4 flannel baby quilts by Michael

This blue and green one is quilted with "Ladybug Dance"
 Here we have "Dizzy Bees"

 "Bunny Hop"  Love their little cotton ball tails!

Dinosaurs by Michael

What a great idea.  Start with a large print that you really don't want to cut up because you'd lose the effect.  Turn it into rows, and sash them,  Add a center pieced strip for interest.  It's a quilt top!

 And what would be better for the quilting design than the "dinosaurs" panto?  Quilt backing is black, but the green thread really showed up.

Basketballs by Michael

 Another Camp Erin one.  Start with a theme fabric of basketballs.  Add other colors from where you started.  Piece the same block,  a churn dash, but then rearrange the colors in it several different ways and you get so many different looking blocks! 

Quilted with freehand flames.  Seemed appropriate with the basketballs and the "fire" in the fabrics.

Checkerboard rail fence by Michael

Camp Erin quilt time again!  Michael usually makes several quilts to give to the Camp Erin, a camp for kids with cancer run through Providence.

I love this quilt because he's taken so many truly random fabrics and then stitched them together in rail fence blocks.  But the addition of the checkerboards that gives your eye a place to rest makes the quilt.  Quilted with the "Dandelion" panto, but I still call it the "Spider" panto because that's what it looks like to me.

Thimbleberries by Michael

 Michael has some great friends.  One of them gave him this quilt.  All the fabrics, including the backing and the directions to make the quilt.  FYI, Thimbleberries is not an inexpensive pattern, so this was quite a gift!
 Feathered wreaths in the centers, continuous curves in the piecing and a simple swirly meander to complete the background.

"Hot Lava" by Laura for Kathy

The pattern is called "Hot Lava", but with the cool purples, blues and grey background, it is quite soothing to me.  Pieced by Laura for her daughter Kathy
This quilt really needed an edge to edge design to just move across the quilt top and hold it all together.  Kathy chose Wisteria Lane thread, a soft variegate in the same shade as the fabrics in the top.  Then a great "Lorien's Dragons" for the quilting.  Doesn't show on the front, but it's great on the back!

Modern baby quilt by Amanda

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Batiks for her nephew by Judy

This is a really cool quilt done all in batiks, and I love how the black sets off the red and yellow.  As always, a great job Judy!

Jelly Roll by Kelli

Start (and maybe finish) with a jelly roll.   A collection of fabrics cut into 2.5" strips and rolled up together into a design that resembles a jelly roll pastry.
I don't know if Kelli randomly cut the lengths, or if there was a pattern, but it surely works. 
Quilted with Baptist fans.

Dresden Plates by Kelli

 who take it on.
All those lovely pieced points were stitched together, and then appliqued to the background.

"Cop 9 patch" by me

 This one started when I had lots and lots of little black squares leftover from my "Chief Sherpa" quilt.  Rather than just throw them into the 2" square bin, I sorted them out and added random colored squares to them, set them with white, and then found some police officer fabric that I'd purchased at Feather Your Nest quilt shop.

Quilted with the "Tangles" pantograph