"Autumn Leaves" and "Funky Monkey Rail Fence" by Michael

I have forgotten a good portion of the story, but Michael's friend offered him so fabrics, and this is a portion of what he found. I know that I took more photos of both quilts but these are all I can find.  (Why I don't work with computers).  Autumn leaves is quilted with a lovely leaf panto, and has a black backing making the gold thread really stand out.

"Funky Monkey Rail Fence" because that's the name of the panto he chose to have done on this rail fence quilt top.  Why not?  It's really fun to do something off beat like that.

"Deconstructed Pineapple" blocks from Maria

We all have those moments of "What do you mean the wedding is next month?"  Followed by "Beth can you quick quilt this for me?"  So, this one has just returned to New York state for Maria. 
Quilted with the Sunburst" panto

 There's a sunburst in the green if you look closely.

"Flowers" made from buttons by Leigh

Where does she come up with these ideas?!  Alternate appliqued flower blocks with collage flowers made from buttons or embroidery stitches, or both combined.
I think these little French Knot flowers are my favorite.

A basket of bluebells

Start with a little piece of lace, and cut it apart to make a flower blossom, start with a flower pot button, and "grow" a flower out of it.


"Houses" designed by Leigh

Leigh designed all of these lovely houses herself.  Even the little tiny ones on the outside.  Now, if only my photography skills were half as good as her applique and embroidery skills.

I love the ribbon tree.

"Primitive Cats" by Cindy

Cindy is learning applique by machine, so she went to town with her kitties.  Quilted with a viney swirl meander around the appliques, no sense in driving right over all of her hard work. 

Matthew's t's for Shawn

 Matthew is Shawn's younger son, and he will be graduation from high school this year and off to college in the fall.  I love to Shawn saved quilts from throughout his life, starting as a toddler, hence the "Earth Mover" shirt below, and up to "Band" from high school.  Even a couple from day care.

Darlene contacted me before Christmas 2017 about making these quilts, but was understanding that they would need to be for Christmas 2018.  Now I believe that they are to be graduation gifts because she can't wait that long to give them to them.
Sadly, a couple of the shirts logos were so large that they needed to be cut down to fit the quilt.  This one stated "Arizona.  Spanish for hot as balls"

And this was "Trauma Hogs.  Working hard to save your bacon".  Too funny!

While I've never met this man, I'm very grateful to him.  He's been in the Marines, Oregon National Guard and worked as a Sheriff.  Now he is graduating from law school.