"Christmas Joy" by Kathy


This is such a pretty quilt!  Beautiful piecing, and what a great way to focus the eye on the separate holiday designs with the Irish Chain motif.
Quilted with the Flurries panto, and shiny gold thread.  I wasn't sure about the gold at first, but what a great choice on this quilt.


Several from Zoe

This is the Bear Paw, quilted with "bean sprout" design.  She wanted something leafy, and this is what I had ready to go.

"Darting Birds" for her son Henry.  Quilted on my "big" machine with a paper pantograph.  It was too large to fit on my computerized machine.
"Diamond Divide"  I don't know if she paper pieced these blocks or not, but it's really lovely.

I think this is my favorite.  Tulips, quilted with a tulip digital design in pale cream thread to just blend into the background.


Vintage Dresden plates by Laura

Oh the history in this quilt.  I believe that Laura's grandmother pieced the plates, and finished appliqueing the 4 in the corners to the background fabric.  The rest were completed beautifully by Laura.
Since the quilt is probably close to 80+ years old, there are a few stains and such.  We're going to call those "age spots"

 Only SID around each piece and on the borders. I kept hearing a voice in my head that I am going to assume is Laura's grandmother.  At times yelling at me "No!  I don't want that."  She "told" me that she only wanted to have it SID, and every time I thought about something else, the voice would start again.  When I finished and looked at the quilt from a distance, she was right.

Here's an update to this lovely quilt.  The video is of the recipient of the quilt opening it for Christmas 2020.  The recipient is Laura's mother, and it was Laura's grandmother who made the blocks.  The four corner blocks are all her work, the remainder were completed by Laura.


Here's a photo of the maker.