Colleen's Betsy-Tacy quilt

I'd never heard of the "Betsy-Tacy" books before Colleen arrived, but now she's kindly given me a copy of two of the books! Needless to say, I dove right in to that!
Sadly, the photo I took of the entire quilt top was really blurry, so there's only the one photo of the block. Solid black backing really made the quilting stand out though.
Now I can't wait to see what happens in the books.

Robert and Claudia

My dear friend Ursi was an exchange student from Austria when I was in high school (oh so many years ago!) Through her, I also got to meet her darling brothers, Robert and Georg. Just when everyone had given up all hope that Robert would ever find someone he loved, Claudia arrived on the scene. I've not had the pleasure of meeting her in person, but I'm sure that she's just a wonderful person, like the rest of the family.

I had initially planned on making all star themed blocks, but couldn't find enough to make the quilt the size that I wanted, so I expanded to blocks that I liked the name of. I do love sampler quilts anyway.

I tried to stay with organic, earth toned fabrics since I remembered how much Robert loved the garden in Modling. I had also recently made a quilt for Ursi and Veronika, so I wanted to use some of the same fabric ins this quilt. I quilted it with free hand ferns and swirls to keep the garden feel to the quilt, and used wool batting. It gets cold in Austria after all!

Wishing them both many years of happiness together, and I can't wait until I get to make them a baby quilt!

Funny Bunnies

I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't keep up with the family blog like I should, and didn't realize that Katie was married, let alone pregnant with her first child until I got the baby shower announcement. Ooops! Quick, make a baby quilt and get if quilted even faster. I really like how it turned out though. I'd seen the bunny applique pattern in a magazine years ago, and then chose a block design that I thought went well with it. I used wool batting, and did my first attempt at trapunto behind the bunnies to give them more "fluff". I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Log Cabin

This quilt is HUGE! It's also so pretty. Sara usually does her applique by hand, but tried out machine applique for this one. We chose to quilt it with an edge to edge design called Log Cabin, and it's got bears, trees and log cabins to complete all of the same designs in Sara's piecing. The backing is flannel, so it'll really be warm.

French Brights

Way back when at Heart to Hand, this was the block of the month. Most of us chose the more subdued sage and rose colorway, but Natalie opted for something bright with the French Brights color way. The quilt will go to her mother, lucky mom! The quilting design is called Dresden Fan

#4 from Natalie

I do remember that this quilt is going to a baby of Asian descent, so this quilt got Ginko leaves quilted into it. Natalie loves 1930's prints even more than I do!

#3 from Natalie

I think that this quilt has hearts quilted into the body of the quilt so that the baby will know that someone loves them.

Baby quilts #2

Here is the next one of Natalie's. Still more to come!

baby quilts by Natalie

Natalie has been a busy lady making baby quilts for lots of lucky kiddos. I won't try to keep track of where they are all going. Just knowing that there are more babies out there being loved and receiving such great quilts warms my heart.


Isn't this gorgeous? I love the colors, and I love the design. Laverna chose an edge to edge design to quilt it called Star Flower. (it's called something else, but I can never find it by it's real name) The quilting shows ups great on the black background and the backing fabrics

Peaceful Beauty

Laverna does it again. She makes these beautiful quilts that are too big for me to hang up and get good photos of, so I have to make do. This one is called "Peaceful Beauty", and it's done in one of my favorite color combos, blue and white.

Double Wedding Ring by Carole

I'd say isn't this the most amazing thing, but this is "only" the wallhanging that she made. Carole had extra blocks left over from the double wedding ring quilt, and made this wall hanging for herself. I'm not sure I'll ever make one of these quilts, and even if I do, I sincerely doubt that I'd be giving it away to anyone!

This is a photo of the backing to show the quilting.