"Chicks" by Julie

 What is not to love about this quilt?  You've got 30's prints.  One of my favorites.  Fun little chickens, and check out the stitching to make their legs!  Then a sweet little pieced heart by each chick.  So very fun!  Quilted with (what else) Chicken Wire panto.

"Fancy Forest" by Michael

 Yep, Michael is at it again.  (where does he find the time?!)  Lots of great animals, and all from his stash, except for the background.  It was fun for me to look at the fabrics and remember quilts that I quilted for Michael with those fabrics.

Yes, the hedgehog is still my favorite of all the animals, but I love the orange thread on the yellow belly of this owl.

"Mom made it" for Erin

This quilt was huge!118"x116".  Thank goodness for my 14' longarm table.

 Quilted with freehand leaves allover the middle of the quilt, and then a leafy border design in the outer border.  So soft and feminine.

"Sing me to Sleep"

Yes, I've been a little busy lately.  This one is for a niece of my dear friend Judith.  (Remember Ursi?  Judith was Ursi's host mom while she was here.)  Miss Nadia Jill was born in early January, but no one knew what her name would be, so I had to wait until after she was born to make the label, and then quilt the quilt.
Judith chose the fabrics for the quilt because Nadia's parents are both musicians.  I chose to make the "Baby Bunting" blocks to off set the music blocks.
No, the "missing" sashing isn't missing.  I did that on purpose to give it a more modern feel.  Then it is quilted with the music notes panto.

"Good Fortune" also by me

Here's the second quilt for the newest grandbabies in Ursi's family.  The pattern is called "Good Fortune" and it's one that was in my collection.  I had a bunch of batik fat quarters, so just stated to play.   It's quilted with a design called "Sushi", and if you look really closely, you may be able to make out the koi fish on the backing.

"Friends Around the World" by me

This quilt gets it's name because it is made up of "Friendship Star" blocks, laid out in a "Trip Around the World" design.
This quilt will go to one of the two new grandbabies that my dear friend Ursula in Austria has welcomed.  Ursi was and exchange student with other very close friends, and so she is now my "sister" in Austria.

Made with 1930's prints because I love them.  So cherry and happy.

"Baby Triangles" by Maria

I love sweet and simple baby quilts.  This one is for Maria's sister who is expecting a new baby soon.  I had initially suggested a different pantograph to quilt this with, but when I hung up the quilt before quilting the quilt "told" me that it needed this.  I'm so glad that Maria and I listened to what the quilt said.
Congratulations to the family.