Henry's quilt by Henry and Mary

Henry is Mary's grandson, and he pieced these blocks himself when he was between the ages of 6 and 7 years.  Wow.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done this at that age!  Henry chose the fabrics, and I am pretty sure that Mary cut them out for him.  Well done to both!

Quilted with the Cumulus panto

Reindeer panel by Cindy

Start with a panel of a reindeer.

Add borders, and more borders

Quilt with Christmas Whimsy panto.  Tah Dah!  Christmas quilt is ready.

Tori's Turtles

How many people do you know how travel to another area (Hawaii) and bring back fabric to a near stranger?  Lucky me, I'm the recipient.  Officer Tori of the Portland Police traveled to Hawaii in May, 2017 with her mother.  When she returned, she brought me this great turtle panel, and the orange in the border.  I added some blocks, and quilted it, and gave it back to an officer.  He said he'd make sure that Tori gets it, but it will go to someone who needs it eventually.  Thank you Officer Tori, the two Officer's I spoke with yesterday, and all of the officers who put their lives on the line for us each and every day..

I added some detail to the turtles to make them dimensional, and then a water meander in the background.

The block is called "Right and left".  I alternated using the shell fabric and the purple as the focus fabric, and then alternated the blocks around the quilt.

Irish Chain by Sue's Mom

Sue's mom made the quilt top, or at least started it.  Sue and with a little help from her friend Carol (who referred her to me) got the top finished.  Quilted with the Heart Attack panto, an ready to go to Sue's niece.

Xande's books

Start with a panel the represents where the baby lives.  Add a frame, as though looking through a window.  Add shelves, and of course shelves need books, and games and cats!  Which look like the books mama had as a child.

Sorry, someone forgot to turn the photos.  Kitty is actually reaching up for the spider.

And the fish are not spilling out of the fishbowl

favorite books from mom's childhood

The panel that started it all.

Games an "action figures" on the shelves.

Updating the panto list

 Some of these may be new, others old, but making sure that the whole collection is online.  (Finally!)

Bunny Hop

April In Paris

American Flyer

A Gentle Snowfall

Dandelion (but looks like spiders to me)

Dizzy Bees

Tubby Duckies

Lorien's Dragons

Jacob's Other Ladder

Dove of Peace

Up and Away

Awesome Ocean is a great title for this quilt.  Look at all those wonderful sea creatures!
 An Argyle Octopus.  What's not to love?!
 And a polka dotted whale.
 According to Michael, the pattern calls this animal a Manatee.  Those of us from the Pacific Northwest should be able to clearly identify that this is in fact a Sea Otter.  Or maybe a River Otter.
 An Angel Fish with bubbles coming from his mouth, with the head of a Seahorse underneath and some algae next to them both.
 A Clown fish

A tortoise and a puffer fish.  Thanks to all the Disney movies about "Finding ......." I'm able to ID these critters.

All of the animals were SID and then echoed.  The background fill is bubbles.