love the purple and blue, and she's got a great color combo going on here. The background is a light blue batik, and the stars have a purple center with navy blue points. Well done!

Rainbow Log Cabins

Michael is rekindling my interest in log cabin blocks with the past couple of quilts that he has brought me. I love how the layout of the blocks makes you want to just fall into the quilt visually.
Now I have to confess. Michael chose a rainbow colored thread to quilt this quilt with, but I grabbed the wrong one! I ended up using the same purple thread as we used on his fossil batik quilt, and I think that it really works, but I'm still annoyed that I messed it up. Next time, read better!

Fossil Batiks by Michael

This is a really fun quilt. The green batik looks like it's got fossilized skeletons in it, so that's what I called it. Since it's so organic looking, we went with a leaf quilting design, and then I had fun and put some with leaves in the leaves instead of just a spine. Really, a fun quilt to play on.

30's quilt by Grace

Grace and I share a love of 30's prints as well as a love of quilting in general. This is a small quilt, only 42"square, but still really fun. Grace said to quilt it with "just a meander", but I thought it needed something more, and did my favorite pantograph design, "Tangles" on it instead.

Pinks and greens "big girl bed" quilt by Grace

Grace has 3 grandchildren, this lucky little girl is getting a new big girl bed since there's a new baby taking her little bed. Grace chose minky for the backing, and I quilted it with a lime green thread. The green was perfect and it shows ups just enough.

Map Quilt

Isn't this the best way to learn the states? I remember the my brothers and I had map floor puzzle when we were kids, probably very much like this, not not as soft and cuddly. Grace told me to "have fun" with this, so I just played and did different designs in the various states. I must admit, that my US geography still needs a lot of work.