This is Chris' "Tattoo Quilt" It's for her son who is a tattoo artist, and although you can't see the fabrics, there are lots of designs you would think of for tattoos. Skulls, crossed guitars, butterflies. The border design is of a cat with "Meow" written in between. Not exactly what you think of when you think of someone who does tattoos, but apparently he loves his cat. I think it really turned out great. The design is Wendy's "Fascintated by Van Gogh" pattern from the Heart to Hand Quilt Shop. Although the throw size pattern is considered to be a 3 hour quilt top, in that it takes approximatley 3 hours to piece the top, it took Chris significantly longer. Hers is a king sized quilt though.

Jackson's sweater

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Jackson is my nephew, and this is his ski sweater. It only took about a year to knit it because of my own foolishness. Started out making it too small, then thought I'd forgotten to decrease for the neck, so I ripped it out. Only to find out later that I hadn't needed to rip it. By then it was August, and a little warm to have a wool sweater sitting on your lap. Finally finished on December 30, 2008, complete with Dale of Norway sleeve patch, and my label. It's called "Nagano", and was designed for the Norwegian ski team to wear during the Nagano olympics.

Sandi's quilt

Sandi used the November lottery block pattern from Heart to Hand to make this quilt for her friend. We quilted it with the "Healing Hands" panto.

Peace and Plenty

This is Betsi's "Peace and Plenty" quilt. Got it quilted just in time for her to enjoy at Christmas time.