"A Bale of Turtles" by me.

 I just looked it up.  A grouping of turtles is called a "Bale"  So, here's my "Bale".  Officer Tori took a trip to Hawaii, and brought me back fabric!  This is made from 4 of the same turtle panels, all stitched together.    Surely was fun to play with the quilting.  An attempt at fast "waves" in the outer border, then I just echoed some of the designs in the fabric itself.  I think my favorite is the narrow striping behind the flowers and turtles below.  I had the perfect size of wool batting leftover, so that gives the quilt a lot of loft, and the dense quilting lets the un-quilted areas shine.

I dropped this one off at East Precinct yesterday with a note for Officer Tori.  This one was finished near Father's Day, in honor of her dad, and mine.  Thanks Dad.

"Ian's T-shirts" by Becky

"Irish Chain" for Sydney, made by her mom Robin

This is Robin's first quilt.  Didn't she do a great job?  This beauty is for her daughter Sydney who will be starting college in the fall.  This quilt is much larger than a twin bed, what she'll have in a dorm, but what a wonderful treasure for her to keep.

A much better showing of the fabric colors that they chose.  Quilted with "Mauna Loa" thread and the swirls board.

"Log Cabin Bees" by Michael

 Michael is at it again.  (I don't think he sleeps.).  A lovely log cabin quilt, one of  my favorite patterns.  Then he added these amazing paper pieced bee blocks.  Quilted with the latest panto "Dizzy Bees"

Yes, that ruler marks inches, so that piece of white right above the ruler is 1/2" at it's widest points.  Now, notice the bottom right blue sky around the bee's head.  I can't imagine fabric that small.

"Grandmother's quilt" by Marni

If you don't have enough fabric to complete the block, use something similar.  There are flannels and shirting fabrics in this quilt as well.

"Ant Men" by Kelli

Kelli says that she was "winging it" when she pieced this quilt.  If this is how she does when she "wings" something, just think what she could do with a seriously planned one!  Boggles the mind.  Quilted with the Dandelion panto, but I still say it looks more like spiders.

Camping by Michael

 Ergg.  I forgot to take photos of this quilt before he picked it up, so Michael kindly sent me these.   The background fabric is camping trailers and campfires, then assorted tree blocks thrown in for fun.
 Quilted with the log cabin panto, which there is a cabin in the center of the photo.