Michael's Sampler

Isn't this one pretty? Sad to say, I don't know the names of all the blocks, but I love how they all work together. Nicely tied in with the grey sashing, and the black and white striped border. Quilted with So Fine in a pale grey thread, and the Clematis pantograph.

Laurel Burch Horses

Here's another version of the same quilt block that Michael did earlier. This time he used a Laurel Burch fabric of horses, and a batik to compliment it. Gotta love the King Tut thread that perfectly matches all the different shades in the batiks, and the sunburst quilting design.

Barns by Grace

Like my late dad, I share a love of old barns and houses. I'd love to go poking around in old barns if it were okay with the owners. Wouldn't the barns in this quilt be fun to visit? This white one reminds me of the dairy barn owned by my great Aunt and Uncle. Theirs didn't have a quilt painted on the side, but it was white with a green roof in my memory.

I believe that this quilt will be a gift for Grace's sister, what a lucky recipient she is!

Barns by Grace

The larger butterflies and flowers that overlap the borders are appliqued on, the rest are part of the panel with the barns and houses.

This barn has a "gravel" drive leading up to it. I love the sheep and the chickens!

Barns by Grace

I tried to be consistent in the quilting density, but also creative in the different quilts. I mean who wants to look at the same quilting design in all the different quilts? The quilts on the fence have continuous curves, feathers, stars, and anything else that I could think of. The blocks across the top of the quilt received feathered wreaths.

Barns by Grace

Here are some close ups of the barns and the corresponding view of the back so that you can really see the quilting. I think the silo is my favorite, even though I wasn't sure how I was going to quilt it initially. I also love the fence with the flowers. While out on a bike ride I realized that the fence would need to have vines and leaves covering it. Of course!

Deborah's Twins

Here are two quilts that Deborah made for her 11 year old twin daughters from their baby clothes. There are knits, wovens, polar fleece, flannel and even a bit of sweater here and there. Even the backings are made from leftovers of their baby clothes. The silhouettes are cut from blue velvet that was Deborah's wedding gown. Talk about a family treasure.

Peaceful Beauty by Laverna

Laverna continues to churn out qiult tops for herself and her family. Love the colors, love the design.

Scrappy Squares by Evelyn

Wow. I think this is Evelyn's most impressive quilt yet. I love scrappy quilts, but this one takes the cake. All that cutting! She gave me the details. This quilt measures 87"x111" and contains the following:

4032 -0.75" squares

1008 - 1.5" squares

504 - 3" squares

Total pieces: 5544.

She chose and edge to edge design of feathers, which can be seen from the back of the quilt. Wow! Yes, I've started saving and planning for my own version of this quilt.

1930's charity in green

I am nearly finished with cleaning out my sewing room closet of bags of leftovers from other quilt projects. This is the 2nd quilt to be genereated from leftovers of the quilt that I made for Matthew and Earnest. It feels good to know that someone is being kept warmer by this, and that I've got that much more room in my closet!