"Flowers from Oahu" by me in honor of Ruth

 This quilt has been a long time coming.  My darling husband and I traveled to Oahu for our 15th(?) wedding anniversary.  It was a lovely trip, and he patiently went with me to so many fabric stores.  I had to buy something at each and every one, so all of the "flower" prints in this quilt came from Hawaii.  The pattern is a snowball block with 3 corners made from the same background fabric, and the remaining one from a different fabric to make a "flower center".  Not my idea, I stole it from a customer's quilt.
One of my favorite days was when we got to visit the "Aloha Tower" in downtown Honolulu.  It's an Art Deco era tower near the harbor where ships used to and probably still do dock for cruises. We went to the top, enjoyed the view and just had such fun.  When we got home to our hotel that night, I was sorting through my lovely new fabrics, and found that this one has the tower in it!  Top right corner block, but the tower is laying on it's left side.

I finally started to make this quilt as a donation quilt in honor of my sister in law's mother who passed in November of 2016 after a very long illness.  The family requested that donations be made to the hospice company that cared for her, so I made this quilt to donate to them.    It took so long to get quilted because my sewing machine was in the shop fro 3 months, so no embroidered quilt labels.  Now that my machine is back and running beautifully, I'm getting caught up on my quilts.

"Luxurious" for Janet

 This is a whole cloth for Janet's customer who wanted it to be "Luxurious." Double layer of poly batting, and then a simple outline of the medallions.  Janet will cut it down to size and do the binding.  Hope it meets his needs.

Pink Elephant by Veda

Aren't you supposed to see pink elephants when you've had a bit too much to drink?  This one is much more fun. Quilted with the swirls board, and such a sweet baby quilt.

Girafe panel by Veda

Isn't this cute?  Take a panel, add blocks and "poof!" a baby quilt.  Quilted with the African Animals panto.

A little something in honor of Finley by me.

Oops.  Someone carefully mailed the quilt off, but forgot to take a photo of it first!  And I was so sure that I had too!

Through the wonders of the quilting world, I've got to know Tony from Iowa.  His wife recently gave birth to their newest son Finley Anthony.  Sadly, he was born 7 weeks early, so will be spending some time in the NICU.

I whipped together a very simple baby quilt, alternating black and white 5" squares to stimulate the baby's vision, and then the remainder of the blocks were juvenile prints to make it an "I Spy" quilt.

Since his dad works for a quilting machine company, we can be pretty sure that this kiddo will never lack for quilts, so I just mailed this quilt to the hospital where he is being cared for, with a note to give it to someone who needs it. 

Guess I'll do better at taking photos in the future.  Trust me though, it was pretty cute.

"Blue for Etsy" by Sara

 Sara must have an Etsy account and sold a quilt.  I'm not sure of the name of the pattern, or it may be something that she created herself.  Best of luck to her with this endeavor.

Penny Candy by me

Quilted with the new "Dandelion" panto  Pretty fun!