Zoey Lou's baby quilt

I've now made a couple of quilt for Leslie and quilted a few tops of hers.  This is another baby quilt where the family members made blocks for the baby, and I assembled them into a quilt and then quilted it.  There are some really talented artists in this family!

A small sampling of the talented family's blocks.

Grandma and Granny's Double Wedding Ring via Carol

As you can see, there were some "issues"  That's quilter terminology for not the greatest piecing.  Based on the prints, I'm going to guess that this was made from fabrics from the 1930's.  I had to laugh though because although all of my '30s prints are reproduction, I have several of the same designs as in this quilt.

The backing

 I did my best to wave my magical quilting wand, but there was still an awful lot of extra fabric that just couldn't be worked in.  We used wool batting, mostly for the extra loft to try to fill in some of the fullness.  I think the back looks pretty good!  The front, well, I've done better.
 My primary hope is that Carol and her late relatives are pleased with how it turned out.

Sigma Kappa t-shirts for Shadee

I always love t-shirt quilts.  So many memories, even if they aren't my memories.  In case you weren't able to figure out, Shadee is a member of the Sigma Kappa Sorority at OSU.

And I always have a favorite shirt in a t-shirt quilt.  This is the one for this quilt.

Convergence by Judy

 This is small  wall hanging that Judy made.  I've never made a convergence quilt, but they are really cool.  I won't even try to describe the process, you can do a google search for that yourself.

Quilted with the Oriental Clouds panto and Glide "Military Gold" thread.  Lovely choices Judy!

Silk throw for William of Barley Twist

Bill contacted me via email about this silk throw.  His customer had had it made, but it was silk on the top and backing.  Lovely, but slippery as all get out.  They wanted it re-quilted so that she could keep it as a throw to cuddle under when it's chilly, and then pass it down to the next generation.

Bill trustingly shipped the whole thing to me, and I took it apart.  Quilted it with wool batting and a 108" lavender cotton backing fabric.  Quilted with Glide "Mocha" thread, following the design of the paisley in the fabric.  I'd never quilted silk before, so initially, scared to death, but it quilted up beautifully.

He also sent me a piece of what appears to be silk or at least a blend for the binding.  It's heavier than what I'm used to working with, but turned out to be quilt lovely.  I love how the thickness of the fabric makes it more reminiscent of cording that you'd find on upholstered furniture.

When you need a little eye candy, be sure and check out

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"Memories of Dad" by me

 Quilted with "Flaming Flamingos" pantograph, and pink thread.  The flamingos were initially chosen for brother Joe, but they also reminded me of the peacocks that Dad used to love so much.  And we all hated.  Idiot birds.
 We all know the old line "Never a police officer when you need one."  Well, today that was proven wrong.  I was loading up the car with other errands to run, and backing out of the driveway.  Just happened to see a police cruiser turning onto our street, so threw the car into park, and went out and flagged him down.  I had attached a "Dear Officer" letter to the quilt, but as I gave it to him, I just told him a brief background of why I wanted him to have the quilt.  Just made me so happy to be able to give him the quilt, and I hope that it brightens his day.  I know that giving him the quilt brightened mine.

Owls by Pat.

 I love how Pat fussy cut the owls and then alternated the two different owls in the quilt.

 Quilted with the Owls pantograph, but really hard to see.  If you look at the above photo, top right corner, and squint, you can sort of see the owl that's quilted in there.  Lucky baby to get this quilt.

Bali rectangles by Pat

As a seamstress/quilter, I LOVE fabric.  Sometimes though the fabric that means that you are given fabric that just doesn't thrill you, but it was a gift so you have to use it.  That's what happened to Pat.  Relative went traveling, brought her back some lovely fabric, but it's not Pat's style.  Still, she made this wonderful quilt top, and I hope that she'll be much happier with the quilt now that it's quilted.

The dark purple is the gift fabric.  While I probably wouldn't wear a whole garment out of it, I think Pat has really made it work in this quilt.  

Flannel "Bear Lake" by Masha

This is a really fun quilt that Masha must have designed.  I freely admit that when I was getting ready to put in on the machine to quilt, I had to stop and pause to remember what was the top and what was the backing.

Quilted with the Log Cabin panto, perfect on this quilt.